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As the national government is moving to suspend the Catalonian regional government.

I understand the Catalonian vote was dubiously legal at best, but Spain is pretty quickly invoking the nuclear option.


A man who claimed he identifies as a women in order to walk into a ladies’ room and assault a little girl there.

Always fun.

Sexual violence is acceptable because ignorance of the law is allowed when your culture says so.

Amazing. But given that Obama’s stated goals were to punish the market “in the interest of fairness”, and to make energy rates “necessarily skyrocket”, it’s not surprising that the economy takes off when those hindrances are removed.

Get rid of the insurance companies. At least for most of the small stuff.

Well, he did spend his whole career fighting Democrats.

They only hate them when it’s not on their side.

Amazing what can happen when you have a president with a backbone.

She realizes that all of the left’s talking points wouldn’t actually do anything to solve the problems they use to justify their policies.


When the criminal is an illegal immigrant. It’s almost like there’s a particular narrative they’re trying to sell.

They’re claiming they still see people “being silenced”.

Yeah, because they’re the ones doing it. Last week they suspended one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers (Rose McGowan) for violating a terms of service they don’t seem to care about when the person being doxxed is on the right. Less than two weeks ago they blocked a conservative politician’s political ad because it referred to “stopping the sale of baby body parts”.

This article is worth reading. The police utterly failed to provide a reasonable response.

Just uncovered by Judicial Watch. Yet more Obama Administration IRS malfeasance.

A brilliant idea…

As usual, it drops the half of the narrative the left would rather forget.

Officially becoming a sanctuary state.

It’s amazing how the left wants laws to control every aspect of our lives, and yet doesn’t want the law to actually be respected.


It pales in comparison with Union lobbying.