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And bystanders did nothing.

This is awful.

Isn’t “trespassing” the same charge that the January 6th rioters are facing?

Charge them.

Unauthorized religious texts not allowed.

Diesel generators.

His wife works for one of the groups trying to shut down election audits.

I don’t know, sounds a little insurrectiony to me, but I guess for some reason it isn’t?

This map is ridiculous.

Very interesting. And it shows just how drastically different we’re counting things here in the U.S.

Just how much of what happened on January 6th was pre-planned by the FBI?


No one in the deep state is ever truly gone.

They had to fire so many unvaxxed employees they can’t even run an ICU anymore.

This interview of a Babylon Bee writer by a journalist at the Atlantic is great.

And it’s a thing of beauty.

Good for them!

So now Hunter’s corruption is explicitly Joe’s as well.