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You shouldn’t label your pets with a gender.

I hope that’s a parody…

A fun video. It’s politics as religion.

David Cicilline (D-R.I.) says we need to pitch manufacturing as a ‘cool’ career path.

The Washington Post columnist who had driven her sons suicidal by insisting they admit their inherent rape culture participation as males.

What are the chances she’s keeping it for herself?

Excellent, that should help send research down some new vectors.

It’s almost like the science isn’t settled or something.



Sooner or later socialized medicine means government making the decisions, not individuals and families.

And still no independent investigation.

One of the richest states, and yet the blue model of government is still driving them to bankruptcy.

Trump carries his own umbrella and helps fetch their hats when they blow off.

As 92% of them live with their parents and 30% don’t have jobs.

And the fact that many of the criminal migrants aren’t even from Syria.

And digging up dirt on the individuals who work there. Good.

Britain educating on how to treat acid attacks.

But of course calling out any culture that might be responsible for the new wave of acid attacks would be racist.

As another set of elections get overruled.

There’s a special class of jobs reserved for non-muslims: sewer cleaners for life.