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He’s “caving” to the protestors, and trying to solve the fact that everything is too expensive not by lowering taxes but by raising the minimum wage.

So now everything will be more expensive – or the jobs will simply disappear.


Nothing suspicious there, not at all.

It sure sounds like it.

Selling his life story to his own charity for half a million dollars.

Which side of the political spectrum is the side of segregation and division, again?

G.M. workers that the media regrets are blaming G.M. management and not Trump.

Mexican business people who love Trump’s nationalism and want to see more nationalism.

That’s now three times his critics, and even some of his supporters, have been wrong about his trade negotiating style, as he’s now gotten results with Mexico, Canada, and China. While I don’t agree with tariffs as an economic principle, I can see their use as a negotiating point. And with his deregulations, we can even afford it – if the Fed wasn’t trying to recover interest rates from the ridiculous favoritism they gave Obama for so long.

He had a pretty good economy until the Fed decided to raise rates and kill it – which did who knows how much damage to America society, and also cost Bush the next election.

Sound like a familiar situation?

Looks like the antisemitic plague Europe has is spreading here. And there was a recent driving attack in L.A., as well.

The left’s greatest concerns are homophobia/transphobia and Islamophobia…and yet every year, by the numbers, antisemitism is the biggest problem – and usually the perps are Muslim.

Reason’s Latest Brickbats

We should bring back tar and feathering.

This fine bureaucrat in D.C. not only doesn’t know that New Mexico is a state, but has a supervisor of the same ignorance.

They can’t use the endangered species act when there aren’t endangered species there to protect.

How insulated do you have to be to think that men don’t cook?

Because a judge actually paid attention to the commerce clause of the constitution, and realized that it doesn’t give Congress authority to pass criminal law in that manner.

Why is this the only time judges are taking the federalist view of the law they should have had all along? Or if it’s a judge who’s had a road-to-Damascus moment, we should be bringing up as many court cases about overreaching laws as possible in his court.

A billionaire who’s going to spend major money exposing the corruptions of the Communist system.

CNN In Three Posts

He preferred to ignore it. But that’s probably because he and the rest of the left still loved Nazi fascism.

Heck, they still love fascism today, just not the name.

Arthur Chenkoff offers some suggestions for Australian best practices.

Yes, Democrats are up to a lot of election shenanigans, but “using an algorithm to decide the election results” isn’t one of them. It’s ranked choice voting in Maine, which is a good thing, and if ranked choice is being described as an algorithm, the same thing could be said for non-ranked choice voting.

Make politics less important. It’s simple: smaller government with more local decisions means political problems and frustrations become much smaller, as well.