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That is now under federal investigation.

On WhatsApp.

This is criminal.

Seriously, who is managing this company?

The Arizona Supreme Court has ordered the lower courts to take on some of the charges that they refused to review the first time.

Specifically, it’s whether or not signature verification requirements were ignored to a substantial amount.

The virus was most deadly early on in 2020. That’s not when the excess deaths occurred.

The first stage was successful, the second stage, not so much.

Congratulations are due though – even as a mixed success, it’s quite an achievement.

This is wonderful news. They were always luxury beliefs being used to funnel money into pet projects. But there’s no funding for luxury right now.

Somehow evil always goes to antisemitism, doesn’t it?

They’re deleting evidence, it’s criminal.

They’re brand new and suddenly the largest party in the Dutch Senate. Phenomenal, that should throw a wrench in the globalists’ goal to shut down all the Dutch farms.

And meanwhile, there’s some serious allegations that the whole purpose of cracking down on the farmers was to create a utopian megalopolis.

There was a pretty good Jordan Peterson episode on this recently.

Cut out the bureaucracy.

That’s how to solve most of the problems in our society right now.

And it was caused by vaccines.

As we’ve learned the past few years, not all vaccines are low risk

And they kept it quiet.

That’s how badly things were rigged.

What ever happened from that?

This excellent article explains how to create a perfectly safe bank. This is exactly how depositor banks should be run, and they would be immune to bank runs.

It’s an urban planning concept, and not a bad one, at that. But just like the terms “sustainability” or “environmental stewardship”, there are those who want to piggyback a whole lot of other political pet projects and agendas onto it. Some of those agendas and pet projects are decent, some are benign, many are misguided, and some are utterly flawed or even sinister.

Capital gains taxes can end up higher than 100%.

If you want to kill an economy, that seems an effective way to do so.

One reporter gets a tiny bit of justice by winning the lottery to speak to Lori Lightfoot even after his press credentials were revoked.

The latest Twitter files details so much about what happened during the pandemic: who was allowed to say what at various times, just how much they knew they were censoring truth, and that they knew they were trying to “fill the gaps” of the things that government isn’t legally allowed to do.