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That’s huge.

I wonder why they think that?

Almost like the left doesn’t like corruption exposed.

Under their own rules, that’s flat out racism.

Social Justice is all about collective guilt – in other words, being guilty of something just because you were born a certain race or gender.

Of course they do. Remember, Obama wanted energy prices to skyrocket. That can’t happen without making things worse for everyone who has trouble paying the bills.


They’re conflating scientific ideas with policy directions.

That’s very unscientific of them. And completely typical of Liberal Fascism religious dogma.

Oh, and if they were really scientifically driven, they’d be all for nuclear energy, fracking, and oil pipelines. And I’m guessing the majority of them are against at least the latter two.

Unbelievable. This is the horrors of a world where people think that all cultures have equally valid values across the board.


It’s called the X-20, I believe.

How much of the vote was genuine is questionable, but the result is that Erdogan, who was banned from holding office 15 years ago, can now pass law without parliament in many cases.

And what has Erdogan been saying about the rest of the world recently?

He’s having it continue, but nominating a big opponent of the bank to its board.

I just wish it would go away, it’s crony capitalism.

And only gets stopped a few feet away from her.


A whole bunch of false Venezuelan passports were issued to Syrian refugees by a corrupt official.

He doesn’t live there, and his campaign funding didn’t come from there.

Only days before the election, too.


For some reason, that wasn’t a big deal.

That’s just awful. And one more reason to get rid of the agency entirely.

In a closed off stadium where no one can see them.