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Because The Brownbaggers, Occupy Wall Street, the Coffee Party, and the One Nation Movement all didn’t work.

Hey, socialists have amazing persistence at re-trying failures.

The Life-Saving F-16

Need medical equipment delivered fast?

Nearly a quarter of British Muslims want areas of the country to be run under sharia, and half want gay sex outlawed.

And the left wants more Muslims imported into the country.

Basically, the quantization of wavelength values causes the seeming violation of conservation of momentum. So maybe this propellent-less space drive thing is real after all!

Almost like he’s expecting a coup.

Various municipal and state environmental quality officials.

It’s been open lawfare on conservatives. Since that’s the rules of behavior now, that’s how conservatives should fight back. Don’t break the law like they’re doing, but follow it to the letter.

Wants people who disagree with him on global warming to be locked up.

Because that’s what Democrats have been up to: feloniously colluding with climate activists in order to go after their political opponents. 16 State Attorney Generals did so, and Loretta Lynch considered doing so as well.

The GOP nomination process isn’t running any differently than normal, there’s no “cheating” going on. Trump is just failing to understand the rules and actually try and play by them.

Erdogan Seizing Churches

And the persecution of Christians continues…

Looking to try and manipulate their audience to swing the election.

Good. Fracking is doing wonders for the geopolitical landscape.

120 overturned cases for prosecutorial misconduct – and no penalty for the prosecutors in question.

Heck, many times they haven’t even had their names released.

In California.

Hedge Fund with lots of ties to the Clintons hires Chelsea to “work” for them.

Yet another way to quietly shovel money their way.

Jihad, not so much. They’re worried about Islamophobia.

If they took actions to stop the jihad, the Islamophobia wouldn’t happen. But huge percentages of Muslims tacitly support jihad.

Good for them.

Not a surprise, this is actually a pretty common pattern, which is why Unions openly admit they’re fine with jobs being lost – lost jobs are a feature, not a bug.

A compiled list of self-identified SJWs who have publicly called for the firing, shunning or other attacks against those who disagree with their narrative.


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