By some miracle not only did Donald Trump win the presidency, but Republicans control the House and the Senate, as well. I think this is the last chance to prove their principles:

Shrink the creeping bureaucracy, and restore states’ rights. Prove that it creates economic growth, and a better America. Cut back on the Orwellian creep of surveillance and other Bill of Rights violations, and show that you’re not just hypocritical politicians.

Going in to last night, I thought I was seeing the last gasp of society before it sealed Democrats’ long marched-towards goal of a permanent bureaucratic state. And we’re still closer to that then to what our founding fathers envisioned. I was very pleasantly surprised at what happened. I don’t have faith that Donald Trump has small government, constitutionalist principles, but I think a lot of the Congressmen elected do. Now is the time to show that those principles actually mean something, and that they are good for society.