Category: Corruption

Nothing suspicious there, not at all.


Selling his life story to his own charity for half a million dollars.

But the FBI isn’t going to prosecute any charges against them.


In all of the videos, the officials being recorded infer that their attitudes and actions aren’t uncommon.

Oh, and he’s pretty much elected himself dictator for life, as well.

That glitch is that it would implicate the people who are still embedded in various departments at the DOJ.

The IRS was directed to make it financially ruinous for tea party groups.

And really looks to be just as deep in it.

Remember, democrats insist that vote fraud is a myth.

They both have significant ties to the whole Whitey Bulger situation, which included not only the FBI office protecting Whitey Bulger while he committed his crimes, but also leaving 4 people to rot in prison under convictions which were known to be false for decades.

You have to wonder if this is just so they can cynically exploit the crisis?

170 in the 12th precinct are over 116 years old!

Corrupt unions? Who would have thought!?!

They had him plea to loan fraud, gave him blanket immunity to all other charges, and are conveniently burying the servers and all the other evidence of security leaks and everything else related to the entire affair.

This is pretty ridiculous.

And it gets even worsethis guy has had a serious hand in pretty much every scandal investigation that’s been suppressed in the past few years.

Just more of the corruption that is the Clinton Democratic political machine.

It’s for illegal immigrants.

Shady at best.

16 pages that the FBI denied even existed.

Discovered in California.