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Congratulations To SpaceX

On their fantastic launch of the Falcon Heavy. Still waiting to hear on the main booster and the drone ship, but that’s always the trickiest landing.


For about the cost of flying there using a commercial plane, too.

Elon Musk makes the future be what everyone always thought it would be.

Nice! Maybe we’ll finally get supersonic air travel.

They’re ranked 3rd for personal freedom, and have the startup capital of the world, Wellington.

Very neat.



Where the laws are a bit more flexible for it.



And they’re planning on re-launching one of their earlier landed stages pretty soon in the near future, as well.

And lands 3 in a row. Nice.

Now they need to start launching the first stages they’ve already landed.

Check out some of it here.

This is pretty awesome.

Congrats To SpaceX!

On their second rocket barge landing.

The Life-Saving F-16

Need medical equipment delivered fast?

Basically, the quantization of wavelength values causes the seeming violation of conservation of momentum. So maybe this propellent-less space drive thing is real after all!

Pretty awesome. And they’re already up to 115,000 orders.

Lockheed just signed a contract to produce a dozen of them as cargo haulers.

Very neat.

Launched by SpaceX. Awesome.