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They don’t like people pointing out the atrocities of the left’s favorite ideologies.


And delete all the data under that program. Awesome!


Yeah, did you actually think the Obama administration want a fan of domestic spying?

According to a new book, he and other Russian generals feel that there must be someone in control of the internet. They can’t understand the self-organizing aspect of it, and are trying to get at the topmost control they feel must be there.


I note that they charge a flat fee rather than try to deal with the insurance companies – companies which are the reason health care costs keep on climbing.

They just voted themselves 300 pages of regulatory power that they didn’t let anyone see beforehand over the internet,┬áto supposedly solve a problem that everyone admits hasn’t even happened. The push for internet control come directly from the top, from a president who once claimed that it’s irresponsible for the FCC to vote on regulations they haven’t made public.

A lot of people on the left are foolishly celebrating what they think will solve these imaginary problems with the internet. If the regulations had been developed with any sort of transparency, maybe there’s a chance there would be something worth celebrating.

An interesting article. Essentially, easily available computing makes detection techniques besides just listening for them much more possible.

I saw this article over at Wired, discussing how certain technology people, such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, are worried about AI.

As a computer scientist who’s done a fair amount of work on machine learning, I can understand where those fears come from, but they’re misplaced. Here’s a few reasons why: Continue reading

North Korea is being DDOS’ed.

That’s a good thing, since the only thing the internet of that country is used for is crimes perpetrated by the North Korean government.

Interception will simply become a standard component.

Political flacks.

Men are already harassed more online than women, and now Twitter is discriminating further against men.

Portal 2 – an awesome game, by the way – has been shown to improve your brain more than Lumosity.

Pretty cool.

Facebook conducted likely illegal mass experiment to see if they could induce emotions across their users.

While DarkMarket is really only being used for illicit behavior, the fact that they’ve managed to construct an entire peer-2-peer market that’s secure, anonymous, and outside of government control is fascinating.

And kept silent about it for two years.

Rather than help patch it and make the world a safer place for everyone, they chose just to exploit it.

And post pictures of them.