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He once stopped a mugger with a baseball bat while unarmed.

Still, guns are very different than baseball bats.


A judge just ruled that the GOP over-gerrymandered Pennsylvania when they redrew the latest map, robbing voters of their power. Fair enough, they certainly did. His solution: redraw the map in a way that gerrymanders in the opposite direction.

Of Norway.

Well, based on that statement, I’m shifting the group I call “nutjobs”.

This man has spent more than $1 million just trying to get approval to turn a laundromat he owns into an apartment building. And still they want to study if the laundromat is “historical”.

A bit of a rant that’s worth the read.

As in, the charges were just dropped for the statues they vandalized, at least in one instance.

There’s a case to be made for removing all these statues of old Democrats…but I don’t think there’s a case to be made for removing them via protesting mob.

It’s hard to tell.

The artist who just unveiled the Obama’s White House portraits is famous for painting pictures of blacks beheading whites.

Who’s come up with yet another set of reasons to justify not letting people make their own choices.

Coin flips.


And of course the biggest whammy is how they fired James Damore for having the temerity to point out any train of thought different from Google’s groupthinkthat all human demographics are exactly the same so any hiring differences must be due to racism, but a lack of diversity would be a critical flaw in a company because every human demographic is fundamentally different. Oh, and his memo also caused numerous female employees to stay home the next day, which seems to exactly prove his point. He is fighting back, in multiple ways, you can see the extensive list of complaints here – and the extent of the situation borders on the ridiculous – and of course the media completely misreported the situation.


Just the design of their advertising system itself is classically monopolistic and they threaten people who don’t use or promote their services.

Congratulations To SpaceX

On their fantastic launch of the Falcon Heavy. Still waiting to hear on the main booster and the drone ship, but that’s always the trickiest landing.