There’s a lot of inflammatory information coming out the past several days with the latest hearings, but of course you wouldn’t know that if you’re watching MSNBC or CNN – who are absolutely trying to cover it up. Pro-censorship journalists, need I say more? Imagine the difference if Bush was president. CBS is actually doing a fairly good job though, having published some pretty explosive material.

The first thing that’s been hammered by witness after witness is that the story that the administration fed to the victims’ families and the people of the U.S. is that Benghazi absolutely was not about a YouTube video – and everyone involved knew it, and chose to lie to the American people, for the sake of political power. And remember, it’s not the crime, but the coverup.

The second horrendous atrocity we’ve discovered is that not only were there multiple requests for security and multiple requests for help (which Hillary lied under oath about), but help was nearby, and given multiple orders to stand down. And those stand down orders had to trickle down from someone high upeither AFRICOM, Hillary, or Obama himself. And then there was the bureaucratic incompetence – which was exacerbated by Hillary herself.

And the last major thing we’ve gotten to see is how Democrats react in trying to protect Obama and Hillary. There are bizarre myths that Obama did call in special forces, accusations that Republicans are merely trying to politicize the issue, Democrat attacks against whistleblowers, and claims that we shouldn’t care because, “death is part of life”, the usual stonewalling, and, worst of all, witness/whistleblower attempts at intimidation and bribery, straight from Hillary Clinton and the White Houseintimidation that’s likely stopped at least two people from testifying.