I’m watching the presidential debate, after it has completed, on MSNBC’s website right now. It’s worth watching. There are many reactions to it, and in fact I have my own, but you know what, they don’t matter. I think McCain did excellently on national security and pork/earmarks, which are the two issues I care most about, and that Obama is an economic populist, and came off as such – but that doesn’t matter. I’m sure the right think McCain did better, and the left that Obama did better. Honestly, both politicians have plenty of points to back themselves up with, and many of them, on both sides, are true. How can people choose between the two? All I can hope for is that the American people, as an electorate, are not as apathetic and naive as they are constantly portrayed. One candidate, while not perfect,  has a clear record of fighting for pork, and standing up, in a bi-partisan matter, for the issues he believes in, especially national security, freedom, and America’s honor around the world. The other talks the talk, but has a record of extreme liberalism (opposed to the general views of our country), dubious ties to a corrupt political machine, and all of the typical hallmarks of a typical politician willing to say whatever is popular, but do whatever he wants to achieve power. While plenty of misinformation exists on the internet, so does the truth, and I believe that it shines with a special sparkle.

Honestly these debates, while amusing, really aren’t what we should be deciding our presidents on. It’s not even a mature debate format, although I must admit that this first debate was more mature than I expected. I cannot encourage voters (and potential voters) enough: research the candidates, read up on the candidate’s views, their critics, and their critics critics. Research issues until you get down to the source level, where you can see for yourself who’s been part of what bills, and the full conversations of every comment said. That is what really determines who stands for what.

Kudos to Obama for keeping his “uh” count down. I wasn’t expecting that.