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Which means we’re about to see more stonewalling just how many times the Obama administration asked for conservative tax records to stock their voting database with.

But they won’t stay in Connecticut because the business taxes are too high. In other words, it’s cronyism all the way down. GE gets almost 3 Billion in taxpayer dollars and yet profits almost 15 billion. They don’t need the money.

And here’s how. Don’t cave to the anti-hunting left, fight back by being knowledgable about the helpful and vital role hunting plays in the environment.

One more prominent leftist politician who claimed to be a victim of it, Cedric Belfrage, actually was a Soviet spy.

You have to call skim milk “artificial milk” unless you add vitamin A artificially to it.

That happens outside of the western civilization that feminists are obsessed with trashing:

Two women in India sentenced to be raped as punishment for their brother marrying outside their caste.

Their currency is now hyper-inflated so much that napkins are worth more. But at least Hugo Chavez’ family are now billionaires (measured in U.S. currency).

Just like animal farm:

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

Remember when Democrats used to lavish praise on the Venezuelan regime?

Just lots of hairspray.

Federal funding is being used to make school lunches Halal in certain places with significant Muslim populations, even though similar services aren’t offered to people with Kosher or other religion-based dietary restrictions.

Pick a berry in a park and get a $50 fine, even though there’s no signage saying such, and it doesn’t interfere with the plant in any way.

A satire site in Ireland has been writing satire about what would happen in a parallel universe where corruption was actually punished for one Irish politician, Dennis O’Brien, who’s got ties to the Clinton Foundation, and it’s corruption.

Yeah, he’s forced them to remove the articles, but they’ve done so publicly enough that people are looking it up, and everything is of course cached forever on the internet.

They’ve lost 2000 soldiers in a war they’re pretending doesn’t exist.

Business insider just published an image of Trump in crosshairs.

Blatant double standards.

Ask how many decades it was since a Republican was in power there.

Blame the cops, add fuel to the flames of the race war Democrats are feeding.

And to avoid using hateful terms like male and female.

Bigotry and special treatment has always been the way of the left, they only speak out when it goes in the wrong direction.

Lois Lerner was receiving email at a second, private, pseudo-hidden account under the name of “Toby Miles”, and the ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, was also using a personal email account.

Isn’t it interesting what hate speech is allowed on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook? As long as you’re advocating for the death of a conservative (if you can call Trump that), they don’t seem to care.

His science advisor is an advocate for forced abortions, mass sterilization, and the like. And he’s currently arguing in court that his emails shouldn’t be subject to FOIA.

How to fight back. The answer is not to try to appease the situation, but to counterattack.


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