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Their drone crashed.

Who let him into Congress in the first place?

Almost like they wanted to sell the racial harmony narrative of a Obama presidency.


And the courts demand integration. Good.

And he lost big.

Sick mind.

About which they’re willing to bravely speak but do nothing about.

Bush. Amazing. Somehow the responsibility of the debt is going to go straight from Bush to Trump, and the spending in between will be unmentioned.

All fine according to the Quran.

And he’s not even President yet. Unhinged.

If it was really about charity work, wouldn’t they have continued it?

She was kidnapped and gang raped in the basement of a shop that the Swedish helped the migrants set up.

Apparently certain categories of hate that fit the agenda are perfectly fine.


They’ve denied nationality to a vegan who was deemed “too annoying”.

It’s funny, but the idea of having to get the local community’s approval of new residents’ immigration application does make sense, I think.

House Republicans have released a report detailing all of the ways Planned Parenthood has been misusing taxpayer funds, and recommending defunding the organization.

This has of course caused an outright panic from the left, and we’re seeing the usual raft of lies and misbehavior:

And of course, Planned Parenthood has been raising a a lot of money from the left as a countermeasure, further proving that they don’t need the federal dollars.

And judges rightly smack them down. It’s ludicrous this got even as far as it did.

This is why we should bring back tar and feathering.


And only two had congressional approval for bombing.

So what exactly is it that the left is terrified Trump is going to do?