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They’ve been obscuring evidence for years that the song, “Happy Birthday” actually is in the public domain.

Trigger an Armageddon by igniting the fight between India and Pakistan. And then behead every last non-believer.

This one interviews lab techs who dissect and sell the parts.

Unbelievable. Bush tried 5 times to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Democrats blocked him every time, saying they wanted to “roll the dice” on subprime lending a bit more.


The organization was founded by Margaret Sanger for explicitly racist population control reasons, and the organization specifically targets the black community as a customer base.

If you’ve been paying attention to conservative news sites recently, you’ll have heard that they’ve been caught on video discussing how they sell the body parts of their aborted babies. Twice – and the organization thinks that the undercover investigators likely scored video of them harvesting the baby parts, as well. This has been going on for decades – and they’ve been likely encouraging illegal partial birth abortions to get a better price on their illegal organ trafficking. Planned Parenthood’s response? To apologize for “the tone” that the videos convey about the organization. They’re not sorry about organ harvesting, just looking bad on camera.

As always, the media is doing their best to bury or excuse the story (organ harvesting is a compassionate act!), and the entire situation is predictably being framed as a Republican attack on the organization and abortion rights, and the left is trying to rally support for Planned Parenthood. But the left is angry about the situation: Democrats are demanding an investigation into the organization that filmed and “heavily edited” (even though they released the full, unedited videos) videos of Planned Parenthood. And they’re angry that people are describing them as “baby parts” rather than “products of conception”.

As horrific as Planned Parenthood is, I think that in the political arena this whole situation is likely to motivate the Democrat base. Hopefully, all the Republican candidates can stay focused on redirecting the questions to Democrat’s extreme stance, rather than giving the media the soundbites they’re looking for to make them look like the extremists.

For straight out lying, to keep the Ex-Im bank as a hidden part of the TPA.

She was the head of female training at Parris Island and was fired after complaints from the other women below her. Their complaint? That she (admittedly bruskly) denied that the women could get by on their own standard rather than the tougher men’s standards.

They wanted special treatment, and she insisted that wasn’t good enough.

A new documentary is coming out that entirely whitewashes memogate, and his attempts to throw an election.

Send the goons to prison already.

Worth listening to.

In real time!

It’s a leftist professor realize they can’t pay their undergrads at the new $15/hour minimum wage that California’s imposing.

Nice, that’s way easier than surgery.

By using private companies we may be able to save 90% in costs!

And they’re only figuring this out now.

Great. Another government program built from the get-go to bleed money.

Good father figures make a huge difference in boys’ success in life.

Not a surprise to me.


ZTailors. Cool.


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