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Disbanding the editorial board putting them out.


Visible in photographs.

Global temperatures have cooled since he released “An Inconvenient Truth”.

As San Domenico removes their statues to be more inclusive.

Likely because he once worked with the Trump administration – although he also worked with the Obama administration.

Anyone in favor of censorship should think really hard about whether they’re happy with who gets to write the rules on who and what gets censored.

Trump carries his own umbrella and helps fetch their hats when they blow off.

As another set of elections get overruled.

Top notch vetting of their security staff.

Good news for a change.

Imported welfare dependents, wonderful.


I didn’t know about this.

They apparently do a lot of similar things throughout Siberia, as well.


Not to mention the Anthony Weiner charges.

Sweden’s Censorship

They’re allowing one feminist to personally determine who gets blacklisted or not.

Calling a conservative politician a “Nazi slut”, allowed. Calling Merkel’s refugee immigration policy a “suicide pact” on Facebook – not allowed.

Hah. Good for her.

Instead of the courts.

The joys of socialism crossed with Merkel’s immigration policy.

It’s made up. 89% of colleges reported 0 on-campus rapes in 2015.