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As kids received more exercise in one weekend than 7 years of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program.


Are they a matter of national security or not?

Cool. And it’s non-toxic, so it will be good for medical implants.

Where the laws are a bit more flexible for it.

Hillary Clinton’s Guilt

As they try to ban anything that’s functionally equivalent to the previously defined “assault rifle”…which is just an ordinary rifle that looks scary.

2 Senators have introduced a bill to allow military spouses to apply occupational licensing across state boundaries whenever they’re on a military base.

It’s a good idea.

The same people who championed Cindy Sheehan as having it are outraged that Pat Smith would say something similar against Hillary Clinton — even as they prepare to parade various Black Lives Matter mothers around at the DNC.

The left’s “tolerance” on display as always.

Champion of the people there. As always, “the people” she’s really championing are leftist cronies, and it’s directly against the actual middle class.


Turkey’s Coup

It’s really starting to look like it was all staged by Erdogan. They even had the chance to shoot him down, chose not to, and now he calls it a “gift from Allah”, and has the purge lists ready to go – including requests to Turkish citizens living in the U.S..

It also looks like Erdogan is successfully “pulling a Putin”, and finding a way to stay in power even though he’s reached the maximum number of terms allowed.

Ha. People are outdoors, they’re with their families and friends, they’re getting exercise. The benefits are real. And compare this with the level of complaints when people were just sitting around on couches playing Candy Crush or watching sports or whatever.


And they’re planning on re-launching one of their earlier landed stages pretty soon in the near future, as well.

The last pages finally got declassified, and there’s quite a bit of involvement.

SJWs Now Fat Shaming?

You can’t make them happy.


By putting the environment ahead of basic safety concerns.


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