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In India.

So how much blood is on the hands of everyone who fought against it’s use because then Trump would be right about something?

Counting is hard…

They’re about to set a record with a Falcon 9 of a 20% faster turnaround time than the current record (the space shuttle at 55 days), and about a 1000% cheaper turnaround cost.

As a conservative-leaning libertarian resident of this county, I’m not surprised at all. And the most tolerant county voted heavily for Trump.

Anyone not left-leaning gets bombarded by the leftist viewpoints constantly from the media – even if you don’t watch the news, you see it in film. But anyone on the left and in a blue state can happily only ever view other political viewpoints as the caricatures that the media likes to build.

USA Today made a headline that Trump was using a Nazi-like symbol. And then had to retract it, because it’s a longstanding American symbol, as also worn and used by Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and quite a few other prominent Democrats…

Let’s doa what-about-ism: what is it about Roger Stone’s clemency that is so outrageous, and what is it about the clemencies granted by Obama that didn’t spark outrage?

3 in the last day.

The media is ignoring this, because they like the radical left elements that are doing this sort of thing, and they tend not to like Christianity.

I don’t think that as a Christian one should have a strong allegiance to any political party or figure. Christ is first and foremost. But I think it’s incredibly important to realize that one side of our political system is increasingly controlled by elements that are blatantly hostile to religion and Christianity in particular.

Their death toll has been plummeting the past few weeks.

The question now will be how long it takes other countries to reach a similar point. And we won’t be able to ultimately compare the different approaches for probably another year, when all the numbers have fully settled down.

Kiwiblog does a fairly deep dive into all the ways the numbers are being misrepresented, focusing on Arizona as a specific example.

A think a whole bunch of people on the left are getting mugged by reality these last few months.

As much as they probably all hate Trump, I think around the country people are realizing that the President’s fundamental ideas at Mount Rushmore, of an ideological war between the far left – represented by cancel culture, woke politics, #BlackLivesMatter, and Antifa – and the rest of us is true. The only choice is to ally with the right or be devoured by the radicals.

And this election is rapidly becoming about a fundamental divide between freedom and tyranny.

What I’ve heard from many women I’ve spoken to that this election for them is not about Trump. It’s about the principles, the right to practice your religion… That you don’t have those rights at the moment. In California you’re not allowed to sing in church. That if you believe in freedom of speech, you’re not allowed to speak out these days. You’re a racist and a bigot if you vote for Trump. You’re a racist and bigot if you say anything that goes against the grain… There’s a real sense among many people in this country that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, these things are at risk right now.

Lara Logan

Muhammad was a slave owner. And his slaves were black. Why hasn’t he been cancelled yet?

For that matter, there are certain conspicuous areas of the world where slavery still remains an issue.

Her campaign paid her husband almost a million over the last two years.

What need is there for a legislature anymore?

The entire Russian Collusion narrative was a pack of lies created by Christopher Steele at Hillary Clinton’s behest.

We pretty much knew this before, and now it’s a matter of court record in the U.K. Where is John Durham?

Apparently because George Floyd was killed via police violence, we need to make sure that Illegal Aliens can vote.

Talk about a bait-and-switch.

The New York Times is now just outright lying about various states like Georgia, Arizona, and Texas. This graphic is an absolute lie.

Ways this graphic is lying:

  • Why is Florida highlighted, when it’s not the largest percent rise?
  • Why is Georgia listed, when there are a whole bunch of states higher than it?
  • It’s listed in percentages, but doesn’t show what the baseline case-count that each state is starting at is.

Coronavirus doesn’t care about your narratives. Here’s an honest graphic about what’s occurring.

Ben Shapiro has a rant that is saying much of the same.



This table from Real Clear Politics is pretty great as well.

The states and countries the media is claiming are the best are not, and the states and countries the media is claiming are the worst are not.

De Blasio wants to ban all large gatherings except for BLM protesting.

Most of the Texas hospital patients have nothing to do with Wuhan Coronavirus. And last year at this time the hospitals were keeping their ICU capacity at 95%.

The important numbers to see right now are percent-capita testing positive, and # of deaths per capita – which has remained low. Our hospital system has tons of ICU overflow capacity, and all of the emergency capacity we built a few months ago we actually disassembled because it didn’t end up being necessary. But we could easily rebuild it again, on short order.