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So the Senate is supposed to halt their entire nomination process based on the accusations of a far-left activist with motive to hate the Kavanaugh family until the FBI investigates an alleged incident that’s outside of their jurisdiction, past the statute of limitations, occurred during a month she can’t remember of a year she can’t remember at a location she can’t remember with a number of people she can’t remember while they were both minors, and that wasn’t important enough for her to bring up in the last 35ish years? In fact, she didn’t even bring up the incident until 2012.

Oh, and Democrats, who arranged this process to be as unfair as possible, are saying that having her speak any further would be “silencing her”, and also don’t want you to think about the double standard they apply with Bill Clinton or are currently applying with Keith Ellison. They just want you to believe all the women they want you to believe.

Dueling headlines.

The contrast between the outpouring of love for McCain in his last days and the astonishing vitriol directed at him in 2000 and 2008 demonstrates once again how disingenuous, low, and cheap American politics were well before Trump came on the scene.


One of Trump’s major accomplishments has been to reveal the lack of civic virtue and self-control across our elite institutions.

“You will not be safe.”

Just in time to make things more difficult for Gary Johnson.

Good. Forced membership in Unions was always a racketeering scheme to drive money and power into Democrats’ coffers.

While Democrats re-embrace their aspirations of it…

Which means that the party loyalists who maintained an undemocratic slight control on the more radical agenda that the rest of the party actually believes in are now losing that capability.

The left keeps on trying to claim that there’s some sort of anti-woman culture in the right, and we keep on seeing news like this.

It’s totally different than when Mitt Romney was associated with Bain Capital. Really!

That’s not good…

One month before the election, too.

We just imposed sanctions on them for chemical weapons use.

Things Get Worse For Turkey

He was just sworn in with even more power than before. The media blacked out the rallies supporting his main opponent, not a surprise since Erdogan took control of it two years ago.

As Erdogan once said,

Democracy is like a train, when you find your stop you get off.

He’s pretty heavily involved with one of the main agitating groups.

At least when the business is refusing to serve someone because they’re a Republican.

Mass illegal immigration to the United States is a human right.

How can a presidential candidate run on a platform that a different country should have different policies? Also, I wonder if he believes Mexico should stop enforcing it’s southern border security?

But don’t question their patriotism.

They would take a recession that hurt millions of Americans if it meant they could get power back.

In other words, they don’t wish the best for all of us, only for them.