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Avoiding jail for stabbing your S.O. as it might damage your career.


The Civil-Servant Legal Complex

It’s like the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned against, but on the left, and fully realized.

Lefties Who At Least Kind Of Get It

Seth Macfarlane, Bill Maher, and Jonathon Pie.

Whereas most of the rest of the left is descending into a state of cognitive dissonance where they double down on their hatred and sense of self-righteous superiority.

The Boiling Point Of Society

As a conservative-leaning libertarian in Cambridge, MA, I think I’m fairly in tune with both sides of the spectrum, and I think both sides of the spectrum are reaching dangerous points in public attitudes, each in their own way: Continue reading

Making sure your Halloween costume doesn’t contain micro-aggressions.

Growing Up Under A Feminist

It turns out, some resistance can be developed.

Good for them in resisting their mother’s misandry.

The Poverty Line In The U.S.

It’s not what it used to be.

And they deliberately measure it before taking into account all of the welfare benefits received.


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Male breadwinners face higher stress, and are less healthy.

The Uselessness Of College

Most students spend less than three hours a day on their education.

On the other hand, I can recall science and math courses that concerned much more of time for me…

The left’s “tolerance” on display as always.

Scott Adams On Gun Control

Stop trying to pretend that there’s one solution out that the other side is stupid.

And yet Democrats think the answer is more.

In 2001 we united after 9/11. In the wake of Orlando, the left immediately rushed to blame Christians for homophobia, and conservatives for guns. In fact, they refuse to understand what the motives of this gay Democrat Muslim terrorist was. Obama himself says there was “no precise motive”, refuses to name radical Islam (and says to please stop asking, it doesn’t mean anythingwhich shows that it does or he would just say it), and says that our own attitudes towards the LGBQ community is to blame, rather than his own failures that caused ISIS to rise.

Straight white men not allowed.

The State Of Modern Art

People are unable to tell the difference between someone putting their eyeglasses on the floor and an art exhibit.

In my opinion it’s because the art community decided to become about “statements” rather than the pursuit of artistic beauty and truth.

Male “Privileges”

These are some of the things that Men’s Rights Activists are upset about.

But feminists refuse to give them the time of day.

Tracking SJWs

A compiled list of self-identified SJWs who have publicly called for the firing, shunning or other attacks against those who disagree with their narrative.