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But not unvaccinated illegal aliens, of course.

Who’s more of a Russian stooge, Biden or Trump? Biden has effectively killed American energy independence, and done everything to encourage Russian oil.

Good for him.

Overpopulation was always bad math.

And Elon Musk wasn’t the first person to say this, but he is a good voice pointing it out: population decline is a serious threat.

The latest ghost gunner can make guns straight from a block of metal.

Their pro-freedom approach resulted in less excess deaths than Austria’s lockdowns and mandates.

And yet the narrative continues to be that everyone should get vaccinated.

They really didn’t want scientists discussing a lab-leak origin.


They give resistance for a few months, and then after that increase the chance of getting infected.

Good for him. And I mostly agree with his responses – except that we know that data on hydroxychloroquine was faked in major medical journals in order to try and denounce it and attack Trump. So when the medical community says that Ivermectin or HCQ are ineffective and harmful, I can’t trust them because they have been caught lying.

It’s good to be a machine Democrat in Massachusetts.

49% of the hospitalizations are WITH covid.

That’s quite the win.

Quietly emerging in the background.

Of all of the job growth he’s claiming, only 4 states have even recovered to their pre-virus levels, and they’re all red states.

So that government can kill your car at their whim.

Time to start purchasing classic cars.


Marines lead the way.

Now they need to start honoring natural immunity, as military regulations say they’re supposed to.

One has to wonder…