At this point I’m not only “vaccine hesitant”, but I’m against taking the vaccine at all, precisely because it’s being pushed so hard, and has been politicized so much. Here’s what would it would take for me to even think about changing my mind:

  • For society to stop flirting with the ideas of mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports
  • For the people pushing for vaccines to acknowledge – as scientific papers have already shown – that the risk of asymptomatic transmission is quite low. The vast majority of transmission is symptomatic.
  • For the people pushing the vaccines to start being honest with the actual risks of Wuhan Coronavirus that I face: I’m not elderly, and I’m not obese. My risks are low.
  • For the people pushing the vaccines to start being honest about the risks of me transmitting to anyone at risk when I’m not symptomatic: I rarely interact with anyone at risk, and the few higher risk individuals I ever do interact with have been vaccinated – and good for them.
  • For the people pushing the vaccines to acknowledge that naturally developed antibodies also give resistance to Wuhan Coronavirus, and stop trying to push vaccines on people who have already developed that resistance naturally. And stop pushing them on children, you lunatics!

In short, start being honest, start being scientific, and stop being religious.