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Democrats’ entire pitch is that everything occurring is justified because they hate Trump so very, very much. Violence? What violence? It must be the alt-right, and we’re sure we condemn it, but people are outraged and justified in looting those Target stores. Because Republicans are domestic enemies

Republican’s pitch was to put on display the violence of Democrat-run areas and their utter failure, and put up a whole bunch of speakers whom the left has tried to cancel, shout out, and destroy – many of whom were black, centrist, or former Democrats, just in the path of Democrat-pushed destruction. And of course the left rioted and tried to attack people at the convention. They want power, or a race war if they can’t get it. People are waking up to this: if Republicans don’t win, the violence and cancelling will come for you.

Not that much more dangerous than the flu for most people. Especially young kids, but that hasn’t stopped overzealous tiny dictator governors from keeping playgrounds closed.

The shutdown is more deadly than the disease.

Making Snopes have to debunk it.

Wait…it was really the “OK” sign all along? Then why was everyone freaked out a few months back….?

South of Beirut.


Zerohedge has a history lesson about the market crash of 1920, which had partially been caused by the 1918 flu pandemic – and more importantly, how quickly the country recovered. The secret? The government cut spending and balanced the budget.

Just thinking about the politics of what’s been going on – without considering anything else right now – here’s how I see things lining up:

In other words, all of the political math is in Trump and Republicans’ favor to put forward a nominee, whether or not they expect the person to go through. And they probably want to put forward someone who seems reasonable and nice to the right and center, but drives the left even further into crazytown.

Brian Kolfage, of We Build The Wall fame, is a triple amputee. When the police arrested him recently for supposed embezzlement of funds, they denied him the use of his wheelchair or prosthetics, and forced him to crawl.


Two gangs just shot each other up in Rochester, but there are no narratives to exploit.

Ricin was just sent to the White House.

Proud Boys announced a really they didn’t intend to actually hold in order to get Antifa to riot. And they succeeded.

It’s a well done troll, but awful that this is the level our society has sunk to.

Supposedly, Biden entered the race after he heard the “fine people” statement that Trump made. Which was carefully edited by the media to be entirely a hoax. Even the BBC said it was a false claim.

As Scott Adams has pointed out, with Democrats claiming this central lie as their starting point, no lie Trump tells about them is against the rules.

Here’s a writeup about her paper.

And she was immediately suspended on Twitter.

One thing is certain, we won’t find out the truth from the WHO officials charged with investigating this, since they didn’t even visit Wuhan before closing their case.

They took 9 years to create a fire map.

The FBI just raided his home.

They were going to keep it up despite Trump’s executive order until one reporter threatened to name names.

Arbitrary detentions and prolonged interrogations.