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Hands down.

In other words, once again the solution was more capitalism.

Shawan Jabarin.

It just keeps on happening…

With more than 400 individuals arrested.

Something which Key West did for $4k, by the way.

As usual, much of the left is conflating issues. The rules the FCC has been getting rid of are rules that everyone admitted beforehand weren’t actual net neutrality, and just muddled the topic.

They never received most of the devices she used, and the ones they did receive had their SIM and SD cards removed.

And yet they let her go.

Because they can’t provide enough security for the jihadi threat.

Use “anti-abortion” instead of “pro-life”. “People struggling to enter Europe” instead of “refugee” or “migrant”. “Militant”, “lone wolf”, or “attacker” instead of “Islamist” or “terrorist”.

Gee, it’s almost like what’s actually going on conflicts with their political agenda.

They equate western civilization with white nationalism, and therefore despise them both.

Well, decades of philosophical focus on various “critical theory” topics that only look at the bad things that western society has done without comparison to how any other societies have faired will do that…

At an anti-fascism rally.

Most of the left doesn’t understand that fascism doesn’t mean “things I don’t like”, but actually means a specific set of policies – and that most of those policies have always been most closely aligned with the left.

But there’s no such thing as voter fraud, right?

Good, and barely enough. Public officials are all too rarely held to the standards we expect them to follow.

And how they really feel about us.

It was American insiders!

Of course, if they really cared about all of this they would turn over their hacked servers to the Feds for evidence.

Because he was one of their citizens and they didn’t protect him from U.S. capture.

Nice. The article particularly points out that Melania gets by with five staffers vs Michelle’s twenty four.

From a mosque that was basically encouraging an honor killing.

She thinks she’s smarter than the rest of us.

Top notch vetting of their security staff.