Americans are tired, and starting to protest taxes everywhere. They don’t know what they want for taxes, but they do know that the current system is a mess.

Well, I’ve got a suggestion. There’s a tax plan that was thought up by Americans who were similarly tired of the current system, and carefully researched to be as gentle as possible, and as fair as possible. It’s called the Fairtax, and it would instantly transform the economic landscape of America, encouraging innovation, growth, and savings, and jumping our GDP by huge amounts, maybe to double digits. It has been thoroughly scrutinized by top economists around the country, including at Harvard, and held up under that scrutiny, and polls have been conducted to make sure the majority of Americans will prefer its taxation to the other competing tax reform plans, or to doing nothing.

Please, if you want to know more about the Fairtax, ask me. I will gladly explain any and all aspects about it, and how it would drastically help our country.