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You shouldn’t label your pets with a gender.

I hope that’s a parody…

The Washington Post columnist who had driven her sons suicidal by insisting they admit their inherent rape culture participation as males.

SJW Language Warfare:

Veganism is against the trans community.

Because the language used in the sixties doesn’t meet today’s strict political correctness guidelines.

One student got suspended for liking a photo with an airsoft gun on instagram.

Ridiculous. The school administration should have to wear some tar and feathers.

An illegal immigrant who calls for celebrating Cinco de Mayo by beating up white people.

Describing breastfeeding as natural is transphobic because it reinforces gender roles.

More brilliance from the social justice community.

The latest in SJW thought leadership. You’re only allowed to have a preference in the gender that someone says they are, you bigot.

SJWs can’t get over how awful it is that they included white women in an ad that also featured a black woman.

Utterly ridiculous. Bring back tar and feathers for all public officials involved.

Which oppresses them how?

The Latest Cis Privilege:

Clothes that fit.

Really? And what about Rachel Dolezal?

It is my job to shut down other white people


And he’s not even President yet. Unhinged.

It was filled with hypocrisy and the elitism that is exactly why people chose to vote for Trump.

Gee, that’s too bad. But as his crew has been pointing out, we only had 4 years to save the earth in 2009. So either we did, or we’re already doomed, right?

And the arctic is already ice-free, right?

Whoopi Goldberg On Christmas:

It’s just like the celebration of a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion!