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Which is why they’re donating a ton to the Proud Boys. Wokeism is forcing society to descend into tribalism.


Which those of us who were paying attention already knew.

And discovers that they’re more grounded in scientific rigor and data literacy, not less. And they have the temerity to believe that science is a process, and not an institution.

How dare they!

After years of soaring attacks against Christians and (especially) Jews in France and Islamists literally seizing territory and facilities it seems like France is waking up to the dangers to their society from Islamists and the multiculturalist/social justice ideas that are allowing them to thrive.

20 top generals recently issued a letter, which opposition leader Marine Le Pen endorsed, warning of civil war if France doesn’t stand for their values. 7-in-10 French agree that Islamoleftism is a major problem.

The French government has begun to investigate universities teaching the ideology.

Emanuel Macron is slamming the ideologies of the U.S. media.

France is banning genderless language. French is a gendered language, get over it.

All of this is good. The French need to remember the values of their society, and stand firm for them, unapologetically.

Democrats have moved to being openly hostile to Christianity.

France finds that 78% of the unaccompanied migrant children they’re dealing with are actually adults.

Usually they’re within a pretty close margin of error. But for the 2020 results there are 4 million votes that don’t seem to have corresponding voters.

Newt Gingrich thinks history will record this as a stolen election. Maybe, but it certainly seems like it will go down as a non-transparent election.

Good for them.

To stop the flu and such.

How does anyone know that what stopped the flu this year was masks, and not, say, the increased use of hand sanitizer?

You should be glad we’re letting you host a wedding at all.

This is the sort of thing that God gave us tar and feathers for.

Up in the mountains of Colorado, too high to actually grow crops.


You’ve probably seen the “Out! Out! Out!” video.

Well, they’ve arrested that pastor, very publicly.

And meanwhile, GraceLife Church in Edmonton has been surrounded with a double layer fence and a permanent police barricade. And the pastor arrested and jailed (over a supposedly non-jailable offense). The church has to meet in secret, underground. This is totalitarianism.

This is the world that our unsound currency has created.

And I’ve seen it pointed out that when minimum wage was created, the minimum wage was $1.25 – five quarters worth. Which today you could melt down for $20 worth of silver. We don’t need to raise the minimum wage, we need government to stop stealing the wealth from our currency.

Montana has the right idea. And Republicans like Ted Cruz who tried to hold up the relief bill a year ago because of the “fatal flaw” of paying people more on unemployment than they were earning on their own were exactly right. We’re paying people not to work, and printing money to do so.

The economy is already in recovery, in a big way.

But of course, the real reason Democrats want to pass the bill is because they want to send money to all of their favorite people.

It simply tells you the things that Facebook tells advertisers about its users.

Facebook is a junk company. Get off their products.

I’m sure they’ll blow up one or two more. But also that will become a statistical rarity.

Were the numbers fudged to avoid even further blue state losses?