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SJWs can’t get over how awful it is that they included white women in an ad that also featured a black woman.

Utterly ridiculous. Bring back tar and feathers for all public officials involved.

Which oppresses them how?

The Latest Cis Privilege:

Clothes that fit.

Really? And what about Rachel Dolezal?

It is my job to shut down other white people


And he’s not even President yet. Unhinged.

It was filled with hypocrisy and the elitism that is exactly why people chose to vote for Trump.

Gee, that’s too bad. But as his crew has been pointing out, we only had 4 years to save the earth in 2009. So either we did, or we’re already doomed, right?

And the arctic is already ice-free, right?

Whoopi Goldberg On Christmas:

It’s just like the celebration of a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion!

The Epic Lefty Meltdown

It’s amazing. Canceled classes to give students time to deal with grief, safe spaces and emotional support, counseling, world class meltdowns, shattered entitlement, disbelief, hypocritical rants…barely an adult amongst the lot.

Classes being cancelled because Trump won is why Trump won.



On The Orlando 911 Call

It’s old news, but I still want to mention it: After lecturing Americans that words weren’t important so he wasn’t going to call it “Radical Islam”, Obama’s FBI released the 911 transcript of the Orlando shooter with references to ISIS redacted and “Allah” translated to “god”. The DHS Islamic Advisor is still claiming that the attack was not Islamic, and Loretta Lynch claims the motive may never be known.

The Religion Of The Left

Detroit minister compares Hillary Clinton to Jesus Christ. Just like the left constantly compares Obama to Jesus, or used to.

Liberal Fascism – the belief in politics as religion. Anyone on the left is religiously good (regardless of crimes otherwise), and anyone on the right is religiously bad.


Something tells me they don’t get upset when minorities¬†uses French cooking techniques.

He can’t even tolerate other world leaders mentioning the problem, so he has to censor them. You can’t confront a problem you can’t even talk about.

Dhimmitude In Europe

Swedish leftist women taking selfies in Hijab to show support for Muslims against “Islamophobia” in the wake of all the recent attacks.

Maybe next they’ll show support by turning in their driver’s licenses, giving men the right to divorce them by saying “I divorce you” three times in public, and letting men beat them as long as it’s only a light amount.

Those sumo suits

Please bring back tar-and-feathering.