The U.S. likely just passed Saudi Arabia as the number one hydrocarbon producer, thanks to fracking – and we’re likely to become the #1 oil producer by 2017– and thanks to all the natural gas, that also means that our greenhouse gas output has dropped to 1992 levels – in other words, by embracing better technologies and drilling, we’ve been able to improve our economy while lowering our emissions, instead of cutting back our economy to lower our emissions as environmentalists constantly want to do with Kyoto and cap-and-trade.

So what’s the Sierra club’s reaction? They want to stop fracking and the use of natural gas. And Democrats? Obama’s EPA wanted to “crucify” global warming opponents and gas and oil drillers, before the official who’s tape came out saying that had to resign and join the Sierra club. And the EPA is coming out with false studies to try and shut the practice down, along with lawfare suits. And Obama himself has only allowed drilling on public lands – where the majority of the oil is – when forced to do so by judges.