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The same number of hours are required for shampooing hair as for commercial piloting.


Maybe it’s a bit heavy handed, but a high percentage of those sorts of individuals require constant medication.

Guess what? Diabetics can’t serve in the military either.

They’re at war with reality.


The typical crony-capitalism that characterized so much of his presidency.

Yeah, that was obvious.

It’s not just Worldcon, and it’s not just conservatives being banned.


Done here, in a way that’s actually understandable.

It’s a mess, and the sort of thing that government officials should fear prison time for.

It wasn’t just the Rotherham gang, so vast they still don’t know its extent, protected for years by authorities under the sake of political correctness – there are smaller rape-gangs here and there, and other massive gangs they’re uncovering, such as the 1000 victim gang in Telford, or theĀ 200 victim gang in Keighley. Overall, child grooming cases are up 64% in Britain.

And they’re still protecting the rape gangs under the guise of political correctness. One 14-year old victim was charged with “racial abuse” after leveling accusations. Posters that even mention the Muslim rape gangs are considered “Islamophobic”. A British MP who wrote an editorial discussing the problem was forced to resign. The British Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is denying 14-year old victims any compensation, claiming they consented.

Oh, and they’re releasing at least one of the rapists 17 years early.

In fact, they actively try and create traffic jams.

And yet I bet the majority of the population will continue to vote those leaders into office.

They almost entirely stem from inflated costs due to union contracts – double what Europe and Asia pay.

The FCC wouldn’t allow AT&T to use the spectrum when it wanted to create the idea in 1947. They didn’t think it was a useful enough idea.

The projected cost is now $77 billion, or $201 million per mile.

A personal account of one survivor worth reading.

He jumped in on the last day of registration in a district that was otherwise unopposed.

He sounds like the type of character that everyone should denounce.

We’re spending incredible amounts of money subsidizing education that will have incredibly poor return on investment.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether you’re watching political videos, or other topics – the recommendation algorithm steers towards conspiracy theories and fringe viewpoints.

If the premise were at all true, fatherless children would turn out better, not worse.

Is PC Over?

I certainly hope so.