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Just another data point showing that the damages we’re inflicting on our societies are worse than the disease itself.

Are we going to see some justice from the FBI? I hope so.

They have also apparently been talking with some of the whistleblowers in PA. Actually pursuing the investigation, or trying to do deep state cover-up? We shall see.

Ouch! I’ve had a similar injury.

We don’t always vet a Democrat candidate, but when we do he’s already been elected.

The New York Times

When supposedly so many places had stopped counting.

The French are claiming that you could now build an electric submarine that can stay submerged as long as nuclear submarines – since nuclear submarines still end up limited by food supplies.

Interesting. I do wonder how long you would have to dock an all-electric submarine to charge it back up, however.

ACORN, Iran, China, Serbia, Canada, the Netherlands, Venezeula…

It’s a pretty extensive list.

I frankly don’t know how much to believe or not about Dominion Voting Systems’ role in this election, but I know the following:

  • It’s a closed-source system: which means it’s never officially had external eyes on it to vet it’s security.
  • In many places (but not all), it was connected to the internet – which means it could be hacked live.
  • Texas tried to vet it and found it to be massively insecure
  • The company itself has shady investors who aren’t public, and employees have been found who are radically political

That’s another big item.

Critical missing information.

That’s taking protesting to a whole new level…

A helpful chart.

And it doesn’t get easier to see then when you see how many members of mainstream media outlets are chosen to be members of the Biden administration.

He’s receiving death threats.

On a similar note, a friend of a friend who was likely a witness to vote fraud in Chicago started receiving death threats and has decided to withdraw his complaints.

Against everyone who spied on him to try and get to Trump.

Good. Pity he didn’t do so a bit earlier, but better late than never. I think the only way the swamp and the partisan media get defeated is by the right getting a lot better at lawfare. Sidney Powell’s success on behalf of Nicholas Sandmann with CNN and hopefully soon others is one good start. Lin Woods continuing in that same vein for Kyle Rittenhouse might be another.

Basically, the people who have actually died from it were pretty likely to die soon anyway, so the total dead this year is about the same rate as normal.

In Spain there’s a radical movement calling to set priests on fire. Twitter is fine with it.


It’s also a pretty big indicator that the left’s pandemic narrative is causing them to lose huge areas of culture that they used to own.

That’s pretty major – and a judge in Pennsylvania has ruled the same thing.

Some of the bigger items from Giuliani’s testimony that caused this:

Information you can’t be allowed to see.