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From discussing gun control, to refugees and the holocaust of white people in the new world. They release an entire prep guide to prepare lefties for how to deal with conversation with anyone from the rest of society – probably because there’s so much doublethink that without that prep guide, a carefully crafted worldview would just fall apart.


Anything to support a political narrative: they’re claiming that the Statue of Liberty was originally a Muslim woman.

Hah, no. It’s explicitly modeled after the Liberty of Poetry (basically, freedom of expression) statue in Florence, Italy. I’ve seen it in person.

And The Iran Deal Gets Even Worse:

It’s not even binding for the Iranians, but we’re still going to honor our side of things and give them lots of money.

Maybe the fact that ISIS discriminates against their Indian members will finally get the left riled up to actually focus on them as a threat more than climate change.

How do we rebuke them?

According to our president, by holding a climate change conference in Paris. That will show them for canceling Al Gore’s Paris climate talks!

Nope, not if it’s not a shooting the media/democrats can exploit politically.

“Anarchists” in Greece are rioting because of austerity programs that are forcing government to spend less.

Whenever “anarchists” are rioting for essentially larger government, they’re not anarchists, they’re fascists.

Good for them. Despite what the papers are saying, it’s not quite what SpaceX has been trying to achieve – Blue Origin has only been doing suborbital, and SpaceX is orbital, but it’s still a great achievement.

According to CNN, it’s because this time it wasn’t just Jews targeted, but other people.

Antisemitism is a great indicator of where a society is going, and it’s been on the rise in Europe for a while.

Because he doesn’t exclude all the tiny groups the social justice warriors keep on finding are suddenly enemies of their agenda.

Never forget? Not so much.

Wonderful! This is an important step towards preventing overfishing of wild salmon as well as feeding a hungry world.

Because, according to a recent Pew poll, 63 million in the Middle East view the group favorably. So just how “moderate” are moderate Muslims? Does that mean they still cheer on the radicals and sharia, they just don’t want to personally get their hands dirty, or are they actually willing to take a stand?

Hint: CAIR is the former, not the latter.

Negotiation. So we’re not supposed to do that any more, either.

Worth reading.

Foodies who like food from other cultures. Unless they follow the appropriate genuflections and bribe the right gods beforehand, of course.


This is the same journalist who was offended by the Spielberg hunting dinosaurs photo.

There’s chance involved, so it’s gambling, and gambling is wrong, unless it’s the state lottery.

So Texans are choosing to go uninsured. The exact opposite effect of the law.


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