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It sure sounds like it.


They can’t use the endangered species act when there aren’t endangered species there to protect.

Because a judge actually paid attention to the commerce clause of the constitution, and realized that it doesn’t give Congress authority to pass criminal law in that manner.

Why is this the only time judges are taking the federalist view of the law they should have had all along? Or if it’s a judge who’s had a road-to-Damascus moment, we should be bringing up as many court cases about overreaching laws as possible in his court.

Officially becoming a sanctuary state.

It’s amazing how the left wants laws to control every aspect of our lives, and yet doesn’t want the law to actually be respected.

Trump Lifts The Jones Act For Puerto Rico

Good. Maybe this will wedge the thing to disappear completely.

Well, it’s clear that they don’t respect Federal laws, so they shouldn’t receive any Federal funding then, right?

Grant money is now mandatory, apparently.

The sense of entitlement is palpable.

Good, and barely enough. Public officials are all too rarely held to the standards we expect them to follow.


They’re debating the first amendment, and all the media organizations claiming it’s about gay marriage are lying.

The fact that the judges keep on basing their decisions on Trump’s campaign speeches seems an especially dangerous precedent. I hope the supreme court strikes this down.

If Harvard can ignore immigration laws, why shouldn’t other colleges ignore, say, Title IX?

One has to suspect this is more about domestic gun control than the sort of foreign policy interests the State Department is supposed to care about.

Its a stupid decision about a stupid law.

If denial is a prosecutorial fraud, so is exaggeration.

A decision that those same groups want reversed.

It’s almost like they think they should be above the rest of us.

That’s going to be a court case.

That’s awesome, I didn’t know that.

Taking away a passport because of overdue taxes is a human rights violation.

And the U.S. policy on grabbing taxes from U.S. citizens who live overseas is pretty absurd too.

And it’s worrying students – as it should.

Just remember that the very people passing laws requiring that you get consent from your partner signed in triplicate are the ones who are always claiming they want politicians out of the bedroom. So now you know that they really don’t.