Even if ignorance of the law was an excuse – it’s not – Hillary had received training on secure handling of classified information, she was told not to do what she did while she was ordering itshe warned others about using private servers, and she told people sending her information to remove the “classified” markings so it wouldn’t show up if her records were examined. She knew exactly what she was doing – but there’s enough to prosecute her for negligence even if we wanted to pretend that she didn’t. She hired an IT firm that’s not cleared to handle classified intelligence, had them set up a private server in a bathroom, researched how to delete emails, all in large part to avoid FOIA requests while receiving what amounts to bribes. Along the way she handled hundreds of classified, top secret, HUMINT, and Special Access Program emails (remember what was supposed to be so bad about Valerie Plame’s data leak?), wrecked the State Department’s IT security, and probably exposed that data to Russia, China, and Iran. And one of the explicit punishments is ineligibility for holding future U.S. offices.

The Obama administration prosecuted Petraeus and several others for far more minor infringements with state secrets. It’s a felony and she should be in prison, but of course, Obama’s administration knew about the crime while it was occurring. That’s one of the reasons that the State Department is doing everything they can to slow down and hamper the investigations.

The big question is whether this will be the final mark of the end of the rule of law that Obama’s administration has caused.