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Amazing what unblocking years of Democrat obstruction achieves!


Who’s come up with yet another set of reasons to justify not letting people make their own choices.

The true minimum wage is always zero, surprise surprise.

Amazing. But given that Obama’s stated goals were to punish the market “in the interest of fairness”, and to make energy rates “necessarily skyrocket”, it’s not surprising that the economy takes off when those hindrances are removed.

It’s a loser. If only someone who wasn’t a bigot could understand economics, right?

The disaster of Obamacare continues to unfold.

And remember, at this point Republicans have done nothing to it, this is entirely Democrats’ making.

How recently was the left applauding the measures Venezuela was taking?

And how it’s being used to limit competition.

Well, it looks like people would rather not work when given a universal income.

If only someone who wasn’t a racist could have predicted that…

One of the richest states, and yet the blue model of government is still driving them to bankruptcy.

And I’m not shedding any tears. All the oil dictatorships are crumbling.

OPEC has been cutting production, and begging the U.S. to stop producing oil as well…they lost $76 billion last year, and there’s still an oil glut. Shale producers are drilling our way to prosperity, whatever Obama thought, and OPEC can’t affect the market anymore.

Bjorn Lomborg gives some perspective to the numbers.

Bjorn Lomborg points out the problems with Biomass subsidies.

Venezuala’s Maduro tries to ameliorate the situation by raising the minimum wage.

The true minimum wage is always $0. And when you mess up the economy as badly as his group of socialists have, the currency is also worth $0.

Socialists never learn from their failures.

And he lost big.

150% of nothing is still nothing. You can’t legislate economics.

A $15 minimum wage will be devastating.

The true minimum wage is always $0