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He was going to be separated from his family, don’t you feel sorry for him? Ignore his 16 year old victim who’s life was ruined.


But the FBI isn’t going to prosecute any charges against them.


Protecting a religious baker from having to put a pro-gay marriage message on a cake.

He wasn’t denying the customer service, just not letting them have that message on their cake.


In Defense Of Columbus

A pretty good video. In short, the math errors we generally attribute to him aren’t his mistakes. He knew how big the earth was, contemporary map makers just thought Asia was even bigger than it was. He didn’t think he’d found India, he knew he’d discovered a new location. And he did discover South America for the old world, and knew it was a new continent.

As to the treatment of the natives, it’s likely not Columbus, but several of the people who followed him, including one of the main transcribers of his journal later on.

And the court case challenging it.

But only by cutting out the bonuses that the hardest workers earn.

Increasing the minimum wage and all the other socialist ideas out there are explicitly designed to incentivize mediocrity (or bureaucratic graft, which is even worse).

Astronaut Scott Kelly had to apologize for quoting Winston Churchill.

As Piers Morgan points out:

Trump will also be thrilled at the liberal demonization of Churchill, one of his own heroes whose bust resides in the Oval Office.

Because he knows Sir Winston would have despised these hysterical, democracy-destroying numpties even more than he does, which is why Churchill was a winner.

So of course, with all of this, the left is wondering if the problem is that they weren’t mean and ruthless enough.

The main bright side of the entire ordeal is that the squishy center-right has finally grown a spine, and even the most never-Trump of Republicans have realized Trump’s necessity:  He’s bulletproof. The left is doing everything they can to not only win, but destroy anyone who seriously stands in their way. There is no compromise – not like the squishes kept on trying to go for. Eventually anyone who’s not a card carrying Democrat becomes the barrier to the leftist agenda and will have the mob and the media pointed at them with explicit goals to destroy in the worst of ways. The only solution that currently works is to stand behind Trump’s choices and watch the left batter themselves futilely against him.

Presented by Reason.

The short answer: the private sector does pretty well, and is constantly improving. Mandating a certain amount of parental leave will likely lower the rate of growth, profits, and pay that the private sector is generating.

Compare that to how much Democrats typically profit themselves while in office.

This tweet hasn’t aged well.

Here are all the things in her story that just don’t line up – for everyone who thinks you need to believe all accusations:

In all of the videos, the officials being recorded infer that their attitudes and actions aren’t uncommon.

In the Chicago area.

These cops deserve more than just the 5 day suspension it seems like they got.

Due to retirement benefits.

Maybe if they actually charged for junk mail they wouldn’t have this issue.

Two leftist principles at odds with each other.

But that’s why they want socialism. Which in practice has the worst income inequality of all.

She was “operating an unlicensed veterinary facility”.

Tar and feathers for every cop involved is the only appropriate response.

And how they got where they are today. Nelson Mandela wasn’t the saint that he was canonized as, and he was building on a legacy of atrocities. And now they’re well on their way to becoming as much a basket case as Zimbabwe.