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And watching them oppose it.


And claims she has native American ancestry.

That the left considers it “unexpectedly timely”¬†reveals just how paranoid so many of them are.

It’s basically a story about the worst fears that the most insulated, deepest bubble of leftist thought has about social conservatives, and is laughable if you’ve ever met a Republican. And everyone who thinks Trump’s (or Bush’s) America was trying to steer to anything like that is doing the usual lefty conflation of not wanting to fund something with wanting to ban it.

Of course the Democrat party is helping plan the protests. And just like during the election, do you really think they’re not encouraging the violence they want to see here?

They don’t. Just like the toxic waste dump they left behind at the pipeline protest.


We are not the enemy of the American people


Most honest thing that could happen at #WHCD is for the national press to apologize to Hillary and her voters for their disdainful coverage

Witness the press refusing to understand that the disservice they’re doing us all is refusing to hold one side of the political spectrum accountable for anything.

That’s because the orthodoxy of the Left’s religion demands that all other viewpoints be seen as bigotry.

This poll is only a surprise to all Democrats, who view themselves as tolerant and enlightened.

They’ve got the worst schools in the country, but they get more money per student than the national average. So it’s a perfect opportunity to give school choice a chance.

And delete all the data under that program. Awesome!

Beautiful. I’m still not tired of watching these fireworks.

I approve. Making teens sex-offender felons for sexting each other is pretty absurd.

Describing breastfeeding as natural is transphobic because it reinforces gender roles.

More brilliance from the social justice community.

That’s a pretty good start.

Simple: forfeited assets of drug lords go to pay for border security.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.


That’s because they don’t understand that what the right values is freedom and liberty for everyone to pursue their own lifestyle, without forcing those choices on others. That’s why we will simultaneously defend Christian bakers from having to serve customers they don’t wish to.

The latest in SJW thought leadership. You’re only allowed to have a preference in the gender that someone says they are, you bigot.

Having an actual scientist oppose his viewpoint on CNN.

The Armenian Genocide.


Meanwhile, women in Saudi Arabia are being herded with metal pipes, sold like slaves, and forced to return as they flee seeking asylum.