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Here’s the video.

He handed Obama a stable enough Iraq that Obama was able to give his own “Mission Accomplished” celebration, and did so by pulling out all the troops without a status of forces agreement. And now we see the result.

Interesting. But like so many peak-oil type calculations it fails to take into account basic economics. As oil becomes scarce, the price will rise due to simple supply and demand. As the price rises, alternatives will become cost effective, including things like ethanol from various plants, and dimethyl ether from the air itself. So we will never run out of oil, but where we source it might change.

Good for them. Would that our leaders were as brave.

It’s been relatively silent, but it’s infecting more Americans than anything else.

Unless someone does something.

Were asked about their ethnic origins before being shot. But Obama still can’t own up to what’s going on.

Doesn’t that make him the hostage-taking terrorist?

Being Black or Hispanic gets you an extra couple of hundred bonus points to your SAT scores. Being Asian costs you 50 points.


And begins implementing some of the innovations that are making Uber and Lyft so awesome.

See, this is what happens when the free market is actually allowed to work.

Nope. It was other women. And it’s mostly women doing the female circumcising in the middle east, too.

Especially in Connecticut.

Good. But the FDA shouldn’t be able to regulate diagnostic medicine in the first place. You should have the right to learn whatever you want to and can pay for about your body, from whoever you wish.

Right to work passes. You can’t be forced to join a union if you don’t want to.

And rejecting requests for explanation.

Arrest the lot of them.

(Just like John Kerry)

Once again. Dishonest and partisan, as per usual.

Startup Afforest has figured out how to reforest in such a way that you end up with mature forest in decades rather than centuries. Nice.

Wait, Sharpton’s a racist?

More than 18,000 Federal employees earned more than $200,000 in base salary last year. And the average pay is double the average private sector pay.


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