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Why is it that Democrats are so often caught wishing for Americans to be miserable?

Which potentially puts him in a really good position. People tend to vote for freedom.


His reopening “plan” is perhaps the exemplar of the entirety of his Wuhan Coronavirus response. The plan is that businesses can open tomorrow, finally. But he won’t tell anyone what businesses can actually do so until the day actually comes. The plan is phased. But he won’t tell anyone what the phases are until they actually come.

We’re literally the last state in the union with a plan for reopening. This is ludicrous.

Weighed against where everyone else was at the various times of the whole thing.

Because China is continuing to try and take away their rights.

Quite Right:

Preventing people from going to church: IT’S AN EMERGENCY

Preventing people from protesting: IT’S AN EMERGENCY

Preventing people from buying seeds for food: IT’S AN EMERGENCY

Using emergency powers to stop immigration during pandemic: DICTATOR


Apparently the media has been keeping this pretty quiet since 1993.

You have to wonder who on the left is trying to sink Biden for it to actually come out.




The Change In The Political Winds

8 officials in Mississippi just switched their party affiliation to Republican.

A special election in Kentucky just flipped a seat to Republican that Democrats have held for 33 years.

Over the whole Russia hoax.

It’ll be interesting to see how this goes. There’s quite a few other media organizations that’ll be the next dominoes to fall if this goes through…but slander and libel are usually pretty hard to prove.


He’s fully willing to tweet in support of the community, and he just became the first president to appoint a gay cabinet member. And of course the left is attacking Rick Grenell for being gay but not falling in line with their politics.

The media and democrats will also of course continue their narrative that Trump, being a Republican, hates gay people.

The Outrage Over Trump’s Pardons

Didn’t seem to be present for Clinton or Obama’s pardons.

Democrats’ Growing Extremism

The New York Times of course spins it as Republicans being radical from the beginning and the left’s obvious growing radicalism as only a return to normalcy.

It’s down for the eighth straight month.