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Hilarious. They constantly dismiss conservatives’ warnings as paranoid, fear-mongering, or racist, and then when things go badly exactly as predicted they wonder how come no one saw it coming.

12-year old and family now getting death threats after his video critical of Obama went viral.

Her campaign literally ropes them off like sheep and they just go along with it.

And the reporter who’s finally getting to interview her was at the wedding of one of Clinton’s top aides a few weeks ago.

It sure sounds like we’ve reset things back to the cold war days. Over the weekend Russian fighter jets were probing our coastal defenses in Alaska and California. And this is part of a trend.

Remember when Obama claimed Romney wanted to bring our Foreign Policy back to the 1980s? The current situation is that we’re dismantling our nuclear arsenal while Putin is building his up and even threatening us with it, Russia is continuing to ship weapons and military to the Ukrainian border, and all of Russia’s neighbors who are supposed to be our allies don’t trust us to protect them so they’re arming themselves while pleading for increased NATO roles in the area. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is still sharing military technology with Russia, while they do so with Iran.

Smart Diplomacy!

Good. Make it dead.

The senators helping end this crony capitalist agency are: Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, and Rand Paul

Fascinating. And it worked, too.

The situation isn’t so different than the fanatical religion currently bent on ruling the world, starting in the middle east.

The recurring theme when European governments spend more money than they have.

So maybe it’s dead. Now lets kill OPIC the same way.

And stay vigilant against zombies.

Imagine how anyone who wasn’t a darling of the left would get hounded if they made a similar comment about someone who wasn’t a conservative.

Like the rest of the media, they’ll side with the feminist narrative no matter how much of the transcript they have to cut to keep it up.

It’s more accurate.

The COEXIST bumper sticker always had a few problems, however.

Just remember that most of the “right wing extremists” they’re pointing to are doing things like quoting the communist manifesto in their own manifestos.

As per usual, the right wing violence that the left points to is merely projections about their sides’ own violent tendencies.

Who would have thought?


If Obama wanted our enemies to win, what would he do differently?

Pretty amusing.

The FBI has recalled all of their agents from vacation this weekend, advised them not to visit any major celebrations, and established command centers all around the country to deal with attacks.

ISIS has published the locations of all of the command centers.

Can’t be caught defending the rights of Christian businesses to refuse customers, after all.

If the law says a tax only applies to those making $100,000/yr, can the justices simply decide that the “intent” of the legislators was $10,000/yr?

So of course it’s the one the Pentagon wants to scrap.

In 2009 she said the exact opposite of her recent marriage ruling.


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