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He’s a straight white male!

Wow, I didn’t realize Portland was such a bigoted place.


Besides UNESCO.

How To Help Veterans

Reason has a few suggestions:

The TED talk given by Cassie Jaye. It’s pretty good, as is her film.

Always fun.

Get rid of the insurance companies. At least for most of the small stuff.

Amazing what can happen when you have a president with a backbone.

She realizes that all of the left’s talking points wouldn’t actually do anything to solve the problems they use to justify their policies.

This article is worth reading. The police utterly failed to provide a reasonable response.

A brilliant idea…


Fairtax Signature Push

There’s an ongoing push to try and get the Fairtax elevated in priority as one of the possible replacements for the income tax that Congress and the President are considering.

The #resistance teacher who prays that only Trump supporters died, and the CBS executive who doesn’t have sympathy because country music fans are usually Republican.

So the smear gets even further from the truth.

The safety violations they cite are occurring more often with the black cabs. It’s just that the black cabs are already paid up in graft with the city officials.

Well, it’s clear that they don’t respect Federal laws, so they shouldn’t receive any Federal funding then, right?

Point out that she’s a 1%er.

A lot of her followers don’t seem to be able to grasp that.

Scott Pruitt of the EPA did so. It’d be worth the rest of the left heeding his points as well, however.

At least in Sweden, 83% of them are adults.

It’s just like all the Palestinian “youths”.