There’s been quite a bit about voter ID in the news relatively recently, and I’m going to summarize some of it here.First of all, James O’Keefe isn’t slowing down in the slightest. Since Eric Holder constantly insists that vote fraud isn’t an issue, O’Keefe showed just how easy it is for someone to get Eric Holder’s ballot. The New Yorker and Eric Holder’s response? The video is a manufactured circumstance that, despite showing how easy vote fraud is, doesn’t prove any vote fraud is actually occurring. Which is exactly the kind of response we’ve come to expect along with Democrat’s blatant encouragement of rigged elections. Meanwhile, Eric Holder continues to do his best to fight voter ID in Texas and South Carolina, despite the fact that 900 dead people voted in the recent SC election, and the fact that Democrats still can’t come up with an example of individuals disenfranchised by voter ID laws. And all the groups that claim that IDs disenfranchise voters require IDs to visit them.

In related news, and prompted by O’Keefe’s videos, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Indiana, and New Hampshire have all been passing identification laws – much to the anger and boycotts of progressives. They’re supporting (or committing!) crime, and they know it.