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This sounds hopeful…

Yes, it was via Fauci’s funded gain-of-function research.

Coordinated political censorship, from the DNC through Twitter. They knew the “hacked materials” thing was false. Also, Jack Dorsey wasn’t involved, interestingly enough. And kudos to Democrat representative Ro Khanna for standing up for free speech.

Glenn Greenwald’s reactions are worth reading. James Wood will be suing the DNC for having him censored.

Elon Musk is promising more to come. And he believes Twitter interfered in Brazil’s recent election.

And what about all the other companies that censored the story?

Would have prevented so many of the problems that exist out west.


Have to make the troops dance to Democrat orthodoxy.

It’s because consumers are splurging.

But it’s for the transgender movement so the DOJ doesn’t care.


They don’t want pipelines, so now they’re competing with Europe’s energy prices due to shipping.

Yeah, that was pretty obvious.

As a political hit, it looks like it was pretty effective.

This is hilarious.

These guys have been making serious progress in molten salt thorium reactors by applying a test-driven development mindset.

If they decide you’ve said something they think is offensive, they won’t treat you.

Remember when the left claimed healthcare was a right?

Or are the mail-in ballots necessary for military voting a vector for various types of fraud? You be the judge.

A lament.

Hard to say whether Canada or Australia has proven more of an example of a people asleep at the wheel…

According to this report…


Ugh. I hope there’s more to this story that I’m missing.