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Even though it’s literally the statutory term for foreigners.

A pretty good summary of the two positions. I would tweak a few items on the counter-narrative side, but it’s pretty much what I agree with.

157,299 illegally cast ballots in Wisconsin that they were able to find.

Biden only won by 20,000 votes.

Some good news about this past weekend. Mass protests were occurring all around the world against both lockdowns and vaccine passports.

Some more footage here, here, and here.

I’m starting to worry that the only way we get our freedoms back is to go beyond peaceable assembly.

…This is just…stupid. They chartered a plane, and are staying in hotels, and they’re being treated like it’s some sort of hardship.

First it was the Woman’s soccer team, and now it’s the men’s basketball team.


It’s pretty easy to see which states are performing the worst. And pretty easy to figure out which party’s leadership causes that.

Because it can’t differentiate between Wuhan Coronavirus and the Flu!

Proof that a large percentage of this whole thing is exaggerated.

Update: And there are other accuracy reasons being cited, as well.

Which means that the media will go out of their way to avoid talking about it…because their strategy worked

Allow lawsuits against tech companies that don’t remove content that goes against CDC or WHO guidelines.

So we can sue over any content that promotes lockdowns, since the WHO is against them?

They calculated that the average life expectancy had declined by a year and a half due to Covid, when the numbers seem to be much closer to…5 days.

Further corruption and criminality.

Panic, and the realization that emergency measures could be used to grant the left everything they ever wanted.

It’s a short benefit for long term pain.

I suspect that it’s actually helpful to growth IFF spending is controlled. But that hasn’t happened since…ever. Like, if Congress was forced to only spend the budget plus the next year’s expected growth, that level of deficit spending could probably be used helpfully. But that’s a fantasy.

It’s all about the graft.

Enough to give every American $41,000. So how much did they send you?

Yeah, we kind of figured.

Swine Flu vs Wuhan Coronavirus