It’s become, almost literally, a pitched battle between the Unions and their Democrat flunkies/enablers, and the GOP and Tea Party.  The rest of the country is watching with baited breath, as many of us realize that unions and public entitlements are one of the leading factors in the trouble we’re in, and so we must either win the battle with the unions, or continue our decline to debt and socialism. For democrats who still religiously view socialism as a good thing, this battle is of course also paramount, which is why Obama can’t keep his mouth shut and in fact has been unable to stay out, and has in fact been helping organize the rallies against similar budget cuts around the country. The issue so dear to the unions they’re taking to the streets? The governor of Wisconsin wants them to contribute 5% of their salary to their retirement plans, and pay up to 12% of their health premiums. They also recently sued to make sure Viagra was covered by the plan.

Oh, and just so we’re all on the same page, these are the thugs we’re talking about when we mention the unions. There’s nothing democratic about them, as the WSJ points out. That’s right, all talk of civility is gone now from the left, as they issue death threats, and you see swastikas and crosshairs omnipresent, along with the usual double-speak and violence. But of course Napolitano doesn’t consider them nearly as threatening as the tea party. And as always, you can compare and contrast the different sides’ political rallies. One side threatens, trashes, and intimidates, one side does not.

Amidst all of this, the Democrat legislators of Wisconsin have fled the state – they know it’s against the rules to vote unless at least one of them is present, so they’re shirking their duty. In fact, State Troopers have been called to try and find any Dems who may still be in state and escort them back to the chambers. Tea Party members are meanwhile having fun confronting them out-of-state with cameras. Would you like to make a citizens’ arrest? Here’s a bit more, by the way, about the type of local that the Democrat Senators apparently like to hang out at.