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It’s totally different than when Mitt Romney was associated with Bain Capital. Really!


That’s not good…

One month before the election, too.

We just imposed sanctions on them for chemical weapons use.

Things Get Worse For Turkey

He was just sworn in with even more power than before. The media blacked out the rallies supporting his main opponent, not a surprise since Erdogan took control of it two years ago.

As Erdogan once said,

Democracy is like a train, when you find your stop you get off.

He’s pretty heavily involved with one of the main agitating groups.

At least when the business is refusing to serve someone because they’re a Republican.

Mass illegal immigration to the United States is a human right.

How can a presidential candidate run on a platform that a different country should have different policies? Also, I wonder if he believes Mexico should stop enforcing it’s southern border security?

But don’t question their patriotism.

They would take a recession that hurt millions of Americans if it meant they could get power back.

In other words, they don’t wish the best for all of us, only for them.

Violence and suppression of any political views they dislike.

Hours after they blew up their nuclear testing tunnel.

I think he’s using the meeting as a carrot, and just moved it a bit further away.

He jumped in on the last day of registration in a district that was otherwise unopposed.

He sounds like the type of character that everyone should denounce.

It’s hard to tell.

The artist who just unveiled the Obama’s White House portraits is famous for painting pictures of blacks beheading whites.

That we’re actually doing the things we always say we’re going to do.

This time fully legitimate, showing how much they want to leave.

He reduced the budget of the U.N. by about $300 Million.

In possibly related news, 10 other countries are considering moving their embassies in Israel to Jerusalem, as well. Also, all of the Democrats (and former Presidents!) condemning Trump’s move of our embassy previously voted for him to do so. And the international critics also don’t have a leg to stand on.

Well said.

It pales in comparison with Union lobbying.