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For once slashdot is leaning towards conservatives as the tech industry knows how ridiculous claims that exposing DNC corruption were hacks against us all.


Only now do we find out.

That was quite the mistake, and it certainly didn’t help the sexual assault situation that followed.

Continuing to do all the things he wouldn’t do when he was worried about consequences.

He may have an unfounded opinion of Trump, but at least he understands a couple of things that most of the rest of the left seems to miss: political correctness is killing their side of the debate and keeping them in a bubble, and thatĀ a lot of their positions for the developing world are entirely arrogant because they’re ignoring the fundamental survival that those citizens need to meet.

That’s too bad. Now ask her how she feels about bakers having to make cakes for homosexual weddings.

Climateers’ Biggest Lies

Like so much of the rest of the left, they have to misrepresent their opponents’ positions so that they can label and denounce them.

Showing his class.

Good. The kangaroo courts that campus sexual assault prosecutions have become are atrocious.

They claim there’s an epidemic of violence by police against black people.

The truth: Police are less likely to use violence against a black suspect than a white suspect.

Homicide went up in many major cities. And in many of those blue cities, politicians coordinated with the gangs.

With an emphasis on influencing public policy.

The hilarious part is that they especially want women in the program.

Yeah, with the slugfest of the campaign and all of the celebrity deaths 2016 was in many ways a hard year, but there were some great things that happened as well. In no particular order, here are some of what I think are the highlights:

Very interesting, and quite credible.

Funny, that.

Katie Couric is returning to the Today Show.

She’s misrepresented more than a few stories in her time.


An interesting, but long, article. In short: after the fall of the Roman Empire there were so many separate powers that property rights essentially became guaranteed, because merchants could vote with their feet. Simultaneously, the church was generally outside of the state, and so rulers could not use religion to seize property, and Christianity emphasized that envy was a deadly sin, further preventing a lot of negative policies. All of this combined for strong property rights andĀ laissez faire economics.

They think he will do to them what they were intending to do to the rest of us.

They’ve spent the last decade weaponizing the government for political crusades against their enemies, and now they’re scared of such a government.

This should be interesting.