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She committed the thought crime of standing up for due process.


The driver was chased by an Antifa with a rifle just a few blocks earlier. Ugliness compounded…

An amusing satire.

Pretty amusing. There are some doozies.

That we’re actually doing the things we always say we’re going to do.

Summarized at Drudge.

Not a surprise.

The penalty for being economically and environmentally ignorant in the name of politics.

Massive amounts of their criminal population, especially for sex crimes, are illegal immigrants.

And just how far off they were.

The hijab cutting did not happen.

Worth reading.

Interesting. In some sense that’s just allowing them to not solve the problem, but in another sense they’re very directly solving the problem. It would be cool to see this sort of technology just routinely integrated with existing skyscrapers around the world.

The Illegal Immigrants are considered a critical component of future electoral success.

When the vote doesn’t go your way you have to dissolve the electorate and create a new one.

Western Societies are changing in noticeable ways from the influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants. Some of those changes, like the return of rickets from people wearing burkhas, the random terrorist stabbing attacks, or the spike in sex crimes are values we shouldn’t allow to be imported.

The true minimum wage is always zero, surprise surprise.

They’re far higher than the proportion of illegal aliens living in the general population.

This time fully legitimate, showing how much they want to leave.

He reduced the budget of the U.N. by about $300 Million.

In possibly related news, 10 other countries are considering moving their embassies in Israel to Jerusalem, as well. Also, all of the Democrats (and former Presidents!) condemning Trump’s move of our embassy previously voted for him to do so. And the international critics also don’t have a leg to stand on.

These articles amused me recently – modern Feminists/SJWs complaining that:

So basically, the traits that humanity selects for to encourage the success of the species are now considered harmful in their eyes.