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He has built a wall and is vetting who gets to come in.


So he’s banned travel for 4 months for non-U.S. residents from a handful of Muslim countries that the Obama administration selected as dangerous (and an indeterminate time if the country is Syria). It’s not the majority of Muslims, and Obama did the same thing with Iraqis, except for 6 months instead – but the left loved Obama, so it was okay. Or maybe people just didn’t notice because of how much they loved Obama.

Oh, it’s also worth observing that the left is much more upset about this than the de-facto ban the Obama administration enforced on Christians, or about the terrorist attacks that these Muslims commit.

But remember, it’s Palin’s crosshairs on districts to take┬ánext election that is inciting violence.

Hah! Fortunately, the other networks weren’t live so they could edit that part out.

The headline basically says it all.

One couple of Trump supporters (who are minorities, by the way), had one of their neighbors put a Nazi flag in their porch, take a picture, and make it viral.

Now the homeowners are receiving death threats.


As the Mayor of Miami ends the “sanctuary” status of his city.

Flushing The Swamp:

Entire senior staff of the State Department just resigned.

Considering this is the crew that lost $6 Billion, I’m not disappointed at all.

Bring up the march for life occurring this Friday, and ask the reporter if he’s going to be as obsessed with that one.

And went and met with Assad.

He’s got links to 56 “partners” of the march.

While I’ve heard plenty of friends on the left say it was about love and acceptance, they were perfectly supportive of leaders and spokespeople of the march who discussed violence and have ties to Hamas and other terrorists.

And besides the violence, we now know that “they go low, we go high” means dressing up in genitalia customs and shouting vulgarity.

Or something.

Thugs who are too stupid to even hit the right target.


Katrina happened, and Bush rushed to deal with it, and took a lot of heat for his failures.

Louisiana flooded, and Obama continued his vacation, and the media let him slide on it.

Georgia got hit with a snowstorm, and Obama did nothing. Trump became president shortly after, Georgia got hit with another storm, and Trump offered help.

Despite a hold that Congress had placed on the money.

Go for it!

Awesome. Reversing Obama’s policy of slow walking his disapproval so as to cause as much damage to the companies as possible.

This will have a phenomenal impact on the economy – and it’s much more friendly to the environment than the trains that get used instead.