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Only 27% of the population actually thinks their proposals are good… But Democrats are in such a bubble that they’re just doubling down.

Well, as long as they don’t somehow win despite that…

Even though some of the women think that.

Do the same thing that caused the water problem in the first place!

I think the 2nd Amendment photo says it all best.

Obamacare is awful.

They just want us all to forget that it was entirely their idea and system.

Well, that clarifies the position of Turkey.

It’s been pretty apparent for a while that Turkey isn’t on our side.

By having a whole bunch of rich people fly private jets to their event.

They care so much.

Remember the fight a while back the media had over whether Trump or Puerto Rico was mismanaging hurricane relief – relief which still sits on tarmacs, by the way?

Well, now it’s pretty apparent that Puerto Rico’s government was indeed deeply corrupt.

Great! That is exactly what the world needs to provide cheap and clean energy. It would probably do more for the environment and for lifting people out of poverty than anything else we could do. Hopefully LFTRs are on his radar.

Their reasons for being down on the economy to try and bash Trump and destroy companies like Uber and Lyft that interfere with their cartels simply aren’t true.

They’re considering a bill that will cost their economy $50 Billion a year, and only globally save the world from as much emissions as China emits every 2 days.



Michael Yon predicts so.

Apart from Facebook, his website is here.

Interesting. The private space industry race is heating up.

Like always, they think that people on their side should get a pass.

Well, Ted Kennedy went home to bed and let Mary Jo Kopechne to slowly die over the course of 3 hours, and they didn’t mind in the slightest.

As analysis of cloud cover over the past century shows a strong correlation to the temperature changes that the environmentalist crowd tries to claim is from global warming.

And his answers are laughably bad for Democrats.

Another narrative of the black lives matter group shot down.

Despite facing censorship from Google, Twitter, and numerous theaters, along with threats of violence from the left in many places it was shown, Unplanned did amazingly well in theaters. And Gosnell did pretty well also. The media won’t report on this or things like the size of the March for Life in D.C., but it seems like conservatives (and especially the pro-life movement) may be quietly catching up in the war for American culture.

Actually check if the person is eligible instead of automatically enrolling them. And Democrats are complaining that this is going to take benefits away from people.

Yes, it will take benefits away from people who don’t qualify for those benefits in the first place.