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An amusing satire.


Summarized at Drudge.

The penalty for being economically and environmentally ignorant in the name of politics.

Worth reading.

Western Societies are changing in noticeable ways from the influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants. Some of those changes, like the return of rickets from people wearing burkhas, the random terrorist stabbing attacks, or the spike in sex crimes are values we shouldn’t allow to be imported.


Poop is coming out of their water fountains.

That’s not so different than the EPA’s habit of dumping massive amounts of toxic waste into rivers to justify a huge budget request to clean it up. And still no one has been punished for it.

The fact that all the right people are saying the sky is falling is the first sign I’m on board with what’s going on.

Even if that weren’t the case though, as far as I can tell, all that’s happened is that the FCC repealed a rule established two years ago that everyone on the left was saying wasn’t Net Neutrality because it was ineffective and had a whole bunch of work-arounds. And plenty of regulations still exist to protect the internet.

They certainly seem to get interesting reactions, and those reactions can be useful.

And how it’s turned out for them.

He’s a straight white male!

Wow, I didn’t realize Portland was such a bigoted place.

By the numbers.

Besides UNESCO.

How To Help Veterans

Reason has a few suggestions:

The TED talk given by Cassie Jaye. It’s pretty good, as is her film.

Always fun.

Get rid of the insurance companies. At least for most of the small stuff.

Amazing what can happen when you have a president with a backbone.

She realizes that all of the left’s talking points wouldn’t actually do anything to solve the problems they use to justify their policies.

This article is worth reading. The police utterly failed to provide a reasonable response.