A think a whole bunch of people on the left are getting mugged by reality these last few months.

As much as they probably all hate Trump, I think around the country people are realizing that the President’s fundamental ideas at Mount Rushmore, of an ideological war between the far left – represented by cancel culture, woke politics, #BlackLivesMatter, and Antifa – and the rest of us is true. The only choice is to ally with the right or be devoured by the radicals.

And this election is rapidly becoming about a fundamental divide between freedom and tyranny.

What I’ve heard from many women I’ve spoken to that this election for them is not about Trump. It’s about the principles, the right to practice your religion… That you don’t have those rights at the moment. In California you’re not allowed to sing in church. That if you believe in freedom of speech, you’re not allowed to speak out these days. You’re a racist and a bigot if you vote for Trump. You’re a racist and bigot if you say anything that goes against the grain… There’s a real sense among many people in this country that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, these things are at risk right now.

Lara Logan