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That Tulsi Gabbard supports restrictions in third trimester abortions makes her stand out in the field.


Biden is only now catching up that China is a threat. And he was part of the last administration that thought ISIS wasn’t a threat – until it was too late – and that thought considering Russia a rival was something out of the 80s.

Trump’s Radical Transparency

He waived executive privilege and was about as open as can be with the Mueller investigation. And he released the full transcript of this latest “smoking gun” that Democrats thought they’d found.

Who just want Trump to resign so that the constant media/Democrat berating goes away…how are you so naive to think that would be the end? The left has been trying to destroy anyone who gets in the way of their lust for power for decades, and they’ve kicked it up a notch with Trump because he’s the only one who fights back. They want to utterly rule over you and destroy you if you don’t fall in line. There is no “being tired”.

The only Democrat who’s willing to speak about being constrained by the constitution is Joe Biden of all people.

Beto O’Rourke thinks that Americans would voluntarily comply with a gun buyback program.

Great to hear.

Wonderful, some progress at last.

A Chinese Uighar American.


Planned Parenthood is continuing to reject Federal funding over transparency rules that Trump has put in place.

Getting the Federal government out of the abortion business is a major victory.

A recession would help them gain power, so it’s worth it, right?

When offered the chance to visit her grandmother without doing political stunts that make Israel look bad…she refuses.

Here’s the itinerary they had planned, and the rationale behind the decision to ban them. The whole trip was sponsored by a terrorist organization, and everyone pretending they’re outraged that Rashida and Ilhan were banned from Israel doesn’t seem to mind that Obama banned Israeli representatives from visiting the U.S. in 2012.

I don’t think this is a #Bringbackourgirls situation – what Trump is doing is pointing out a way forward that everyone thinks is impossible for no good reason.

Others have criticized his approach with the Hong Kong situation as weak so far. I think it is a bit, but I also think his hands are tied — there’s no way or reason to get the military involved, and on the tariff/sanction front, Trump is trying to balance pressuring various countries (including China) over issues and keeping the economy going. It’s a delicate walk.

It’s a pretty good list.

It doesn’t list giving that final push to the left to reveal their utter madness, I think that’s just a side benefit.

Joe Biden’s Accomplishments


Only 27% of the population actually thinks their proposals are good… But Democrats are in such a bubble that they’re just doubling down.

Well, as long as they don’t somehow win despite that…

Democrats’ Plan For Flint

Do the same thing that caused the water problem in the first place!

Obamacare is awful.

They just want us all to forget that it was entirely their idea and system.

Well, that clarifies the position of Turkey.

It’s been pretty apparent for a while that Turkey isn’t on our side.

He managed to get an in-fighting Democratic party to rally behind their most radical members and policy positions – members that are popular only with the radical left and deeply unpopular with middle America. Centrist Democrats know this. He’s forcing their positions into the light, and the Republicans that aren’t spineless are beginning to realize they can run on this. And it’s shifting the Overton window back to normal – a key part of the down with political correctness attitude that got him elected in the first place. He did so with his usual crude, offensive, and bombastic style – but most Republicans aren’t offended by this – and in fact we pretty much tune out the constant accusations of racism at this point. It’s been a meaningless accusation since at least the Obama era.