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Bad Advice Online

Any advice that tells you not to fight back in a dangerous situation.

The fact is,┬áif you’re getting mugged, you don’t know what the full intentions of the mugger are. Going along with the intentions of the criminal are as crazy as the first two planes’ citizenry were with going along with the hijackers on 9/11. Oh, and other crimes were the popular narrative is “don’t fight back” have that narrative completely wrong, as well.


Awesome. This is the real step to lower cost to orbit.

It’s what one startup is going for.

Islamophobia and people paying more attention to conservatives.

Terrorists and killers have never been the real enemy of leftists.


Awesome, it should have been all along, especially after it was found by Obama’s EPA to be environmentally more friendly than the current situation.

There used to be 120,000 of them, now there’s just 18.

And we should keep mentioning this, over and over again every time the U.N. brings up Israel.

First they tried to pepper spray Trump supporters and got pummeled for it, and then they got arrested and face felony charges.

I wonder at what point self awareness will develop and they’ll learn that their political violence is the fascism they’re so concerned about?

Clothes that fit.

Why don’t they have a whole backlog of bills, ready to go?

Back in 2015, and a replica of that bill is just sitting in committee.

It’s not moving forward with bills like this that makes the GOP look incompetent.

Nice! Maybe we’ll finally get supersonic air travel.


Gee, who would have thought?

It’s all about which side is doing the censorship.

And about a hundred times less efficient than electric lights.

So once again the left does things exactly opposite to their stated intention.

O’Keefe’s latest video.

You’re only a criminal if you break laws that the left likes.

How he feels Trump intends the order based on Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

That sounds like quite the strong legal argument, there.

That’s hilarious.