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But you’re still expected to pay on time, even though they’re the ones failing.


Other than making the left feel good about doing nothing.

And it also illustrated that they didn’t care about all of the boys Boko Haram had also been kidnapping all along.

In Gardena, California the authorities did their job. And the shooting didn’t happen. And therefore it didn’t make the news.

She created a bureau that is unaccountable to Congress, and is angry that its powers aren’t being abused in the way she wants them to be, but according to others’ agenda.

23 people who gave the NRA a grand total of less than $3000. But it’s still something that NPR is reporting on.

The Boston Globe just interviewed someone who admits they’re going around creating fake news, but it’s okay because it’s to help the left, and everyone knows that fake news is how the right is winning. Right?

The left keeps on wanting to talk about guns, and maybe there’s a discussion to be had there. But so many relatively recent mass shootings have also involved failures of government at almost every level. Where is the accountability?

An interview by John Stossel.

You can change magazines when you go through one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s high capacity or not.

Not a good sign if true.

He’s now going after Manafort for something in 2013 he was also doing.

Oh, and his chief witness against Trump is a convicted pedophile.

The same number of hours are required for shampooing hair as for commercial piloting.

Maybe it’s a bit heavy handed, but a high percentage of those sorts of individuals require constant medication.

Guess what? Diabetics can’t serve in the military either.

They’re at war with reality.


The typical crony-capitalism that characterized so much of his presidency.

Yeah, that was obvious.

It’s not just Worldcon, and it’s not just conservatives being banned.


Done here, in a way that’s actually understandable.

It’s a mess, and the sort of thing that government officials should fear prison time for.