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The Biden Administration is allowed to end the “remain in Mexico” policy. Essentially, agents administering border law do have discretion to choose how to proceed in taking the asylum seekers to their court destination – i.e. to choose whether to leave them in Mexico or to let them wander around the U.S.

I’m not entirely in disagreement with this technicality, and it doesn’t put the matter to rest – there are still longer term and more permanent ways this can be resolved, not just a court ruling about executive discretion.

The more important case is against the EPA – whether they could assume the authority to force power plants to switch to different power generation methods. And the answer is no – the EPA was trying to usurp authority it was never granted and that Congress rejected giving it when writing the Clean Air Act. And Kagan’s dissent is that Congress isn’t smart enough to regulate climate.

The days when fundraising makes the most difference are the days when Google filters RNC fundraising emails.

Interesting and promising, but it will be a long time before I trust the whole government-pharmaceutical complex for a vaccine again.


Anything for the agenda.

This will kill kids. Even if it were aspirin it would probably be more deadly than the risk from the virus itself.

How well Biden’s much touted 4th of July savings have fared into their second year.

Believable, but unbelievable. And it sounds criminal to me.

Thank you to the Bret and Heather for highlighting this to me:

The state shall not be allowed to mandate vaccines for citizens or for businesses.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that the Biden administration has been flying illegal immigrants all over the country to disperse them. The latest facility they’ve built to put kids in cages is in North Carolina.

The EU wants Africans to stop importing fertilizer from Russia, but can’t offer a replacement, and doesn’t want Africans to make fertilizer on their own.

Good for them, this is probably the key long term policy that needs to get passed to turn this country around.

It’s been devolving into a war of attrition, which means that it may be turning into which side can produce the basics better.


Hey! There will be no successful defending of basic rights here!

They just won a SCOTUS case and overturned a 110+ year law. They won’t have trouble finding new work.

Arizona, Wisconsin.

I’m sure the Feds will diligently lock up anyone who was even near the grounds of these buildings and hold them away for years without trial, because justice is blind, right?

Abortion is the top concern of only 5% of the electorate. But it is definitely Democrats’ top concern.

And Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

The leaked Alito opinion was essentially unchanged. And the biggest surprise between this and yesterday’s ruling is that Roberts seems to have developed enough of a spine to actually lead from behind on some morality issues, rather than just always bowing to the status quo. Although he still seems to wish that less was done.

Missouri signed legislation to end abortion in the state within the hour. Numerous other states are set to follow in the next few days.

Now comes the “night of rage”. Eric Garland has promised that the DOJ will use every tool to fight states putting abortion restrictions in place. Maxine Waters promises defiance. Obama is trying to activate the electorate. AOC is outside the Supreme Court. CNN contributors are crying. Pelosi is also sulking.

The left just lost their “most sacred right” that they religiously worship. If you can’t see the evil that’s worked its way to the top of the Democrat party by this point…

Are you on a list yet? I’m not sure I can trust you if you’re not.

Meanwhile, abortion activists are planning a “night of rage” around the country on the overturn of Roe.

Their batteries.

They have to tell him when to sit down or stand up.