When numerous Democrats – including the ones now heading up impeachment efforts – objected to Trump’s electoral college being certified, and there were violent riots in D.C., but the feds decided to drop all charges rather than put the participants on a no-fly list.

I can remember when a group of radicals seized several blocks in Portland and declared it an “autonomous zone” from the USA…but weren’t charged with insurrection or sedition. And Democrats – including Kamala Harrisand celebrities called for more violence, they received money from the CEO of Twitter.

I remember when the Women’s March entirely seized the Hart Senate building in 2018, and when Antifa tried to burn down the White House this past summer – and burnt down a fair amount of the rest of D.C., and any response was turning the city into an “oppressive militarized zone”, and the FBI didn’t take them at all seriously.

I remember when Democrats blocked a resolution just a few months ago to condemn mob justice.

I remember when climate activists took over Nancy Pelosi’s office and Nancy Pelosi said that she welcomed their presence and urged capitol police to “allow people to participate in Democracy”.

I also remember when Nancy Pelosi called for “uprisings” against the Trump administration.