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Geez. And that’s not the only thing youtube is censoring from Prager.

I guess “Don’t be evil” doesn’t apply anymore.


Voter Fraud In Minnesota

Felons being allowed to vote because the Secretary of State is refusing to follow the law.

The Boiling Point Of Society

As a conservative-leaning libertarian in Cambridge, MA, I think I’m fairly in tune with both sides of the spectrum, and I think both sides of the spectrum are reaching dangerous points in public attitudes, each in their own way: Continue reading

Good. Maybe a few will actually listen.

O’Keefe’s 3rd video proves the illegal coordination.

Turkey isn’t completely unhappy with ISIS.


Hillary Clinton’s Quid Pro Quo

Some of her staff was caught not only discussing it but calling it that by name – and this isn’t wikileaks, this is from the FBI’s own server.

The State Department’s statement is that even the idea of the allegations is insulting.

Here’s a pretty good list.

Corruption, front-and-center.

Scott Adams, while talking about this election, expresses an attitude that I’ve encountered quite a bit amongst many of my left leaning associates: All politicians are crooked, so you might as well vote for the one who’s policies you like best.

Here’s the thing: that’s completely different than what conservatives think about their politicians. If a conservative is accused of something, they’re hounded by the media and their constituents until they either resign or prove their innocence.

Conservatives expect and demand their politicians to be clean. Leftists do not, because they think that all politicians are corrupt. And that’s why so many Democrat politicians get away with it.

Hillary Clinton, of course.

You know we’re currently involved in 5 of them, right?


At least, to them. So now let’s count down how quickly it takes the times to call for these same laws next time there’s a mass shooting.


Why does the left constantly insist that society is safest when we ignore the problems of terrorism?


Discussing massive voter fraud.

For “interfering with the election”.

If you’re keeping track, this means that U.S. diplomatic resources were just used to protect Democrat secrets. To my knowledge, Wikileaks hasn’t posted anything this election that’s not from private Democrat servers.

There are also rumors of pending pedophilia charges being cooked up against Assange.

I won’t use the “F” word, but in case you missed it, two recent news stories really highlight Democrat behavior:

Of course, the graffiti at the firebombing, and the comments of the Democrats in the video show that the thugs think they’re heroes, stopping those Republican villains – and media outlets such as CNN are playing along, ludicrously claiming that the violence is an example of what Trump inspires, as always. Projection. Also, Google may be trying to minimize the video.

Democrats are also trying to claim the video is fake/edited out of context – but FEC groups are already filing charges based on it, Bob Creamer has already resigned, and we have evidence that multiple people in the video have visited the White House multiple times, and also that they’re on Clinton’s payroll.

Showing about as much respect for the law, the environment, and the rest of us as they usually do, I see.