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The only reason the suspect hasn’t been deported was that the lawyers for his previous crimes colluded to skirt all of the things that would have triggered his deportation.

Trump has put together a bipartisan commission to look into voter fraud, which is out course an offensive move to every Democrat insistent that the election was hacked.

They want the narrative without the accountability of any sort of truth or facts.

According to a new book by Clinton insiders.

Well, it’s certainly what the media has wanted to focus on rather than the details of Democrat misbehavior that have been coming to light.

Well of course. He usurped the political power they think they’re entitled to.

They should agitate.

It’s almost like Democrats are doing everything in their power to encourage a bad situation so that they can reap the political benefits of the people angry at said situation.

Instead of the courts.

By the numbers.

As inadvertently reported by the New York Times.

The joys of socialism crossed with Merkel’s immigration policy.

Interesting science. We basically have less receptors but more neurons. So it sounds like we have perhaps higher resolution but from shorter distances…

It’s made up. 89% of colleges reported 0 on-campus rapes in 2015.

He owns a $10 million penthouse that he purchased through a shell company, but he lectures us on income inequality.

What Venezuelans aren’t starving in the streets are actively fighting the socialist dictatorship and it’s death squads, while it rewrites the constitution.

Opposition leaders are being arrested and then disappearing from prison.

After seizing assets such as the oil industry and General Motors plants, the country is now dirt poor, once the richest on its continent.

Particularly deranged liberals such as Rachel Maddow are trying to allude that Venezuelans are upset about Trump. The rest of the left is avoiding mentioning the word “socialism”, and trying to pretend that they didn’t praise Chavez’ actions all those years ago. Bernie Sanders still lists Venezuela as a model to follow.

A lot of the left didn’t realize they were supposed to be outraged until they heard the signal.

Maxine Waters is angry because firing Comey was supposed to be Hillary’s job.

John Podesta managed to switch from advocate to angry within 7 hours.

Chuck Schumer also seems to be suffering from whiplash.

The New York Times didn’t mind when Bill Clinton did the same thing.

Slaves are captured through jihad, but the owner can’t have sex with the women once they’ve been married off.

Well, that’s an important distinction.

They keep on trying to pounce on him.

I think so far he’s managed to walk a pretty good balance. I don’t necessarily think he should actively fight back, but I think he should stand for himself with no apologies.

The burkas get thrown to the ground.

I wonder how the women of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and such feel?

One student got suspended for liking a photo with an airsoft gun on instagram.

It’s status as a repeal and replace bill is…dubious, as well as what it will do to healthcare in the country.¬†Democrats think this is a huge boost to them, but honestly I think this is mostly about getting the pressure off Paul Ryan and the House to produce something,¬†and getting that pressure to the Senate. If the Senate doesn’t produce a plan, that’s what people will remember, not whatever the House produced that went nowhere. And if the Senate does pass something, what people will end up remembering is whatever ends up passing after reconciliation.

Ridiculous. The school administration should have to wear some tar and feathers.