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Of course.

If we can’t kill babies outside of the womb, our rights are being restricted!

He was one of the least religious Republicans to get voted into office, and yet he’s the first President to attend the March for Life, and was the one who successfully separated Planned Parenthood from Federal funding.

As usual, the media did it’s best to avoid covering the March for Life. And also Trump this time. And Twitter attached a trigger warning to Trump’s speech.

Horrors and atrocities, and the sentiments behind it all aren’t too far off from where the current left in America is.

That Tulsi Gabbard supports restrictions in third trimester abortions makes her stand out in the field.

Now we know who the buyers and sellers were. They were shipping around baby heads and still beating hearts. Absolutely atrocious.

And this is all coming to light because Kamala Harris, on behalf of Loretta Lynch, went after the people who filmed the undercover videos under “eavesdropping” charges.

Planned Parenthood is continuing to reject Federal funding over transparency rules that Trump has put in place.

Getting the Federal government out of the abortion business is a major victory.

Despite facing censorship from Google, Twitter, and numerous theaters, along with threats of violence from the left in many places it was shown, Unplanned did amazingly well in theaters. And Gosnell did pretty well also. The media won’t report on this or things like the size of the March for Life in D.C., but it seems like conservatives (and especially the pro-life movement) may be quietly catching up in the war for American culture.

More than 50% of them were men. Under the Left’s rules, their opinion doesn’t count.

The progressive agenda demands not just abortions past the point of the baby being live on the table, but that the taxpayer pay for it.

If you don’t like their ethics…well, they have others.

They’re using numbers from a time when antibiotics were barely known or used.


The current abortion debate seems to be getting more fierce than ever. Several of the more conservative states are passing heartbeat bills, while Democrats want to kill babies that survived abortions. Yes, they do. And it seems that if you call for anything less than that, you’re labeled an extremist.

Here’s a thought:

  • The mother has some rights of bodily autonomy and to not be pregnant.
  • The baby has the right to live and not be killed by anyone. And yes, it’s a baby – it has it’s own DNA and is a sentient being.

They’re two separate rights, and it’s worth thinking of them as such. And society has to make a few choices about which right to support in the cases where both rights cannot be absolutely satisfied. Walter Block and Roy Whitehead chose the side of the mother, but personally I am on the rights of the baby in such a case. Society also has to make a decision, albeit in my opinion more practical and less morally driven, about who will bear the cost and responsibility of raising the child.

Paul and John both argued against pharmakois, which is generally translated as sorcery or potion making – but it likely meant abortificants.

And are going to ridiculous lengths to avoid it.

This is from the party that thinks they’re the ones grounded in reality.

And implements a rule that prevents them from receiving funds at facilities that also perform abortions, regardless of how they account for it.


As it seeks to expand reasons to allow late-term abortions and removes parental notification for women under 18.

I get the moral viewpoint of the pro-choice crowd – they think that a woman who is pregnant but does not wish to be is essentially living a life of a sort of sex-slavery. But taking that viewpoint and extending it to mandating that abortions have to be supported all the way through to partial-birth or later is something that is pretty widely recognized as ghoulish in the entire rest of the world. And consistently pushing to remove parental notification of abortions committed by minors is shown again and again to help rapists cover up their crimes, with tacit encouragement from the abortion industry that is incentivized for abortions to take place.

Facebook is censoring ads for the movie, Wikipedia is censoring the page, theaters are dropping the movie rapidly, and numerous media outlets have prohibited ads for the movie.

Gosnell Movie Releases Trailer

He’s the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, and the abortion industry wants to protect him. Or at least keep the rest of the world in the dark about what he did.