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Scott Pruitt of the EPA did so. It’d be worth the rest of the left heeding his points as well, however.


At least in Sweden, 83% of them are adults.

It’s just like all the Palestinian “youths”.

Looks like good old-fashioned schooling is still the way to go.

In summary: “We’re different”

I can think of a few other human rights maybe they’re different enough they shouldn’t have, either.

It turns out that CNN thinks that ordinary people are all white supremacists by default.

In other words, what we all knew: if you don’t declare your allegiance to the left you’re a racist in their eyes.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just said that people coming into Canada need to respect the law and follow immigration rules.

Wow, so hateful.

For the first time in decades. Fantastic.

And it was awesome. Anyhow, still catching up on things.

And how it’s being used to limit competition.

Well, it looks like people would rather not work when given a universal income.

If only someone who wasn’t a racist could have predicted that…

Most of the counties it goes through voted for Trump!

Causing an estimated $1 Billion of damage.

Beer drinking with no head covering.

So much of the West is deliberately ignoring the Islamic ties to what’s going on right now.

Very true, here’s Huffington Post perpetuating that exact thing.

It is unfair, but not necessarily incorrect. I do agree that the military should be focused on victory and not bathroom politics, and in usual Trump fashion this is rather ham-handed but quickly and decisively resolves this issue.

What amuses me about the debate is that the press is taking a side that only 23% of Americans agree with, and also that the big deal is about a people group being not being allowed to potentially die for their country while there is simultaneously a people group forced to potentially die for their country – which still seems like the more important issue to me.

A fun video. It’s politics as religion.

David Cicilline (D-R.I.) says we need to pitch manufacturing as a ‘cool’ career path.


Sooner or later socialized medicine means government making the decisions, not individuals and families.

As 92% of them live with their parents and 30% don’t have jobs.