By now many of the details initially unknown have been revealed, so I’m going to summarize those events and details.Major Nidal Hassan goes on a killing spree through Fort Hood. The 10,000 pound Gorilla that Obama and the rest of the left, especially the media, wish to ignore is that he’s a Muslim, and there are American Muslims who support him, and praise his actions. CNN covers up the details (and says he was a conservative – nice dig at the right, isn’t it?), Obama invents excuses, as do others on the left — he “does not represent the Muslim faith”. He wasn’t the first person in the world to spontaneously develop “second-hand PTSD”, he wanted to kill in the name of Islam.

There are many different angles of the story from here:

Why didn’t Homeland Security stop him before he went on his rampage? They were aware of him trying to contact Al Qaeda. He gave off plenty of warning signsbut even acknowledging them would have been “racist”. The military treated him, as a Muslim, specially – giving him far more leniency than non-Muslims – and more leniency than the Turkish Army allows in their own army, for example. Political correctness is literally killing people in our country, in this case, killing our military. Meanwhile, the DHS remained more concerned with tea party protesters, and other non-violent Americans peacefully protesting.

What has been the Democrats’ responses? The act isn’t something they can understand, it doesn’t fit in their worldview (i.e. everything wrong in the world is Bush’s fault). They want the story to go away, it’s detracting from their attempts to takeover the healthcare industry. And they don’t want to confront a violent theology.

What’s been the Muslim response? Joined with the Liberals, all they cry about is the racism of calling the killer Muslim, and how it’s everyone else’s fault. Newsflash:  hate crimes against Muslims are still declining, while other religions receive far more violence – often at the hands of Muslims. And the left, championed by Obama, continue to believe that we must apologize harder. Here’s an idea for the Muslim community: The outrage you’re worried about wouldn’t be an issue if we saw you actively protesting against and shunning the extremists in your midst, instead of quietly supporting them and protesting against anyone who condemns them. Stop playing the victim card while some of the members of your community act in the very way you claim you’re being stereotyped as – instead man up and put an end to that behavior. You’re acting like the welfare leeches of violence.