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Shouldn’t that automatically be a perjury charge?

Defunding the police and mandating ridiculous election insecurity.

I don’t see H.R. 1 in particular getting past the Senate. It will be filibustered.

That’s right, 78%. Do you really think that all the other places that did mail-in ballots didn’t have significant fraud? How do you know?

Because they care.

Joe Biden’s margin of victory was only 154,000.

So yeah, there could easily have been more fraudulent votes for Biden than he won by.

Ballot harvesting, illegal voting, and election fraud are among the charges.

Good for them.

Update: And Mississippi just did the same.

It’s amazing what you can’t see when you won’t look.

Several of the people who were at the capital were clearly identified by conservatives as Antifa and other far leftists. If Director Wray wasn’t a hack his answer would not be that there were no false flag operatives.



Straight from Jerry Nadler’s lips.

God save the rest of us.

Republicans are concerned about issues, Democrats are concerned about “Trump Supporters” and “White Nationalism”.

It’s impregnated with an antiviral compound. So any droplets that land on it actually should kill the virus.

The amusing thing to me is that hear in Massachusetts, this style of mask is banned.


Few things are worse for public confidence in elections than having the rules changed in the middle of the game (or after it). An epidemic of late-in-the-day changes to the rules was particularly corrosive in 2020. Courts are ill-equipped to referee those changes when partisan tempers are running hot. The Supreme Court just threw away its last opportunity to remedy that problem before the next election cycle. . . . This issue will not go away, and it may return next time surrounded by the same sorts of popular rage that led to the Capitol riot. This was the time for cooler heads to say what the law is.

Justice Clarence Thomas

Joseph Biden.

Wasn’t that a fun ~13 year socialism experiment?

But of course, the point is to divert money to favored groups.

Wrongthink not allowed.

One California health inspector did a happy dance after shutting down a microbrewery.

These people are sick and useless.