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Well, that will make Milo radioactive.

Pity, he could troll the left like no one besides Breitbart.


Worth reading.

Socialists never learn from their failures.

Really? And what about Rachel Dolezal?

Talk about being completely wrong.



That’s very interesting.

18,106,633% rise in sales.

Maybe California should fix their dams before trying to spend billions on a high speed train?

Scott Adams shows screenshots of it happening to him.

It wouldn’t surprise me, as it’s a fairly populist economic notion. I hope he doesn’t – he knew it was crony capitalism back on the campaign trail, so hopefully he remembers that.

Raymond Buckley and Jim Webb.

The way the Democrat party has been going the past several years, I assume they will be appropriately kicked out and shunned in short order.


David Duke voices support for Keith Ellison.

They claimed that there have been no terror incidents or terror-related arrests from the immigrants and refugees from this country. There have in fact been 60 convictions, and numerous other attacks, such as the Ohio machete attack last year.

Yes, and I’m one of them.

He’s not the first person to report that.

Punishing whistleblowers in Germany.

Is that what this is?