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That Tulsi Gabbard supports restrictions in third trimester abortions makes her stand out in the field.


And a symptom of how polarized the left is. But I’m happy she’s willing to do so. And Elton John is another superstar who backs her up.

I say the left, because while there are probably those on the right engaged in zero tolerance cancel culture, most people I know of who hide their political affiliations for fear of repercussion are on the right.

If the power company shuts off the grid, solar power doesn’t work unless it’s been wired to a pretty substantial battery.

Tell me again how we’re going to replace all of our power generation with renewables and not nuclear.

Biden is only now catching up that China is a threat. And he was part of the last administration that thought ISIS wasn’t a threat – until it was too late – and that thought considering Russia a rival was something out of the 80s.

Yeah, me too. As far as I can tell no one who has behaved criminally on the left since the last election cycle has been held accountable yet.

A fascinating look at how our economy is becoming drastically more efficient.

And it also shows that the environmentalist theory that we need to overturn capitalism to protect the environment is completely bunk.

The land of unintended consequences thinks this time it will work.

Meanwhile, the consequences of all their policies regarding land management and poker infrastructure is manifesting with a seven day power outage.

Massive amounts of corruption: $3.6 Billion missing, and an entire political smear machine put together to try and influence and control elections, and it’s all at the feet of the Democrats and Obama administration.

The panic to ban vaping over a series of high profile illnesses almost entirely caused by black market THC products is almost certainly going to cause more deaths from the people who would otherwise use vaping to help get off of smoking. This is simple math, not a conspiracy.

He talks a lot of bluster, but he’s actually done better at being militarily restrained than his predecessors.

Tony Podesta did all of the same things as Paul Manafort – literally lobbying in Ukraine at the same time and failing to file the same document that Manafort did – except that he was connected to Hillary instead of Trump. And while Manafort had the book thrown at him and was kept in solitary for something like 23 hours a day, the DOJ “declined to prosecute” Podesta.

Several reports have come out recently of people wishing to try to convert back, and of high suicide counts and the possible dangers of the conversion drugs.

Here’s my take on transgenderism:

We used to treat everyone with any sort of gender identity as purely suffering from a mental condition. And, by the way, there were a whole bunch of suicides. Now it’s en vogue (and politically incorrect to even discuss anything else) to treat it as a purely physical condition that should be addressed by purely physical means. But the clear truth is that psychology is very complicated and there are an endless variety of psychological conditions and delusions that someone can have, and biology is also very complicated and there are a variety physical conditions someone can have. It is past time for us to stop trying to force everyone with a gender identity issue into one bucket or the other. Someone who claims they are not the gender assigned to them at birth could be suffering from a medical rarity such as chimerism, or they could have a psychological condition (or both!), and that person’s situation should not be treated as cookie-cutter identical to someone else who presents the same basic symptom. To truly help an individual both their biological and psychological situation needs to be evaluated and addressed.

The Tea Party was polite and orderly, and simply wanted a bit of fiscal restraint in Washington. And it got absolutely crushed by the establishment, from both sides of the aisle. So if anyone is currently complaining that Republicans are playing mean, I have to ask if they treated the Tea Party, which was playing nice, with respect.

It’s clear she’s not anything more than a Marxist brainwashed child having a temper tantrum, supported by Soros and other far leftists. Jeremy Clarkson had a good reaction: The world may be getting hotter, but having a temper tantrum isn’t going to help. Here’s a less kind take. The world (except apparently China) has to “do something”, just not nuclear or fracking or raising poverty levels in poor, less eco-conscious countries so they can afford to care, or anything else actually effective. And no, the world isn’t ending, and even most Swedes don’t believe her.

The Mayor is a Democrat, but CNN somehow leaves that completely unmentioned in their article.

Trump’s Radical Transparency

He waived executive privilege and was about as open as can be with the Mueller investigation. And he released the full transcript of this latest “smoking gun” that Democrats thought they’d found.

Why are they blocking searches of his content from U.S. locations?

Richard Jewell looks to be a powerful film

Correcting the New York Times egregious errors that they’re trying to propagate with their 1619 project.