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And just a reminder, California’s water problems are entirely the fault of their politicians, who have decided to divert the water supply elsewhere.


It was the Russians!

So in a process designed to find out how many citizens we have, they don’t want to ask a basic question about citizenship…

This time, trying to give it to the people who have shown the least inclination of becoming productive members of society.

Gee, what could go wrong?

They’re at war with reality.


Of Norway.

Coin flips.

She committed the thought crime of standing up for due process.

These articles amused me recently – modern Feminists/SJWs complaining that:

So basically, the traits that humanity selects for to encourage the success of the species are now considered harmful in their eyes.

So after Stockton California went broke, they decided the best thing to do is institute a universal basic income.

Sexual violence is acceptable because ignorance of the law is allowed when your culture says so.

Officials that are desperately in need of a good tar and feathering.


Most of the counties it goes through voted for Trump!

It’s racist when Westerners take offense to an Islamic businessman’s claim that Australian women need Muslim men to fertilize them.

Man ordered to pay $65k in child support for kid who isn’t his.

This is how ridiculous the family courts have become.

You shouldn’t label your pets with a gender.

I hope that’s a parody…