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Well, at least it will be a blatant example of how that kicks the bottom out of the economy. Which I’m sure they’ll chalk up to “bad luck”. Do you know what a $15-an-hour McDonald’s burger flipper looks like?

Her gross negligence in the matter. She didn’t even know Ambassador Stephen’s name, and she slept through the security briefing on the attack.

Exploiting one of the same sorts of loopholes she’s always railing against. She seems to do that a lot.

Private lawyers can take advantage of the proposed arbitration rules to get rich — just like I did!

That being said, I’m still against it just because it’s being kept so secretive.

Still think it’s not trumped up anger to exploit a political narrative?

Some, such as Representative Hakeem Jeffries, are so far off it’s almost hilarious.

Here’s the simple facts.

Prediction seems like a useful first step.

Written 10 years ago.

A Few Words About Baltimore

Sometimes they really earn the moniker of the stupid party. Yesterday they just passed a classified bill from Obama without even reading it.

It’s a buy-in from the Catholic church to a dangerously false narrative.

Note that those who consistently express concern about the gap between the wealthy and the poor have been running this country for almost a decade now, and the gap is much worse. Also note that those who express concern over the income gap never seem to care about how the poor are actually doing, only about how the rich are doing relative to them.

$40 Million in those TSA naked body scanners are now being auctioned off for as little as $10 each.


With a picture of Barack Obama doing something. Crass.

Even if you serve them, you’ll still end up sued.

The left has reinterpreted (as always) “tolerance” to mean punishing those who they don’t like.

Not only is Al Sharpton’s daughter, Dominique, suing the city of New York for a sprained ankle, but she stupidly posted recent photos of herself hiking in Indonesia.

She set up online accounts to adult websites in a rival’s name to harass her.

And the Obama administration knew it was a terrorist attack right off the bat, but chose to lie about it to the American people.

Even more damning: intelligence was warning Obama that Al Qaeda in Iraq was renaming itself ISIS and planning to establish a caliphate.

Just like Mohammed did.

Oh, and it’s a woman who published this article, as well.

Crazy. And even if they were, Obama’s administration has one of the worst records on job creation.


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