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In other words, a fair amount of Christian literature.


The Boston Globe just interviewed someone who admits they’re going around creating fake news, but it’s okay because it’s to help the left, and everyone knows that fake news is how the right is winning. Right?

Yeah, that was obvious.

It’s not just Worldcon, and it’s not just conservatives being banned.

On “Toxic Masculinity”

If the premise were at all true, fatherless children would turn out better, not worse.

He once stopped a mugger with a baseball bat while unarmed.

Still, guns are very different than baseball bats.

The driver was chased by an Antifa with a rifle just a few blocks earlier. Ugliness compounded…

The hijab cutting did not happen.

Or is he just getting senile?

And several prominent artists and personages related to the content of the play have sent an open letter demanding they not do so.

Segregation in the name of diversity doesn’t seem like a good thing.

There seems to be a massive corruption crackdown that’s not only netting several of Hillary Clinton’s favorite associates, but billionaire princes – and it’s caused several deaths, as well.

And he was ignored.

Imam Tawhidi sounds like someone worth paying attention to.

As the national government is moving to suspend the Catalonian regional government.

I understand the Catalonian vote was dubiously legal at best, but Spain is pretty quickly invoking the nuclear option.

A man who claimed he identifies as a women in order to walk into a ladies’ room and assault a little girl there.

Vote suppression.

Disbanding the editorial board putting them out.

Visible in photographs.

Global temperatures have cooled since he released “An Inconvenient Truth”.

As San Domenico removes their statues to be more inclusive.