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We can hope that that sticks.


Officials that are desperately in need of a good tar and feathering.

An academic essay that found that colonialism wasn’t 100% bad is facing pressure and opposition from professors who can’t allow it to disrupt their narrative. Pro-science indeed.

What the left really doesn’t want to remember about colonialism is that the moral impetus for the western nations to launch their colonialism agendas were the horrific excesses of slavery and tribal warfare that so much of the rest of the world had.

Grant money is now mandatory, apparently.

The sense of entitlement is palpable.


He basically laid the groundwork for the unceasing growth of the Federal government and it’s continuous grasp of power.

So now anything that’s un-Islamic apparently can’t be celebrated in Malaysia.

Yesterday they explicitly published that several people around Trump aren’t receiving Secret Service protection. I’m not going to repeat who that is, but the media personality who did so was Jim Acosta at CNN.

This sort of behavior is disgraceful.

By asking her permission which ones they could look at.

Scott Pruitt of the EPA did so. It’d be worth the rest of the left heeding his points as well, however.

It’s a bit hard to do, but double most of the other atrocities you can think of throughout history and you start getting close.

It’s not the numbers they claim.

Now he’s blocking concealed carry reciprocity.

At least in Sweden, 83% of them are adults.

It’s just like all the Palestinian “youths”.


Visible in photographs.

They’re actually a leftist organization.

Global temperatures have cooled since he released “An Inconvenient Truth”.

But remember, vote fraud is just a figment of conservatives’ imagination.

The disaster of Obamacare continues to unfold.

And remember, at this point Republicans have done nothing to it, this is entirely Democrats’ making.