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Yup. That just happened. Although it could be a giant troll, of course.

Milo certainly needs to answer to conservatives for his viewswhich he is doing – but it’s also worth noticing a few things about what happened:

North Korea’s Child Labor

Caught on tape.

Well, that will make Milo radioactive.

Pity, he could troll the left like no one besides Breitbart.

18,106,633% rise in sales.

Or something.

Almost like climate isn’t actually a concern.

Al Gore, meanwhile, won’t answer why all the predictions from his last movie didn’t come true.

And the courts demand integration. Good.

About which they’re willing to bravely speak but do nothing about.


That’s not pro-choice, that’s pro-abortion.

Michael J. Totten On Aleppo

Whatever happens, it seems at this point that Iran has won. And ISIS is one of the few groups that’s not in Aleppo, by the way.

Why are men funnier than women?

The short answer provided by the article is that they spend a lot more attempts trying to be funny. Try enough and you’ll succeed.

John Glenn Passed Away

A true American hero.


Road Repair In Japan

Massive sinkhole, one week.

It wouldn’t happen in the U.S., and that’s the problem.

There’s some evidence she did…but…why?

They leave a big giant mess of trash.

We’ve seen this before. And this is how conservatives rally.

And this is apparently a regular and ongoing thing.

Now we see just how differently the reaction is to a naked Hillary statue than a naked Trump statue.