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Neat. Honestly, it’s stuff like this and company stocks and such that blockchain makes more sense to me for than currency.


My guess: they didn’t get into Tor, the NSA did.

That’s very interesting.

Releasing mice with a dominant gene that makes them produce only male offspring.

Neat. And I’m sure next up on their list would be rats and possums.

Proving that much of the “pristine” rainforest isn’t as pristine as everyone claimed.



By trying to apply some of its methodologies to computer processors.

If it is, why are they trying so hard to hide the numbers? Oh yeah: because they’re reporting that it’s the hottest year by a hundredth of a point and the margin of error in their study is a tenth of a point.

The cars are causing 40% less crashes on the road, so the one fatal crash they have seen isn’t worth stopping the autonomous car development.



Very interesting, and quite credible.


To help in case they get lost.


That’s the prediction. Still long enough to give us a La Nina winter, though.

Cool. This sort of thing is why the internal combustion has a lot of life left in it.