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I’ve spent the past several weeks on vacation hiking through Utah’s parks, and a couple of things really became apparent:

  • You have to be incredibly, dangerously living in an academic bubble to come up with or support the idea of overpopulation. Before you even get to the west, western Massachusetts and upstate New York are nowhere near overcrowded. And the American West is truly empty and open.
  • The open spaces of the West are really a damning testimony to everyone of any culture that was unable to live in peace with any of the other cultures around. Seriously, how could people not tolerate living in peace with a different culture, way over there over that next mountain range?

The only Democrat who’s willing to speak about being constrained by the constitution is Joe Biden of all people.

Lefties (and others) keep on making the mistake of thinking that other cultures operate on the same values and logic system that Western cultures do.

Beto O’Rourke thinks that Americans would voluntarily comply with a gun buyback program.

“Live birth abortions”.

This sort of thing was something Obama voted for as a State Senator, and is the sort of thing almost all of the Democrat candidates have expressed support for.

Now we know who the buyers and sellers were. They were shipping around baby heads and still beating hearts. Absolutely atrocious.

And this is all coming to light because Kamala Harris, on behalf of Loretta Lynch, went after the people who filmed the undercover videos under “eavesdropping” charges.

Yes. Also, if you’re not considering fracking + carbon capture or nuclear energy as solutions to climate change, you’re not serious about the environment.

But the jobs!

Remember, 9/11 was not just another Pearl Harbor, it was also another Doolittle Raid.

Worth reading.

Airplanes took aim…

That’s only half a step away from “some people did something”. And it shows the intellectual feebleness of the NY Times for being unable to even say “Jihadi”.

So yes, there was fraud.

The conservative justices vote according to the merits of the case.

As they call a black man who’s rehabilitated KKK members a “White Supremacist”.

This sort of focus is why the American people have lost all trust in the media.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders points pout that she’s the first female and mother press secretary and yet isn’t celebrated by feminists.

Great to hear.

And they can’t explain where it came from.

Gee, if only we were giving them millions of dollars, I’m sure the problem would be solved.

And it’s ridiculous security theatre.

Two vans packed with about 1600 gallons of gas total have been found…