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Massive amounts of their criminal population, especially for sex crimes, are illegal immigrants.


They’re far higher than the proportion of illegal aliens living in the general population.

One of them even provided the Feds with information on a suspect who was wanted for domestic assault, strangling, and kidnapping.

So that’s the kind of character the left is upset that ICE is rounding up.

They were guilty.

And yet still no one is being punished, except the American taxpayer who has to foot the bill.

But his investigation is already way off the rails.

Or at least, his campaign was. And CNN ran headlines against Trump’s statement to that effect for months. And James Comey and James Clapper and numerous others categorically denied that any of this happened – under oath. In other words, it wasn’t just journalists being targeted.

And it’s not just wiretapping. In the very same vein we learn that Samantha Power was unmasking political opponents left and right during the campaign. The Obama administration was laundering their 4th amendment violations committed for political advantage through national security.

This is a bigger scandal than Watergate, and yet like so many other Obama era scandals, it will basically be ignored. Who hacked the election? It was Democrats.

But remember, Vote Fraud is just a myth, so we shouldn’t be allowed to look for it.


It just keeps on happening…

With more than 400 individuals arrested.

But there’s no such thing as voter fraud, right?

The killer was an illegal immigrant who is a member of MS-13. I guess the left will have to continue to search for their perfect hate crime to pin on the right.

Or at least, claims to.

The majority of drug trafficking felonies in Boston last year were from non-citizens. Which Boston goes out of the way to protect from the feds.

It was already suspicious that the person Julian Assange identified as the DNC leaker was shot in the back without anyone taking anything from him, in an “attempted robbery”. Now others have confirmed that he was the leaker, and we also know that the police body cam footage has gone missing, and Jon Podesta called for making an example of the leaker.

The only reason the suspect hasn’t been deported was that the lawyers for his previous crimes colluded to skirt all of the things that would have triggered his deportation.

And went and met with Assad.

Thugs who are too stupid to even hit the right target.

Police Let School Shooter Walk:

Because he was shooting a “white supremacist” supporter of Milo Yiannopolis…who was actually a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Yup. Oh, and Facebook doesn’t think the video violates their community standards.