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She just wants us to spend money based on them, regardless of whether or not they’re true.

New O’Keefe video gold.

A very muddled situation, caused almost entirely by Obama’s efforts to bring “moral clarity” to what we’re doing in the middle east.

Certainly not Somali.

This is the sort of world-endangering pettiness that Obama engages in over personality conflicts with leaders who he doesn’t like.

So yes, the Obama administration made it a priority to release, without congressional approval, 5 Taliban from Gitmo in exchange for one guy who’s likely a traitor and got 6 of his fellow soldiers killed. Without trying to free anyone else, and while another fellow soldier rotted in a Mexican prison for a trumped up charge. And then they attacked anyone who dared to question Bergdahl’s honor.

With just a pair of special glasses. Very cool.

Reaching critical mass?

Even so, I wouldn’t hold my breath. As you see with the V for Vendetta fans, usually the solution proposed is their fascism, rather than the other guy’s.

The Syrian regime seems to now be using them regularly. They’ve figured out how weak our president really is.

Haitian activists are wondering where Billions in aid that the Clintons collected has disappeared to.

The FTC just found that Google altered search results when it was profitable to do so.

By the way, I think that Google has every right to do this. I just think it’s worth pointing out that you can’t trust Google to be absolutely neutral on a topic, anymore than anyone else.

Useless security theater.

Hmm. “Former member of a notorious domestic terrorist group”. So what are the chances that it wasn’t Bill Ayers or some other radical leftist?

Why was Netanyahu’s election a loss for Obama? Because Obama sent his own campaign advisors to Israel to help Netanyahu’s opposition, and spent U.S. taxpayer dollars to do so. Which tells you just how much of a lie the opposition to Netanyahu’s congressional speech (based on “not interfering with the Israeli election”) was. Oh, and the Israelis know it.

Now, of course, Obama is behaving in his usual graceless way. He’s taken days to congratulate Netanyahu (whilst being shown up yet again by the House) and only done so in a backhanded manner, when he promptly congratulated others such as Putin. He’s also announced policy moves to basically punish Israel for their choice, changing U.S. strategy towards Israel. Oh, and Netanyahu’s recent tack to the right was driven by Obama.


And if you’re acting out bondage scenes, there’s no way to tell if it was consensual or not.

Of course. As always, the only thing they have is attack politics that appeal to victimization indulgence, and the only thing they can do on that front is to constantly double down on their ever-more apparently false claims.

A few hypotheticals posted by Reason.

A firewall from Bill Whittle.

Here’s the key bit of law he quotes:

That’s what Clinton did, what Democrats feel shouldn’t be a big deal, and what Obama was complicit in whenever he saw Hillary’s private emails and didn’t bother investigating how she had a non .gov email address.

The Carnahan family in Missouri managed to net a $107 million deal from the stimulus package on the backs of taxpayers.

Gee, more stimulus dollars going to “green” projects that line Democrat pockets. Where have we heard this before?


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