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They’re actually a leftist organization.


Global temperatures have cooled since he released “An Inconvenient Truth”.

But remember, vote fraud is just a figment of conservatives’ imagination.

The disaster of Obamacare continues to unfold.

And remember, at this point Republicans have done nothing to it, this is entirely Democrats’ making.

Looks like good old-fashioned schooling is still the way to go.

Talk about trying to bury history. The Molotov-Von Ribbontrop pact puts a fair amount of the blame on WWII on the Russians…and they also are the ones who taught the Nazis how to construct concentration camps.

Well, Democracy was nice while it lasted.

As San Domenico removes their statues to be more inclusive.

How recently was the left applauding the measures Venezuela was taking?

In summary: “We’re different”

I can think of a few other human rights maybe they’re different enough they shouldn’t have, either.

It turns out that CNN thinks that ordinary people are all white supremacists by default.

In other words, what we all knew: if you don’t declare your allegiance to the left you’re a racist in their eyes.

The lunacy of citizenship as a human right for criminal immigrants on full display.

Likely because he once worked with the Trump administration – although he also worked with the Obama administration.

Anyone in favor of censorship should think really hard about whether they’re happy with who gets to write the rules on who and what gets censored.

Moroccan woman gang-raped on public bus because her head wasn’t covered.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just said that people coming into Canada need to respect the law and follow immigration rules.

Wow, so hateful.


For the first time in decades. Fantastic.

And it was awesome. Anyhow, still catching up on things.