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3D print the sand mold used to cast it.


For about the cost of flying there using a commercial plane, too.

Elon Musk makes the future be what everyone always thought it would be.

Trump Lifts The Jones Act For Puerto Rico

Good. Maybe this will wedge the thing to disappear completely.

So the smear gets even further from the truth.

The safety violations they cite are occurring more often with the black cabs. It’s just that the black cabs are already paid up in graft with the city officials.

It’s a loser. If only someone who wasn’t a bigot could understand economics, right?

It turns out it’s been around for much, much longer.

A lot of people have a misguided notion that before industrialization the world/society was a much cleaner place. Not so much.

Or at least, his campaign was. And CNN ran headlines against Trump’s statement to that effect for months. And James Comey and James Clapper¬†and numerous others categorically denied that any of this happened – under oath. In other words, it wasn’t just journalists being targeted.

And it’s not just wiretapping. In the very same vein we learn that Samantha Power was unmasking political opponents left and right during the campaign. The Obama administration was laundering their 4th amendment violations committed for political advantage through national security.

This is a bigger scandal than Watergate, and yet like so many other Obama era scandals, it will basically be ignored. Who hacked the election? It was Democrats.

More taxpayer money being spent on things it shouldn’t be.

But remember, Vote Fraud is just a myth, so we shouldn’t be allowed to look for it.

Well, it’s clear that they don’t respect Federal laws, so they shouldn’t receive any Federal funding then, right?

Yet another killer they rallied behind.

Point out that she’s a 1%er.

A lot of her followers don’t seem to be able to grasp that.

Even though the media has been harping for months on conspiracy theories that haven’t produced any evidence. I think what they have trust in is that the media will continue to act as the main arm of the Democrat party.

Hmm, how many times did he campaign saying he wants Obamacare gone? And now he’s preserved it twice.

In coordination with Chuck Schumer’s office.

Disbanding the editorial board putting them out.

We can hope that that sticks.

Officials that are desperately in need of a good tar and feathering.