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Also, where is the Feminist outrage?


They’re adults. They lie about their age to get in to the country, and the media constantly lies about their age to try and make the Muslim-linked violence seem like just teenage growing pains.

Oh, and the cops ignored the reporting by the Trump supporters.

So of course Jill Stein and various other Democrats and media are reporting him as right wing, and Portland’s Democrat mayor thinks the Trump supporters need to have their free speech curtailed.

Also, Keith Ellison is blaming the current healthcare situation on this, utterly forgetful that the current healthcare situation is Obamacare, enacted by his party with zero Republican votes.

What if the U.S. quits climate deal? Doesn’t look good for Earth.

Ridiculous and dishonest. Even if we assumed that climate science was as settled as the Earth being the center of the universe was a few hundred years ago, this headline and article makes the exact same conflation of specific scientific theories with specific public policy positions.


Nothing, he keeps others up at night.

They launched an airstrike against a Libyan terrorist camp in retaliation for 29 Copts killed.

And Israel put the Egyptian flag on display in solidarity.

I feel like this is the first time one of the Arab states has actually shown any sign of caring about the slaughter against Christians occurring within their region. I wonder if it has anything to do with Trump’s recent speech in Saudi Arabia?

Not to mention the Anthony Weiner charges.

There’s no plans for how they’re going to pay for it, and the price tag is bigger than their existing budget.

It’s blind ideology over reality.

And how the media chooses to cover them.

Just funnel massive amounts of weapons to Al Qaeda associates, right?

Worse than useless.

They’re allowing one feminist to personally determine who gets blacklisted or not.

Because the language used in the sixties doesn’t meet today’s strict political correctness guidelines.

The fact that the judges keep on basing their decisions on Trump’s campaign speeches seems an especially dangerous precedent. I hope the supreme court strikes this down.

I don’t expect that to change anything, though.

One more step in the decline of our educational institutions.

You don’t say

Or at least, claims to.

The majority of drug trafficking felonies in Boston last year were from non-citizens. Which Boston goes out of the way to protect from the feds.

And I’m not shedding any tears. All the oil dictatorships are crumbling.

OPEC has been cutting production, and begging the U.S. to stop producing oil as well…they lost $76 billion last year, and there’s still an oil glut. Shale producers are drilling our way to prosperity, whatever Obama thought, and OPEC can’t affect the market anymore.