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Reaffirming what was already suspected.

Worth reading.

Either that or we should ramp up antibody testing so everyone who’s now immune can get back to work.

That we only just learned about…

Well, that’s good.

The money isn’t going to the workers.

I wonder if it’s going to the administrators.

Bring back tar and feathers.


I’m a pretty adventurous eater, so I don’t have a problem with people eating creatures that gross out other cultures. What I do have a problem with going forward from this whole situation is the lack of health inspections and food safety guidelines.

Chinese medicine’s love with eating endangered species is also horrific.

Fake news.

They won’t admit new patients, to keep their new infection rate at 0. And they’re ordering massive amounts of funerary urns.

Just because Trump mentioned that there are preliminary studies that are looking promising. Ridiculous.

If those studies pan out, she should be charged with wrongful death.

There are more models coming out that the worst case scenarios being projected were far, far worse than what we’re actually seeing/will see. Many of the worst models are being revised, and the original data is being corrected, as well. Maybe this whole thing will end up just being like a bad flu, in which case quarantining everyone was an overreaction based on bad data modeling.

And we still don’t know how many people have gotten the virus and it just didn’t show. That’s why antibody testing is so crucial.


Suddenly we’re discovering all sorts of things that we can allow that weren’t harmful to society. It’s starting a hashtag, #neverneeded, that will hopefully help us keep track of all of the laws we should be getting rid of. If it’s suddenly harmless to society for the law to go away, is it just there to fulfill some bureaucrats’ power trip?

These laws range through:

In addition to all of the items that have suddenly been streamlined at the FDA and CDC.


He was apparently planning to car-bomb hospitals during the current crisis.

Apparently the media has been keeping this pretty quiet since 1993.

You have to wonder who on the left is trying to sink Biden for it to actually come out.

While we’re under lockdown from Wuhan Novel Coronavirus/Covid-19, there are a number of items where our government bureaucracies have actively impeded the situation:

I’ve had a semi-insider’s view of how FDA regulations slowed down medical innovation in the U.S. for decades. That of course cost lives, but mostly via a hidden, slow-burn of terminal conditions that could have been solved if we’d only been a little bit faster. During a pandemic, we’re finally seeing just how much our the glacial speed of our bureaucracy kills.

Governor Baker just banned reusable shopping bags and plastic bag bans.

Yeah, we noticed.

Nevada’s governor has forbidden the use of anti-malaria drugs, including Chloroquine and it’s variants, for fighting Wuhan Coronavirus, simply because Trump has said that they show promise.

This is absolutely ridiculous. It is just as ludicrous to ban people from taking a medication based off of the president’s tweets as it is for people to self-medicate based off the same. Take appropriate medication based off of doctor’s advice, and let them prescribe the medications they believe appropriate.