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Although it’s not really your typical vaccine: it’s a medication that gives you enough resistance that the malaria becomes its own vaccine.

Almost to the top, in fact.

Amazing that the administration would care to pardon low life thugs, isn’t it?

Although Iraq and Afghanistan have been major defeats of them, they’re still trying to kill us. And some are making it easier for them, every step of the way.

Organic food isn’t any healthier. And it’s a whole lot more expensive and usually harmful to the environment, as well.

The Federal government is going to be trying to control obesity with all stimulus funds…and that’s not even mentioning the decisions they’ll start making when Obamacare passes.

Now, how long until we start seeing absolute wastes of funding such as this story from Britain?

The Oklahoma Congressional Delegation is wondering why the Federal government got involved in what should have been a purely state legislation matter.

The sad thing is that this question is barely ever asked by legislators anymore, even though the Federal government is supposed to have almost no power compared to the states. Now we have government interfering with health care (even declaring it a Federal right that they’ll have to provide) and interfering in all sorts of business and the economy, so that when someone up top fails, so do we all.

As he speaks out against it. And notice that Obama doesn’t want to go on the plan himself.

Calling the police because you see someone breaking down a door is racist if they’re black.

1. Which procedures are they going to tax, and what will stop them from taxing everything?

2. What activities are they simply going to start banning just to affect health care costs?

3. Spiraling health care costs? Not so much.

What’s that slogan the left loves to sling around, “keep government out of my body”? So why are they pushing so hard for government to be involved with every aspect of people’s bodies?

I thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism, but I guess it depends on which side you’re criticizing?

All seem to have a history of racism. And tax problems.

And people are just now wising up to it. We knew all of this during the elections, people. The media just didn’t post it on any front pages. It was up to YOU to actually research who you were voting for, but most of you didn’t, did you?

Surprise, surprise. Now that winning Ohio isn’t an issue, Obama’s administration is reversing course on a nuclear energy program that would provide thousands of jobs, reduce our foreign energy dependence, and drastically reduce the carbon output of our energy generation.

Once again, Democrats are wrong on an issue in every way possible.

First: 10 questions to ask of anyone who supports the Dem’s health care industry plans, or is considering supporting them.

Second: 5 freedoms that you will lose if those plans go into effect.

I Think Link makes a simple point about Nancy Pelosi – and the rest of the Democratic Party’s – thinking.

It’s only a gift to the American people if you think that the government rightly deserves all of the money you earn, and anything you keep is “a gift” – which is something they do believe.

Zelaya down in (well, not anymore) Honduras has ties to the terrorist group FARC. Just like Chavez and all the other idiots Obama is standing shoulder to shoulder with on the issue – despite the fact that they’re clearly wrong in just about every way from a legal standpoint.

This whole situation shows exactly how much respect Obama has for law and freedom, and where his priorities areof helping liberals regardless of their corruption or tyrannic impulses.

Not that the press as really covering those casualty counts anyways, but Obama has now stopped the U.S. from releasing the number of Taliban and other enemies killed. That way, harping on the bad military news without any context is official policy, and not just the policy of the media.

How else are you supposed to drum up people against Republican policies and actions?

Do they make sense to you?

There are places where solar and wind do make sense – and solar’s declining prices expand the number of those places all of the time. But solar and wind for the sake of solar and wind just does not make sense.

Israelis are protesting Obama like they’ve rarely ever protested a U.S. President or policy. Maybe it’s partly because he thinks Jews should be banned from a location they’ve been present at for all but 19 of the last thousand years.

Despite the paranoid delusions of the peak oil crowd, we will never run out of fossil fuels. Even if you ignore biodiesel and other methods to generate our own supply, and if you ignore the basic economic fact that every price increase of the fuel will make more drilling techniques economical, we will never run out. Why? Because the earth itself is generating some of those hydrocarbons. In other words, they don’t just come from fossils.

The policy would be: Is this decision as important as which puppy to adopt into the White House? If it is, then at least that much time should be spent on it.


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