It’s not just the British soldier, a similar attack – and religiously motivated – just took place in Paris, as well. And there’s the rioting in Sweden. But remember, 99% of Muslims are peaceful – just like 99% of all the populations we fought during WW2. And the Muslim Clerics are saying that the attacks are justified. And Britain is responding with as conflicted a response as any multiculturalist society will – their first response was to go after twitter users for “anti-Muslim” tweets, and arrest women marching with the Union Jack. But they’re also taking to the streets to stand up for themselves, and forming a task force to clamp down on extremists. And the Woolwich terrorist himself was previously both offered a job at M15, and involved in a terrorist plot in Kenya – and he marched against the very group marching in the streets against him right now, whom David Cameron once condemned.

Democracy, Multiculturalism, Open Immigration – pick any two of them.