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It wasn’t just the Rotherham gang, so vast they still don’t know its extent, protected for years by authorities under the sake of political correctness – there are smaller rape-gangs here and there, and other massive gangs they’re uncovering, such as the 1000 victim gang in Telford, or theĀ 200 victim gang in Keighley. Overall, child grooming cases are up 64% in Britain.

And they’re still protecting the rape gangs under the guise of political correctness. One 14-year old victim was charged with “racial abuse” after leveling accusations. Posters that even mention the Muslim rape gangs are considered “Islamophobic”. A British MP who wrote an editorial discussing the problem was forced to resign. The British Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is denying 14-year old victims any compensation, claiming they consented.

Oh, and they’re releasing at least one of the rapists 17 years early.

Not a surprise.

Free speech falls to multiculturalism.

This wasn’t just another case of sharia law in some middle eastern country.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody.

Yet another killer they rallied behind.

So now anything that’s un-Islamic apparently can’t be celebrated in Malaysia.

The lunacy of citizenship as a human right for criminal immigrants on full display.

Moroccan woman gang-raped on public bus because her head wasn’t covered.

With power washers.

Jews are being told they’re not allowed to pray anywhere in the country.

Beer drinking with no head covering.

Britain educating on how to treat acid attacks.

But of course calling out any culture that might be responsible for the new wave of acid attacks would be racist.

There’s a special class of jobs reserved for non-muslims: sewer cleaners for life.

Shawan Jabarin.

Because they can’t provide enough security for the jihadi threat.

Because he was one of their citizens and they didn’t protect him from U.S. capture.

From a mosque that was basically encouraging an honor killing.

As they still refuse to name the killer’s motives, and are trying to find other excuses.

He was a gay Muslim democrat who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and they tried to blame conservatives, Christians, and guns for the whole thing.