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To pro-life senators.

Yeah, I’ll bet. And I bet she also wishes the charges would be dropped.

If that’s not a Logan Act violation, what is?

We’re now learning the sordid details.

Hating different groups doesn’t make you not a hater. And the KKK hates Jews too.


It was cowardice. He has nothing, and he refuses to say the president has committed any crimes – because he’s found nothing – and yet he keeps on flipping the standard of our society on it’s head about the presumption of innocence, saying that doesn’t mean the president is innocent either. And he’s using legalese to try and falsely claim he wasn’t allowed to make a call.

Finally, the sort of press conference he called yesterday is something that prosecutors are explicitly barred from doing.

Interesting. And another narrative debunked.


If you don’t like their ethics…well, they have others.

First of all, they’re not socialist, they’re high-welfare. And secondly, Sweden is destroying itself through it’s welfare state.

And this is why Americans are losing faith in the integrity of our government.

It sounds like they’re in a pretty good place, and hope to be commercial in the 2020s.

They’re using numbers from a time when antibiotics were barely known or used.

The opening was pretty slimy, he keeps on saying “well, I don’t have any evidence that Trump committed a crime, but I can’t prove he didn’t…“. Just like Kavanaugh, and everyone else Democrats are accusing, it’s guilty until proven innocent, and they insist their opponents prove a negative.

Overall though, his statement seems to be directed at the Democrats in Congress: stop subpoenaing for the same information over and over again. It’s there in the report.

We should call it such.

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are both claiming Trump is engaged in a “cover-up”…by declassifying documents. Amazing.

According to them, government transparency is “un-American”. And of course, to everyone on the left and in the bureaucracy, this sort of information, released legally, is going to make us “less safe”even though they’ve been leaking information left and right about everything the investigation did find, and demanding everything else about the investigation be opened up without any censorship at all. And now they’re colluding and obstructing Barr in exactly the same way or worse that they say is what Trump supposedly did that was so criminal. Of course, we know that they were the colluders the entire time.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see some accountability.

A Chicago High School is reprinting their yearbook, even though the whole thing is a 4-chan hoax.

She misunderstood a key legal term for her latest Feminist book.

Of course we know the answer.

Anything to malign Trump.