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Hope To Fix Our Elections

Arthur Chenkoff offers some suggestions for Australian best practices.


Make politics less important. It’s simple: smaller government with more local decisions means political problems and frustrations become much smaller, as well.

What has Trump actually done to hurt you?

Instead, all the Trump opposition seems to just be based on a religious devotion to Democrat power and whatever the current liberal doctrine is. Jonah Goldberg’s definition of Liberal Fascism.

The opposite of socialism is freedom. And real socialism destroys. A free market can’t exist without freedom, however.

It sounds like worker ownership done right.

He was going to be separated from his family, don’t you feel sorry for him? Ignore his 16 year old victim who’s life was ruined.

But only by cutting out the bonuses that the hardest workers earn.

Increasing the minimum wage and all the other socialist ideas out there are explicitly designed to incentivize mediocrity (or bureaucratic graft, which is even worse).

So of course, with all of this, the left is wondering if the problem is that they weren’t mean and ruthless enough.

The main bright side of the entire ordeal is that the squishy center-right has finally grown a spine, and even the most never-Trump of Republicans have realized Trump’s necessity:  He’s bulletproof. The left is doing everything they can to not only win, but destroy anyone who seriously stands in their way. There is no compromise – not like the squishes kept on trying to go for. Eventually anyone who’s not a card carrying Democrat becomes the barrier to the leftist agenda and will have the mob and the media pointed at them with explicit goals to destroy in the worst of ways. The only solution that currently works is to stand behind Trump’s choices and watch the left batter themselves futilely against him.

Presented by Reason.

The short answer: the private sector does pretty well, and is constantly improving. Mandating a certain amount of parental leave will likely lower the rate of growth, profits, and pay that the private sector is generating.

This tweet hasn’t aged well.

Here are all the things in her story that just don’t line up – for everyone who thinks you need to believe all accusations:

Due to retirement benefits.

Maybe if they actually charged for junk mail they wouldn’t have this issue.

Two leftist principles at odds with each other.

But that’s why they want socialism. Which in practice has the worst income inequality of all.

It encourages a mentality that communities can fend for themselves.

Gee, how awful.

It’s amazing how many of the intellectual themes of the left are fallout from deliberate memes the Soviets and Nazis were trying to weaken our society with.

Uncovered by Breitbart, what it shows most of all is just how much the left actually buys the ridiculous slander they tell themselves about the right. They truly believe that Republicans want to put everyone in camps, turn all the women into something like The Handmaid’s Tale, and all that. Oh, and CNN is saying that Google bias is a conspiracy theory, while ignoring evidence of this tape, the 90% of political donations that Google gives to Democrat candidates, and other evidence.

We also have emails that show that the executives used company resources in a GOTV effort with Latino Clinton voters.

I don’t think it’s so much that the individuals at Google are maliciously trying to swing things as much as they just are completely bought into the religion of Liberal Fascism: everything one can do to help your political side is GOOD and your opponents are EVIL so anything to stop them is justified.

Dennis Prager explains…but he’s not the first.

Michael Chrichton did so exceedingly well also. Essentially the observation is that modern society has increasingly become atheistic in religious belief, but that the human need for religion causes a tendency for anything that belief can be imbued into – especially political positions – to be followed and treated as a religion.

Good for him.

Remember the hyperventilating that the left went into after Kennedy passed away?

And that’s by design.

So every time the anti-gun crowd tells you otherwise, it’s a straight out lie.