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As a privilege.

I already knew that.


Well, Democracy was nice while it lasted.

Good for them.

Good. That’s an important step towards protecting liberty that only a few other states have undertaken.

I’m not sure where I fall on this one…

I think that at a certain point the state is entitled to ask you to give up secrets, but it does have to be at the end of a full court process, so I think I’m with the state on this one.

Please answer: Why you need to explain your rights to the police chief.

Most states let the cops take your property, even if you didn’t commit a crime.

Another year, and we’re further back.

To protest a universal background check law. Good.

Of course they are. That’s always the rationale.

Norway just repealed their blasphemy law in the light of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

As the Jews were being killed in Paris…were the Jews asking for it? Did they “bait” the jihadis? Were they “provoking” them?…This is a war…Now, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, and after the Garland attack, what are we going to do? Are we going to surrender to these monsters?

And she points out that if the media were willing to run the 2005 cartoons en masse, the jihadis would be forced to give up their censorship attempts.

Meanwhile, the Imams calling for her death and explaining that her speech is provoking Muslims to violence exactly make Pamela’s point for her.

Unlike what the NY Times and Gary Trudeau keep on claiming, there is none. All speech is hateful to somebody, and the moment you take the cowardly position of blaming Pamela Geller for what happened (such as Juan Williams did) is the moment when you think that Trudeau, the staff of the NY Times, and anyone else who ever offends someone should be attacked, just like Geller’s event was. It’s all the same, and discussing restricting speech even a little bit is simply a totalitarian idea to introduce a tool to restrict political opponents’ speech – that much of the left is growing increasingly fond of.

Surprisingly, there are still some journalists who get this.

The Patriot Act section authorizing bulk data collection expires May 31st. It should not be re-authorized.

A Victory For Freedom In Wisconsin

Right to work passes. You can’t be forced to join a union if you don’t want to.

As Foie Gras is back on the menu in California, and hair braiders in Texas escape the grip of the cartel.

I agree.

Second Amendment Knife Rights

Yup, you have them.

Know Your Gun Laws

A helpful Infographic:

Yeah, it kind of throws due process out the window. If you can find someone who knows the gun owner and thinks that the gun owner shouldn’t own a gun, you can get their license suspended unless they spend the time and energy to fight the situation in court.