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Shouldn’t we stop training radical Saudi nationals as pilots in Florida?

Of purely natural causes like having dirt on the Clintons, I’m sure.

That’s strange.

Good. The beginnings of justice.

And not only David Nunes’ phone records, but Guliani’s and Jon Solomon’s, as well.

This is extremely disturbing, and in a fair world would trigger bipartisan calls for his head on a pike.

Starting in 2021. And hospitals aren’t happy with this Trump administration’s rule.


He *Gasp* also supports the Salvation Army!

They don’t want ICE to deport child molesters, because they don’t like ICE.

This is the ridiculousness of the anti-immigration-enforcement left.

She managed to get an entire workforce fired from a solar company.

Unions are a political attempt to force an economic outcome, and inevitably fail because the economy is driven by the realities of math. Usually it takes a bit longer though.

Wasted Taxpayer Dollars

Rand Paul’s annual report came out, and it has some doozies.

Michael Moore believes he’s now the center of it. And I think I agree.

Gulags And Religion

A gripping read.


Worth listening to as a counterpoint to everything Democrats are trying to push.

Horrors and atrocities, and the sentiments behind it all aren’t too far off from where the current left in America is.

And not only was he indicted, but he claims that the Biden and pals received $16 million in funds that were criminally obtained then laundered through a fund with close ties to the Democrat Party.

Ukrainian officials are now demanding that President Trump and President Zelensky investigate the $7.4 Billion in funds that went missing.

Just topping off his news week.

And in fact, they’re buying more. Good for them, they’re not stupid.