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For speaking out against someone supporting Hillary Clinton.

And yet again we see a whole bunch of hot takes on how Trump’s actions against Brennan are unprecedented, hurting national security,  and somehow an outrage to free speech.



Just like all of us, as I recall the issue being framed as…

And why, consequently, the poor in America can be so patriotic.

And notice how many philosophies of the left, especially identity politics and welfare, fly completely in the face of that spirit.

The constant amount of poop in the streets of San Francisco and murders through the streets of Chicago aren’t bad luck or due to external events, even though the mayors and other leaders oftentimes present it as such. Democrats’ own policies are the direct cause of all of this, and they deserve the blame. Even if you don’t blame them for cynically wanting such a situation, they consistently put forward short-sighted policies that have caused all of these problems as unintended consequences. If only someone who wasn’t a racist could have predicted this would have happened. And the same thing is true for pretty much all of the worst places in the country: Detroit, D.C., Baltimore, Ferguson…it’s hard to name a spot in this country that people consider one of the worst that has had a Republican in power within 30 years.

It’s just not enough electricity. And it’s arrogance or ignorance to insist otherwise.


My biggest problem with socialists like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the bait-and-switch. They always claim they want socialism “like Norway or Sweden”, and then advocate for policies like Cuba or Venezuela. And in Bernie Sanders’ case, when he’s talking about societal policies he admires, everyone should remember that he honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

An interesting theory. But at this point the left is so overwhelmingly about religious devotion to certain feelings that contradictions between various policies don’t seem to slow it down at all.

Really demonstrating the values they stand for there.

And it’s free-market policies rather than tightening regulations that are making it so. And the U.S. is leading the way.

California punishes knowingly infecting a partner with HIV less jail time than Santa Barbara is now handing out for distributing drinking strawsand this law discriminates against disabled people, and it’s all based on the “science” that a 9-Year-Old Boy put forth as a school project. Not to mention that the plastic in the world’s oceans does not come from the U.S.

But hey, don’t let that get in the way of the newest religious ritual of environmentalism.

Pretty much all of the plastic trash in the oceans comes from just 10 rivers in Asia, and has nothing to do with whether Americans are using those reusable shopping bags or not.

The environmentalist movement is more about being a replacement religion for an increasingly atheistic society than about actually being logical or helpful for the environment.

Millions of individuals are realizing the intellectual bankruptcy of the left – or at least of the current in-power left, and leaving in droves, explaining themselves on social media under the hashtag #WalkAway. This is especially happening in the black community, a base that Democrats have simply taken for granted for years.

And of course Democrats are claiming it’s the fault of Russian bots, and the founder of the movement is suddenly being denied service in various stores.

The Laffer Curve is real.


This effectively ties the first and second amendment together. Good.

Not to mention the law that was being invoked to try and stop this was ridiculous.

Last week was pretty spectacular:

These are on the heels of the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision which asserted that the law couldn’t explicitly target Christian bakers.

Democrats are now furious, with Kagan in her dissent complaining that the first amendment is weaponized — her dissent, by the way, was about the effect that eliminating compelled speech would have on society, not about people’s rights.

Hint: it’s supposed to be weaponized. Every single item in the bill of rights is to weaponize the people against the government and the meddling busybodies who want to control the people. Guess who that is?

As always when Democrats lose, they’re claiming that the rules need to be changed.

They had him plea to loan fraud, gave him blanket immunity to all other charges, and are conveniently burying the servers and all the other evidence of security leaks and everything else related to the entire affair.

This is pretty ridiculous.

It seems like we shouldn’t be sending our military equipment to any country that’s not a stable, peaceful Democracy that supports our allies…and I don’t think Turkey currently qualifies.