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Because they’re not Democrat, right?

That’s why the first Latin(o/a) judge is Sotomayor and not Cardozo.

Non-Asians wearing toe rings.

And still no one in prison.

De Blasio’s plans for New York horse carriages are just about the worst thing for the horses’ well being.

Yup. But if they did that, then the U.S. would have to pay more on its debt.

They can’t account for the “hiatus” because their measurements are skewed. And even they admit there’s been a “hiatus”.

Feds ask banks to test negative interest rates.

I don’t think my bank is the type that will try that, but if they do, I will move my money elsewhere.

Not a surprise, but now we have it in writing.

10 percent of the Syrian population is Christian, and they’re being actively exterminated by ISIS. Only 2.4% of the refugees from Syria that the Obama administration is accepting are Christian.

Kerry sent Hillary classified emails over his private email account.

Hillary won 6 out of 6 coin tosses in Iowa last night.

Note: I don’t actually think her campaign is rigging coin tosses.

  • Ted Cruz managed to win in Iowa while calling for the end of Ethanol subsidies. That’s big.
  • Last election, Rick Santorum won Iowa, so it doesn’t mean that Cruz has the election won by any account
  • This maybe lends some truth to what I’ve long thought about Trump: much of his “popularity” is due to the media puffing him up – he’s the candidate they want Republicans to run, which is partially why they give him so much air time, and why they include so many non-Republicans in their “Republican” polls.
  • I think Hillary’s criminality is catching up with her, but I don’t think Bernie is electable. Democrats are maybe starting to realize that.

The Guardian shuts down its comments section on all articles related to immigration, race, and Islam.

The highest capital gains taxes in history.

Yeah, I’m sure that’ll increase our prosperity. And a few more beatings will increase moral.

And why drivers for those companies shouldn’t be treated like employees but instead independent contractors.

Lyft and Uber demonstrate the most obvious difference between Democrat and Republican philosophies. Democrats are all railing against the companies and trying to shut them down – they don’t like people earning money or paying for services without a cut for their cronies and themselves.

Funny how little the media seemed to care about that.

The Islamic Society Of Baltimore. It’s got a history of radicalism, with ties to Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Hamas…

Regarding their racist, eugenicist past.

But of course, they only ever demand that the right answer for its past.

The group is about nothing other than pork politics with corn subsidies for Iowa.

Of course. When was a government program ever even as expensive as initially projected? And California is happy to make the taxpayers cough up the money. After all, you’ve got to pull money to those Teacher’s Unions cronies somehow.


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