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When offered the chance to visit her grandmother without doing political stunts that make Israel look bad…she refuses.

Here’s the itinerary they had planned, and the rationale behind the decision to ban them. The whole trip was sponsored by a terrorist organization, and everyone pretending they’re outraged that Rashida and Ilhan were banned from Israel doesn’t seem to mind that Obama banned Israeli representatives from visiting the U.S. in 2012.


I don’t think this is a #Bringbackourgirls situation – what Trump is doing is pointing out a way forward that everyone thinks is impossible for no good reason.

Others have criticized his approach with the Hong Kong situation as weak so far. I think it is a bit, but I also think his hands are tied — there’s no way or reason to get the military involved, and on the tariff/sanction front, Trump is trying to balance pressuring various countries (including China) over issues and keeping the economy going. It’s a delicate walk.

More beef, and other livestock. But managed carefully.

It’s a pretty good list.

It doesn’t list giving that final push to the left to reveal their utter madness, I think that’s just a side benefit.

The Updated Clinton Body Count

#ClintonBodyCount is a hashtag that twitter is suppressing.

Here’s an updated list of everyone close to the Clintons who’s died right before they were likely to spill dirt on them.

Shooting a 12 year old in the knee during a SWAT raid.

And of course the police department now refuses to give up the bodycam footage or allow the officer’s name to be public.

There’s a few weird pieces of news that are pretty reminiscent of Chernobyl….

These are the people who are now the thought leaders of the Democratic party.

One FBI agent is claiming that it was the free healthcare for illegal immigrants item he’s claiming was the final straw.

About Hong Kong

It seems to be turning into a full-blown revolution. Pity they don’t have a second amendment – however, they’ve been remarkably effective at evolving non-violent tactics. Awesome.

In the past few days, the bankers of Hong Kong have joined in the general protest against China.

Picking up trash that’s 20 years old that the city hasn’t had the management to clean up.

Here’s a picture of all of the mass shooters in the U.S. this year.

Of the two shooters this past weekend (unless we count the horrific body count Chicago had), they each had particular politics which of course many talking heads are trying to use to boost or denounce one side or the other.

The Dayton shooter was a progressive; an Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders supporter who was pro-gun control and a fan of Antifa. He was also a satanist/atheist type, with clearly nihilist tendencies. As tempting as it would be to trumpet his politics as the reason for his killing, I think the far more comprehensive explanation is that what we witnessed was the dark destination of where a nihilist viewpoint can end up. And like most with an atheist viewpoint, his politics tends Democrat. So the politics aren’t a cause of the shooting, they just correlate with a sick philosophy that is the actual cause – nihilism.

The El Paso shooter was indeed anti-immigrant. He was also anti-corporation, pro-universal income and universal healthcare, and thought that killing people would save the environment. But rather than trying to fit him into a specific box, I think it’s more likely that he’s very similar to the Christchurch shooter: someone trying to troll society into all sorts of overreactions with what’s basically the ultimate shitpost.

The MyLife page of the El Paso shooter had his voter registration switch from Democrat to Republican mid-afternoon that day. They’re also posting an existing photo from before of the word “Trump” made with guns, and claiming it was the killer’s.

Finally, Facebook is blocking the Gateway Pundit pages that show that one of the shooters was pretty far left.

About Mass Shootings

I’ll probably talk about the killers’ motives later on, but I want to point out that talking about gun control to prevent mass shootings is like talking about banning flying to prevent airplane crashes to make travel safer. Airplane crashes are dramatic, but airplanes are still the safest way to travel, and banning them would mean more car travel and hence more less dramatic car crashes.

Defensive gun use happens hundreds of times a year, saving who knows how many lives, and mass shootings are a statistically negligible percentage of deaths each year.

Also, the U.S. does not lead the world in mass shootings.

Multiple editorials seem to have realized that Democrats shouldn’t be taking the Trump’s bait and jumping to defend Al Sharpton.

It was never rocket science. Trump Derangement Syndrome is trivially easy to play to one’s advantage.

The author thinks SpaceX is a technological failure and the SLS program is the rocket we have that works. That has never flown. And costs about 30 times the price of a Falcon Heavy. And which bureaucrats have used to kill development of in-orbit refueling.

Joe Biden’s Accomplishments


Only 27% of the population actually thinks their proposals are good… But Democrats are in such a bubble that they’re just doubling down.

Well, as long as they don’t somehow win despite that…