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They launched an airstrike against a Libyan terrorist camp in retaliation for 29 Copts killed.

And Israel put the Egyptian flag on display in solidarity.

I feel like this is the first time one of the Arab states has actually shown any sign of caring about the slaughter against Christians occurring within their region. I wonder if it has anything to do with Trump’s recent speech in Saudi Arabia?

Just funnel massive amounts of weapons to Al Qaeda associates, right?

Worse than useless.

This one in India.

A Palestinian terrorist who killed six.

Preached at mosques.

Slaves are captured through jihad, but the owner can’t have sex with the women once they’ve been married off.

Well, that’s an important distinction.

The burkas get thrown to the ground.

I wonder how the women of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and such feel?

I’m glad that there seems to be at least a little bit of dialogue.

Given the left’s obsession with finding cases of Islamophobia around the world, I don’t expect this to be covered much in Western media, unfortunately.


Meanwhile, women in Saudi Arabia are being herded with metal pipes, sold like slaves, and forced to return as they flee seeking asylum.

Unbelievable. This is the horrors of a world where people think that all cultures have equally valid values across the board.



In a closed off stadium where no one can see them.

Holding Islamic prayers there this Friday is part of it.


There used to be 120,000 of them, now there’s just 18.

And we should keep mentioning this, over and over again every time the U.N. brings up Israel.

Hamas Now Teaming Up With ISIS

Not really a surpriseNot really a surprise.


22 people with terrorist ties spoke at one event, while just a short while later (at a different event) Elizabeth Warren spoke at the same mosque to basically autre the audience that democrats would help them oppose the right.

All fine according to the Quran.