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She’s not nearly as concerned about Islamic terrorists as much as Republicans.

This has been true with Democrats since at least when they were doing their best to undermine our troops during the Iraq war.

Donald Trump’s tax returns.

It’s a wondrous thing.

Thank you capitalism.

It’s not an old topic, despite how much Democrats try to label it as such.


They should just remove all their policies on family management.

Imagine the outrage if this was any other race than white.


But it’s one more reminder that many of these problems won’t be solved until we address some of the fundamental attitudes in the Arab street – attitudes which are usually protected behind defenses of justification by Islam, even though much of the non-Arabic Islamic world does not have such attitudes.

One of the key studies was apparently deeply flawed.

What she did was worse, and she’s getting let off the hook.

Rule of law clearly doesn’t apply anymore.


Good. The more out there, the higher the chance that one will get built.

Almost as if he knew there was something about those emails that he had to protect himself from.



The stealing from all of her small-time donors is particularly low.

It’s still going on.

One has to suspect this is more about domestic gun control than the sort of foreign policy interests the State Department is supposed to care about.

It turns out, some resistance can be developed.

Good for them in resisting their mother’s misandry.

We know what he meant.


Why’d they endorse Hillary, when he’s so much closer to their ideals?

The Poverty Line In The U.S.

It’s not what it used to be.

And they deliberately measure it before taking into account all of the welfare benefits received.