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Gosnell Movie Releases Trailer

He’s the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, and the abortion industry wants to protect him. Or at least keep the rest of the world in the dark about what he did.


For speaking out against someone supporting Hillary Clinton.

And yet again we see a whole bunch of hot takes on how Trump’s actions against Brennan are unprecedented, hurting national security,  and somehow an outrage to free speech.


That’s government quality, right there.

With a new translation of the Lithuanian experience.


Just like all of us, as I recall the issue being framed as…

They get targeted with another one from the left.

And why, consequently, the poor in America can be so patriotic.

And notice how many philosophies of the left, especially identity politics and welfare, fly completely in the face of that spirit.

I think the reason so many Democrats advocate for gun control is that they shouldn’t be trusted with them…

Anti-hate groups.

Seriously, these are the sorts of attitudes they express, and the sort of violence they commit.

It’s totally different than when Mitt Romney was associated with Bain Capital. Really!

That’s not good…

You have to wonder if this is just so they can cynically exploit the crisis?

One month before the election, too.

And she claimed that the gang rape was politically motivated, as intimidation since she opposed the immigration policies that are letting so many Muslims into the country without any sort of assimilation.

The constant amount of poop in the streets of San Francisco and murders through the streets of Chicago aren’t bad luck or due to external events, even though the mayors and other leaders oftentimes present it as such. Democrats’ own policies are the direct cause of all of this, and they deserve the blame. Even if you don’t blame them for cynically wanting such a situation, they consistently put forward short-sighted policies that have caused all of these problems as unintended consequences. If only someone who wasn’t a racist could have predicted this would have happened. And the same thing is true for pretty much all of the worst places in the country: Detroit, D.C., Baltimore, Ferguson…it’s hard to name a spot in this country that people consider one of the worst that has had a Republican in power within 30 years.

It’s just not enough electricity. And it’s arrogance or ignorance to insist otherwise.

But don’t let that get in the way of blaming the companies that were trying to offer bike-share.

As they vote to remove Trump’s star but leave Weinstein and Spacey’s.