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It’s a brilliant thing to announce, and he may actually have the legal standing to do it. Suddenly, Leftists who are constantly falsely claiming that these illegal aliens help the local economy, are good tax payers, and aren’t criminals are saying this plan would make their cities less safe, that their cities and states wouldn’t be able to handle the influx, that this is a plan to demonize illegal immigrants, it’s cynical manipulation of people, and threatening to sue.

So suddenly illegal immigration is a crisis, and it’s unfair that it would happen to blue states and cities?


New York legislators passed a bill that gives tuition assistance to illegal aliens and denies it to the children of our fallen soldiers.

Irony is lost on them.

No, vaccines do not cause depression or anxiety.

The left has a stranglehold on the education systems from most of the central American countries that they’re coming from, ensuring they’re almost all fully indoctrinated Marxists.

Democrats (and their pocket media) were absolutely furious when the Attorney General announced he would be holding a press conference about the release of the Mueller report. But, apart from the usual Democrat rage at pretty much everything, this is actually pretty instructive. At first glance it would seem like Democrats shouldn’t have cared that Barr would be holding a press conference announcing that the very thing they’ve been harping over for 2 years would finally be available, and yet suddenly this is the most outrageous thing ever! Why?

It seems to me that there is no other reason for the outrage than that Barr has forced the timing so that Democrats can do nothing while he plainly tells all of America that Mueller himself concluded there was no collusionby any American, that Trump fully cooperated with the investigation and even by Mueller’s bizarre legal reasoning wasn’t obstructive, and that Buzzfeed’s Cohen story is a complete pack of lies. The left desperately wanted to continue telling this false narrative to the American people, and Barr has denied that chance.

I can understand the left’s desire that Trump get taken down for a crime that they believe he committed, even if it never really made any sense. But the outrage that they can’t cynically use a false narrative to try and pursue political power I find abhorrent and disgusting.

When the investigative report was about Clinton, many of the same Democrats insisted that it had to remain as classified as possible.

Neat stuff.

Prosecutors are presenting evidence that NXIVM was also illegally bundling for Hillary Clinton.

Good. It certainly seemed like he was trying to deal behind our elected president’s back. He should be held accountable.

Not with theirs.

Thailand seized it.

They’re proud that most Americans have been misled on the extent of the tax cuts. And they know that the narrative is false.

It’s the anti-white types who hate Western civilization because of the colonialism 200 years ago.

Very interesting.

A few of Reason’s favorites.

Just like they did in Nazi Germany, in fact.

Excellent journalism from O’Keefe.

It aims to reduce legal immigration to try and beef up wages.

I’m not a fan. Our immigration system definitely needs to be reformed, and we need to enforce our illegal immigration better, certainly, but I don’t think that means stopping people from coming here. If anything, I’m in favor of more legal immigration.

Tragedy. I hope it’s an accident. But currently there are three church attacks a day in France.

And replaced with the Fairtax.