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For the audacity to remove her hijab.

Frank Biden.

When Universities Blame The Victim

Andrew Ngo has been the target of Antifa violence. Therefore we can’t let him speak.

It’s such a serious moment…

And…? The sort of civil procedural thing they’re dinging him on is the same sort of thing that his predecessors have routinely done – and is probably unavoidable given the complexity of the bureaucracy.

I am one of the millions of oppressed women in Iran who they have been playing with for years.

Iranians are massively protesting against their government over it shooting down their own plane. And they partied when Qassam was killed by Trump. And they refuse to walk on U.S. or Israeli flags. And their news anchors are resigning rather than support the regime.  And this is after months of protesting the regime for other reasons, including here in the U.S.

Democrats and the media want people to think that Trump is responsible for making Iranians hate us and is therefore the problem, but the truth is pretty much exactly the opposite. They only went to Qassam’s funeral at gunpoint. They don’t blame the U.S. Their people have been protesting against the regime – and getting slaughtered – for months, and Trump is placing us firmly on their side. Democrats would rather see Trump lose than the Iranian peopleand the rest of the world – win. The media eulogizes Qassam as a saint and mourns just because he was an enemy of Trump.

Finally, it seems worth reiterating the obvious: Iran has hated and been at war with us since the 1979. In the past several months we’ve seen them shoot at drones in international waters, use mines against oil tankers, seize oil tankers, sponsor bomb factories in London, attack Saudi Arabian oil facilities, and most recently try and pillage our Baghdad embassy. Thankfully Trump sent in the marines – something sorely missing in our Benghazi response. Anyway, to all of this the media have said that the U.S. reacting to any of these situations is the provocation. It’s ridiculous. Oh, and Iran wasn’t complying with the Nuclear deal regardless. They never planned to.

The Crimes Denver Likes

They won’t coordinate with ICE to deport individuals guilty of homicide, sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic assault.

Along the Rio Grande. And only after a big legal fight with a federal agency which we can now see has a clear political agenda to stop what the rest of America wants.


In related news, CNN settled with Nicholas Sandmann.

Because they didn’t. They’re now going with an indeterminate timeframe, but continuing to claim that they’re shrinking due to mankind’s activities.

My question is if the glaciers, like those in New Zealand, have been shrinking since the last ice age. In which case, was mankind responsible back then?

They apparently warned the U.S. and Iraqis beforehand that they were bombing some runways last night. Which definitely explains the low casualties.

But it still looks like their air defense system took down a passenger plane.

And it’s a pretty good one.

He is not nearly as drone-happy as his predecessor. Which highlights the hypocrisy of everyone who is suddenly upset.

Quietly because his opponents can’t let anyone know that he won.

Very weird.

And in mass numbers.


It does make sense. Benghazi was successful enough that he wanted to do the same in Baghdad. But Trump sent in Marines and drones.

Hilarious. I bet they don’t change their voting habits or even who they support on air, though.

That France seems to have.