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It’s not the numbers they claim.


Now he’s blocking concealed carry reciprocity.

They’re actually a leftist organization.


Much more so than any other group communicating with people across the aisle.

It’s hard when people don’t blindly follow your religion.

Because other illegal immigrants will be unwilling to come forward with information or something.

When those witnesses might have evidence that runs counter to the narrative they’re trying to sell.

You can just keep scrolling.

There’s no plans for how they’re going to pay for it, and the price tag is bigger than their existing budget.

It’s blind ideology over reality.

And how the media chooses to cover them.

It’s all made up. Former DNI Director James Clapper says there’s no evidence. Trump’s accountant has shown there’s no financial ties.

Among the Democrats who are pressing all of this:

What do they have? They have conspiracy theories. They have the testimony of a Hillary loyalist, Sally Yates, called out by name in Podesta’s emails. They have collusion between John Brennan and the Hillary campaign to manufacture this entire set of allegations.

I basically think the President should appoint a special prosecutor whenever there’s any hint of impropriety, even for something as made up as the Russia charges. So good, and it’s one more special prosecutor than Obama ever appointed – as Trump has rightly pointed out.

But there should be a second special prosecutor appointed, because there was one other scandal that became hopelessly political in Comey’s wake: the Hillary emails.

Of course not. He was a Democrat so couldn’t be in the wrong.

The link lists a few examples, but I think those are minor compared to some of the things he did with, for instance, the Fast and Furious investigation.

I mean, technically a party can do whatever they want to decide their nominee, but I sure wouldn’t wasn’t the electorate catching me backing that position if I was in their shoes.

Trump has put together a bipartisan commission to look into voter fraud, which is out course an offensive move to every Democrat insistent that the election was hacked.

They want the narrative without the accountability of any sort of truth or facts.

According to a new book by Clinton insiders.

Well, it’s certainly what the media has wanted to focus on rather than the details of Democrat misbehavior that have been coming to light.

A lot of the left didn’t realize they were supposed to be outraged until they heard the signal.

Maxine Waters is angry because firing Comey was supposed to be Hillary’s job.

John Podesta managed to switch from advocate to angry within 7 hours.

Chuck Schumer also seems to be suffering from whiplash.

The New York Times didn’t mind when Bill Clinton did the same thing.

It’s status as a repeal and replace bill is…dubious, as well as what it will do to healthcare in the country. Democrats think this is a huge boost to them, but honestly I think this is mostly about getting the pressure off Paul Ryan and the House to produce something, and getting that pressure to the Senate. If the Senate doesn’t produce a plan, that’s what people will remember, not whatever the House produced that went nowhere. And if the Senate does pass something, what people will end up remembering is whatever ends up passing after reconciliation.

First the failure with the Obamacare repeal, and now he produces this garbage, which is pretty much a line item list of all the things Democrats want and none of the things Republicans want.


And somehow Paul Ryan thinks it’s worth fighting to the point of a government shutdown later, but not now. Dude, Democrats own the media, Republicans will never not be blamed for a shutdown.

Rush Limbaugh is right in wondering why anyone voted Republican if this is how they govern. Democrats are rightly celebrating their victory and fundraising over it.