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He couldn’t do it if our drug regulations weren’t so screwed up.

The law currently allows companies to get monopolies on the sale of off patent drugs that are generally recognized as safe if they’ll take care of the regulations and paperwork. But if the drugs are recognized that way, why is there so much paperwork and regulations?

Another essay listing all the ways that it’s directly caused by environmentalists.

The unions that pushed for it got an exemption for their own employees.

It hurts the poor, low-skilled workers most of all.

They refuse to applaud Netanyahu at the U.N..

By using good incentives and private property. Very neat, and I bet that is much more sustainable than public reserves.


It’s time to get government out of marriage. Let people call what they want a marriage, and let government only declare family units.

And we’re now giving money to Iran.

It’s called smart diplomacy, right?

As Massachusetts arrests a woman for $3.6 Million in food stamp fraud.

The EPA’s New Warning

Overly sunny days.

He thinks Boehner was a great speaker. Vote for Jeb if you like the way things have been and want someone who’s going to do their best to keep the status quo exactly the same.

Who cares if he’s listed as one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, Obama wants Gitmo emptied out.

I’m just surprised he didn’t find another traitor to get back, in exchange.

The Taliban just recaptured their first provincial capital since 2001.

Never seem to mention that they’re owned by Jeff Bezos, who made $16.5 Billion last year.

Pretty cool.

Even when it’s not. But then again, what do you expect from thugs?

Liberals are tired of it.

If you’ve been paying attention, they’ve had their policies mixed up with moral doctrine for quite some time now.

It’s an industry in the U.S.

As Milton Friedman pointed out, open borders are generally incompatible with a welfare state. And frankly, I’m in favor of mostly open borders.

Increase regulations to the point where it shuts down all the gun stores and keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, watch the violence rates soar (perhaps spurred on a little bit by political initiatives), and then bring in Federal law enforcement for increased consolidation of power.

An interesting interview with one of the scientists attempting to do it.

He touts the ecological benefits, but I wonder if the fact that the passenger pigeon was unable to survive unless it was in such a huge flock is an indication that behavior that was learned only because the system was already out of whack from the previous extinction of a predator of some sort.


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