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Meanwhile, the¬†woman in question claims Hitler left some Jews alive just so we’d know why he was killing them.

See, the protestors she’s fighting against are racist because they don’t support killing Jews.


Check out some of it here.

This is pretty awesome.

Good. That’s an important step towards protecting liberty that only a few other states have undertaken.

50 years ago this week, communist China kicked off a brutal genocide of around 2 million Chinese, just a few years after killing millions more in the great leap forward.

And Western leftists applauded.

These are some of the things that Men’s Rights Activists are upset about.

But feminists refuse to give them the time of day.

Almost like they were only using using the situation to try to punish Republicans.

Funny how they bury facts that are inconvenient to them.

That’s some Nobel Peace Prize he has.

This is what the rise of ISIS has given us.

Remember, ISIS’ rise was completely predicted, but caught the Obama administration completely by surprise.

Of course. The fact that people were being poisoned by the water was only important as long as there was a Republican they could try and blame for the situation.

Murder rates spiking in 20 major cities across the U.S.

When was the last time any of those cities had Republican leaders?

At least 26, many without his secret service detail.

Yet another reason another Democrat probably belongs in prison.

I guess Obama hit that reset button a bit too much.

While simultaneously refusing to admit that it’s an Islamic problem.

Wow, do they even listen to themselves?


And his department ends up with tons of credit card and bribery problems.

I think it’s a culture issue. Keep firing up the chain¬†until they get in line.

They didn’t.

Everyone who supported the movie should be forced to confront that truth.

Political correctness inanity. Don’t call them by what they are because it’s “hurtful”.


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