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You don’t say

Oh, boo hoo.

Gee, it’s almost like they want us all to be subject to laws imposed by fiat and not through democracy.

One of respect.

Good for him. Always classy to see people respect political opponents.

A bad idea until we clean up how many ridiculous laws we have.

They should agitate.

It’s almost like Democrats are doing everything in their power to encourage a bad situation so that they can reap the political benefits of the people angry at said situation.

What Venezuelans aren’t starving in the streets are actively fighting the socialist dictatorship and it’s death squads, while it rewrites the constitution.

Opposition leaders are being arrested and then disappearing from prison.

After seizing assets such as the oil industry and General Motors plants, the country is now dirt poor, once the richest on its continent.

Particularly deranged liberals such as Rachel Maddow are trying to allude that Venezuelans are upset about Trump. The rest of the left is avoiding mentioning the word “socialism”, and trying to pretend that they didn’t praise Chavez’ actions all those years ago. Bernie Sanders still lists Venezuela as a model to follow.

They keep on trying to pounce on him.

I think so far he’s managed to walk a pretty good balance. I don’t necessarily think he should actively fight back, but I think he should stand for himself with no apologies.

One student got suspended for liking a photo with an airsoft gun on instagram.

It’s status as a repeal and replace bill is…dubious, as well as what it will do to healthcare in the country. Democrats think this is a huge boost to them, but honestly I think this is mostly about getting the pressure off Paul Ryan and the House to produce something, and getting that pressure to the Senate. If the Senate doesn’t produce a plan, that’s what people will remember, not whatever the House produced that went nowhere. And if the Senate does pass something, what people will end up remembering is whatever ends up passing after reconciliation.

If you’re here legally, the base price is $70,000.

It sure seems like they should have all of their federal funding pulled, in that case.

It’s almost like they have a double set of standards, isn’t it?

The left keeps on insisting on only telling one side of the story, but plenty of people have been hurt by Obamacare, as well.

Also, it’s dishonest to say that people who didn’t want insurance but were forced to buy it by the law and now won’t are “losing” their coverage.

An interesting read. There are numerous issues I would be curious to see her take on that she didn’t bring up, as well.

The fact that there are so many issues that Obama was objectively worse on than Bush but the left didn’t care about is a large part of why I think their politics is religious belief in Democrats as good and Republicans as bad, and whatever the current Democrat in power says is the new doctrine they believe in, regardless of what it was yesterday.

Worth reading (and seeing the wonderful image).

Recently Bill Nye’s Netflix show concluded with a final episode that discussed one of the left’s favorite myths, overpopulation, and yet more ways to try and control population growth – one of the left’s favorite activities when they fall into the pattern of thinking that the problem is too many humans of the wrong sort. While that is a road that leads down to many of the atrocities leftist governments have perpetrated in the past few centuries, I think it’s worth pointing out just how much of an anti-science myth the left’s notion of overpopulation is.

  • The myth was popularized by Paul Ehrlich in 1968 in his book, The Population Bomb, which predicted mass starvation and water shortages through the 1970s and 1980s, with a population boom, followed by a population bust from all of the ensuing problems.
  • Obviously, that didn’t happen. The predictions were dead wrong.
  • The fundamental assumptions of doom the theory was built on were also wrong: the mass starvation and dehydration were based on bad math that assumed no societal improvement in agriculture or water management. Geniuses like Norman Borlaug found ways to feed billions more people.
  • The fundamental assumptions of population growth the theory predicted were also wrong: As societies transition into modern, first-world societies the number of children women tend to have on average go down, to around 1.5. Demographers believe that the world population will stabilize at around or under 12 billion – only 50% more crowded than today.
  • The fundamental premise that the planet is overcrowded is flat-out wrong. 47% of the U.S. is uninhabited, and even crowded states on the eastern seaboard have numerous square kilometers without a single person living in them. The majority of Asia is virtually uninhabited. Not all uninhabited space is suitable for living in, but most of it is uninhabited primarily because it is far from existing civilization, not because it is otherwise too harsh to live in.
  • Other resource scarcity pseudo-science theories that become vogue on the left, such as peak oil are similarly wrong based just on economics: they’re doing a future projection based off of a static view of the current situation. In reality, technology is constantly making oil production and consumption more efficient, and any time the price increases on a basic resource such as oil from lack of supply, that is extra incentive to find new supplies, alternatives, or increased efficiencies. The situation predicted by peak oil theorists, if it ever happens, will occur so gently and gradually via market forces that hardly anyone will notice that we’ve switched our energy source to something else.

Today is Victims of Communism Day, commemorating the 100 million deaths caused by the ideology that useful idiots are marching for in front of the White House.

And watching them oppose it.

They don’t. Just like the toxic waste dump they left behind at the pipeline protest.

That’s because the orthodoxy of the Left’s religion demands that all other viewpoints be seen as bigotry.

This poll is only a surprise to all Democrats, who view themselves as tolerant and enlightened.

They’ve got the worst schools in the country, but they get more money per student than the national average. So it’s a perfect opportunity to give school choice a chance.