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Some good news.


And that’s a good thing.

Especially because Chernobyl is one of the reasons that some of the most promising technologies we could have, such as LFTRs, have so much public fear to fight in getting off the ground.

Biden put his foot in his mouth once again, and while he’s catching flak from even his own party, the media is doing their best to falsely represent history once more by lying that it was Republicans rather than Democrats who were the racists.

TLDR: Crosses in historic monuments have significance beyond the religion they symbolize. And trying to take them down is actually discriminatory by being religiously hostile.

Between the left and the right. Trump noticed much the same thing in his last speech, as well.

Almost like we’re not all equal under the law anymore.

He wasn’t hampered by political correctness.

They don’t understand how Hispanics could actually be in favor of enforcing immigration laws and fighting cross-border crime.

You know, close to where there’s actually agriculture.

They’re quitting en masse, and doing various other protest-y things.

Excellent writing by Victor Davis Hanson.

I would also add that society in general is increasingly unhappy with government, in that we all have everything amazingly convenient at our fingertips, and yet nearly every interaction with a government agency is inevitably bureaucratic process with an organization straight out of the 50s at best.

But meanwhile, they’re boasting about their budget surplus that they can use to give Illegal Aliens healthcare.

But meanwhile, they’re boasting about their budget surplus that they can use to give Illegal Aliens healthcare.

Pinterest has been censoring Christian content and terms, and marking pro-life viewpoints as porn.

And here’s Google’s CEO openly discussing how they’re deciding what “hate speech” is that they can censor. Hint, it tends to be “speech they hate”.

The tech companies can be publishers or they can be platforms, they shouldn’t get to be both.

Really. Because they’re also the party that keeps on worrying about overpopulation and other Malthusian fantasies, and thinks Thanos had a point.

More than 50% of them were men. Under the Left’s rules, their opinion doesn’t count.

Rather than face the consequences of their actions in an Iraqi court.

Well, boo hoo.

Because the U.S. classifies thorium as a nuclear source, making U.S. Rare Earth mines prohibitively expensive. And because of environmentalists.

Disgusting lawfare. Every craftsman should have the right to not be compelled to work their craft for any customer they disagree with, for any reason.

Smuggled video.

But anything to advance a narrative.

Guys, he’s oppressed.