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Compare and contrast.

They’re “helping”.

Every time they spill something toxic they should permanently lose the funds they were given to deal with that to a private cleanup company with the best treatment bid.

Of course.


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Or maybe the “extreme”-ness of Trump’s plan is actually the media trying to make it seem like it’s radical?


We have the technology to stop mosquitos, if we can get past the environmentalist lobby.

If you ever needed a clear illustration that Democrats hate progress and love their cartels, this is it. They’re directly trying to line the pockets of their friends in an industry that has sucked for decades precisely because it’s been granted a monopoly, while fighting the innovation that everyone else loves because it lets anyone earn some money on their own, and everyone get a ride anywhere they want to.

Yes, it was Republican Charlie Baker who signed the bill, but it was a Democrat legislation that crafted it, and Democrats like Hillary and Bernie are consistently outspoken against ridesharing.

77% of minorities, and 80% of all voters across races.

That’s because it’s stupidly obvious that it’s not an issue, unless you blatantly support fraud.

Of course not.

Cool Olympic Moments

Why should they have to prove what environmentalist gospel dictates?

Contrary to the doom and gloom predictions.

One more right leaning company that the Obama administration doesn’t seem to like.

Because he followed the Qur’an.

Male breadwinners face higher stress, and are less healthy.

Just not for Democrats.

But it’s a mandate for the federal government.

From their own leaked emails.

Not a surprise when you consider how much they did to encourage the problem.


Some journalists, such as Politico’s Ken Vogel file their stories with the DNC before their own editors.

And there was plenty of other media collusion revealed in the DNC hacks as well.


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