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O’Keefe’s latest video.

You’re only a criminal if you break laws that the left likes.

How he feels Trump intends the order based on Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

That sounds like quite the strong legal argument, there.

That’s hilarious.

Instapundit points out the duality.

Just a reminder from Bloomberg that the time shift caused by the daylight savings clock change causes more damage than it helps.

Yup. That just happened. Although it could be a giant troll, of course.

Well, maybe that’s why the country did so badly on job creation the past 8 years.

Neat. Honestly, it’s stuff like this and company stocks and such that blockchain makes more sense to me for than currency.


My guess: they didn’t get into Tor, the NSA did.

When it’s directed at conservatives.

Hollywood also thinks presidential assassination is cool again.

Milo certainly needs to answer to conservatives for his viewswhich he is doing – but it’s also worth noticing a few things about what happened:

A recent study shows the press has been 88% hostile to President Trump.

IMAO’s take: Press unable to explain the 12% positivity.

And the perp is a lefty activist.

So, exactly as everyone on the right suspected, and exactly not the right-wing anti-semite everyone on the left was certain was behind it.

And now the media has suddenly gone quiet about it, of course.


As they scream through an opening prayer and the pledge of allegiance.


Slate’s obituary for Alan Colmes.

Good for them.

Good for her.

Now compare with how the “feminist” government of Sweden behaved in a similar situation.