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It must be nice not to have the law apply equally to you…

No wonder Detroit is so broke: they’re only now considering a law to strip pensions from officials who commit felonies.


Honestly, gerrymandering is a bipartisan problem. There are several solutions, but again and again we learn that we can’t trust the politicians to pick the voters.

In other words, actual evidence of a foreign party buying a candidate, and Democrats were defending the situation.

As inadvertently reported by the New York Times.



How much of the vote was genuine is questionable, but the result is that Erdogan, who was banned from holding office 15 years ago, can now pass law without parliament in many cases.

And what has Erdogan been saying about the rest of the world recently?

A whole bunch of false Venezuelan passports were issued to Syrian refugees by a corrupt official.

O’Keefe’s latest video.


Punishing whistleblowers in Germany.


If it was really about charity work, wouldn’t they have continued it?

Cronyism of the highest order.

Democrats in Chicago acting as the “Republican” judge to make sure everything was fair.

Ones perpetrated against Republicans.

The Clinton’s Current Dilemma:

What to do with the Clinton Foundation to try and maintain the illusion that it wasn’t about influence peddling the whole time?

D.C. firm complaining that all the Clinton-connections they had hired were now useless.

There’s quite a few.