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You have to wonder if this is just so they can cynically exploit the crisis?


170 in the 12th precinct are over 116 years old!

Corrupt unions? Who would have thought!?!

They had him plea to loan fraud, gave him blanket immunity to all other charges, and are conveniently burying the servers and all the other evidence of security leaks and everything else related to the entire affair.

This is pretty ridiculous.

And it gets even worsethis guy has had a serious hand in pretty much every scandal investigation that’s been suppressed in the past few years.

Just more of the corruption that is the Clinton Democratic political machine.

It’s for illegal immigrants.

Shady at best.

16 pages that the FBI denied even existed.

Discovered in California.

He’s now going after Manafort for something in 2013 he was also doing.

Oh, and his chief witness against Trump is a convicted pedophile.

The typical crony-capitalism that characterized so much of his presidency.

Done here, in a way that’s actually understandable.

It’s a mess, and the sort of thing that government officials should fear prison time for.

A judge just ruled that the GOP over-gerrymandered Pennsylvania when they redrew the latest map, robbing voters of their power. Fair enough, they certainly did. His solution: redraw the map in a way that gerrymanders in the opposite direction.

The Illegal Immigrants are considered a critical component of future electoral success.

When the vote doesn’t go your way you have to dissolve the electorate and create a new one.

Amazing how so many people who might have dirt on them just mysteriously die, isn’t it?

Look for the media to remain completely silent.

By 312 ballots after numerous recounts, in an election when at least 1000 felons voted.

Do you think we’d be hearing this all over the news if California voted Republican?

It was all based upon a junk dossier created by Obama ex-Administration members based on a meeting they themselves set up with funding from the Hillary campaign and the DNC, reimbursed and supported by Comey, and that they’re willing to perjure themselves over to maintain the narrative. Hillary Clinton certainly knew about it, even before the election. CNN also has several ties to Fusion GPS (the firm behind the dossier), and the Obama administration also had funneled money to them.

Meanwhile, the entire investigation is being run by Mueller and Rosenstein, who, along with Holder and Comey, were the main FBI agents involved in suppressing the Hillary Clinton/Uranium One scandal – which now seems to have involved more of the Obama administration, as well. Oh, and Comey had his letter absolving Clinton for her emails ready to go months before he read it. And by suppressing, that includes going as far threatening the FBI informant who was going to tell Congress about the whole thing. In fact, Trump stepped in to personally un-suppress that testimony.

Essentially at this point the entire Justice Department is looking suspect. Mueller needs to resign, and we need a special prosecutor for all of this. The FEC is stepping in to do some investigation,