Several reports have come out recently of people wishing to try to convert back, and of high suicide counts and the possible dangers of the conversion drugs.

Here’s my take on transgenderism:

We used to treat everyone with any sort of gender identity as purely suffering from a mental condition. And, by the way, there were a whole bunch of suicides. Now it’s en vogue (and politically incorrect to even discuss anything else) to treat it as a purely physical condition that should be addressed by purely physical means. But the clear truth is that psychology is very complicated and there are an endless variety of psychological conditions and delusions that someone can have, and biology is also very complicated and there are a variety physical conditions someone can have. It is past time for us to stop trying to force everyone with a gender identity issue into one bucket or the other. Someone who claims they are not the gender assigned to them at birth could be suffering from a medical rarity such as chimerism, or they could have a psychological condition (or both!), and that person’s situation should not be treated as cookie-cutter identical to someone else who presents the same basic symptom. To truly help an individual both their biological and psychological situation needs to be evaluated and addressed.