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Good for her.

Now compare with how the “feminist” government of Sweden behaved in a similar situation.

Days after the media pummeled Trump over his comments about Sweden.

It’s probably also worth doing a similar thing by party control of the branches of Congress, but still. Source.


Venezuelans are literally starving to death.

Remember how much Democrats liked Chavez and his policies back when he was getting started? It’s just like all the other failed socialist states they’ve also worshipped over the decades.



Worth reading.



It wouldn’t surprise me, as it’s a fairly populist economic notion. I hope he doesn’t – he knew it was crony capitalism back on the campaign trail, so hopefully he remembers that.

They claimed that there have been no terror incidents or terror-related arrests from the immigrants and refugees from this country. There have in fact been 60 convictions, and numerous other attacks, such as the Ohio machete attack last year.

What a difference a few terrorist attacks and soaring sex crimes rates make.

Proving that there is a basis for his order.


Geez. Not really a surprise, but still…of course, a great many Democrats think all the mass shootings we’ve had the past few decades have been right-wingers, and that abortion bombings are as frequent as jihadi bombings. The real count: there’s been about a hundred anti-abortion attacks ever, while Religion of Peace currently lists 30,000 jihadi attacks since 2011.

One which we’ve noticed before:

Republicans police their own fringes and marches, while Democrats at least encourage by silence the mob rule we saw at Berkeley.

Oh, and Scott Adams is ending his financial support of UC Berkeley. Here’s a hint that the left will ignore: You’re not “protesting fascism” when you’re dressed in all black, starting fires, and smashing things.

Margaret Wente is pointing out some of the ways were society is most definitely slanted to favor women.

There’s a film coming out called, “The Red Pill”, by a former feminist that looks at many of the same complaints from the Men’s Rights Movement. I’ve seen an advanced copy, it’s pretty good.

I think there is a lot of value in finding these areas of society that significantly favor one gender over the other, and asking why – but I also think that one of the main gripes I have with the left’s identity politics is the idea of “privilege”. As a percentage, a people group might be “privileged”, but referring to an individual as such diminishes and dismisses all of the things they had to do for whatever success they’re enjoying – or they may not even be enjoying success, and that term is meant to exclude them from the conversation simply because others in their demographic are enjoying success.

Scott Adams postulates that he’s doing A/B testing and rapid turnaround.

I would add that his 90 day travel ban and EPA/NASA social media moratoriums also fall in line exactly with how a CEO behaves when they acquire a new company: freeze all programs you’re not sure about, hiring, and marketing until you can get a better grasp on what’s going on.

They immediately had to disprove it when people applied the same metrics to Audi’s workforce.

Time to deploy the Reid option.

Amazingly quick and efficient, it seems.