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Looks like they’ll have to find a different doom and gloom prediction.

Excellent, that should help send research down some new vectors.

It’s almost like the science isn’t settled or something.

Because if he opened his data he’d be proven even more of a fraud.

In a just published paper.


Very interesting.

Interesting science. We basically have less receptors but more neurons. So it sounds like we have perhaps higher resolution but from shorter distances…

That’s astonishingly bad. I knew that there were a lot of problems with scientific journals, but not the extent.

Interesting stuff.

I think the primary logistical issue that will have to be overcome with his boring company proposal is mitigating queueing time and space for the entrance and egress from his tunnels.


A 3 year study by Duke University.


It’s called the X-20, I believe.

Awesome. This is the real step to lower cost to orbit.


Neat. Honestly, it’s stuff like this and company stocks and such that blockchain makes more sense to me for than currency.


My guess: they didn’t get into Tor, the NSA did.

That’s very interesting.

Releasing mice with a dominant gene that makes them produce only male offspring.

Neat. And I’m sure next up on their list would be rats and possums.