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In their latest comic.

If being “verified” was just that Twitter had actually verified who you were, they wouldn’t have un-verified so many conservatives.


They shut down one of the main advocates for one side of the vote hours before the election.


They think it could have been a solid oxygen block, or someone sabotaging them, although they think the latter is unlikely.

The Eyeglass Monopoly

I didn’t realize this was a thing. Fascinating. One company, Luxottica, owns the majority of eyeglass brands, eye-care stores, and vision insurance – and uses that power to control the market.


EPA Goes After Harley Davidson

One more right leaning company that the Obama administration doesn’t seem to like.

They don’t want her crimes exposed.

Isn’t covering up crimes considered evil?

Facebook’s Fascist Employees

Looking to try and manipulate their audience to swing the election.

In not-smooth seas, no less.

Very interesting.

Just a few recent examples. As always, they indulge in hate as long as it’s going in the direction they like.

Palestinian hatred isn’t tolerated, but hatred against Jews is.

So it was all a lie to continue to suck at the taxpayer teat.

They’re still lawful.

Don’t expect the cartels to stop fighting dirty for their outdated racket business model, though.

Lyft and Hertz have joined forces to let Lyft drivers rent Hertz cars for their pickups. Neat.

Oh look, somehow they just managed to sell China 300 planes, without their taxpayer teat.

It’s a lie, the jobs they’re threatening to offshore don’t even exist. They’re just angry to lose their teat of taxpayer money.

They’ve been obscuring evidence for years that the song, “Happy Birthday” actually is in the public domain.

The organization was founded by Margaret Sanger for explicitly racist population control reasons, and the organization specifically targets the black community as a customer base.