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Cause I’m sure not.

Although I don’t see Cory Booker’s chances being very good anyway.


Apparently, getting measles not only means you have to deal with measles, but it wipes out a fair amount of your immune system’s “memory” of other illnesses you’ve had.

She had to ask an aid whether fried chicken is something you eat with your hands or with a fork and knife.

Yet another liberal pipe dream that doesn’t work.

It’s literally in the Los Angeles city capital. That is how disgusting California is getting, and San Francisco is just as bad.

There are reams of conservative articles out there pointing out just how much this is all the fault of California’s Democrats, but the punch line pretty much is always the same: just like the rest of the worst spots in the country (Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, D.C., Ferguson) Democrats have been running it into the ground with no oppositional check on their power for decades, and yet always blaming the failure of their policies on either bad luck, or Republicans somewhere else in the country.

A poorly written food distribution law that shows once again how incapable nanny state bureaucrats are of understanding economics.

This sort of thing is why the yellow vest movement hasn’t died down.

As it seeks to expand reasons to allow late-term abortions and removes parental notification for women under 18.

I get the moral viewpoint of the pro-choice crowd – they think that a woman who is pregnant but does not wish to be is essentially living a life of a sort of sex-slavery. But taking that viewpoint and extending it to mandating that abortions have to be supported all the way through to partial-birth or later is something that is pretty widely recognized as ghoulish in the entire rest of the world. And consistently pushing to remove parental notification of abortions committed by minors is shown again and again to help rapists cover up their crimes, with tacit encouragement from the abortion industry that is incentivized for abortions to take place.

Remember when they were willing to stand by their absolute principle of not exposing data to the government for the San Bernadino shooters? Not so much for Roger Stone.

As he’s endorsing them again.

To the tune of half a million dollars.

The only Russian collusion was Hillary’s supporters colluding with the Russians to set up a hit on their opposition.

They care so much.

So they just don’t want border walls here.

Another leftist entity in trouble with the weaponized feminist anger that was supposed to be meant for the right.

Controlling the elective process to try and prevent the proteome from making decisions they don’t like again.

Almost as if they were insincere from the get go.

Not discriminating against Christians makes you “alt-right”.

Writing a ticket to the principle for parking in a handicap space.

Putting their principles into action.

Judging by the lack of outrage at the majority of black deaths, caused by black people – most of the time, because it doesn’t advance the narrative.

Little revenue and no health benefits. Just elites trying to run people’s lives, with little effect but the hassle.