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House Republicans have released a report detailing all of the ways Planned Parenthood has been misusing taxpayer funds, and recommending defunding the organization.

This has of course caused an outright panic from the left, and we’re seeing the usual raft of lies and misbehavior:

And of course, Planned Parenthood has been raising a a lot of money from the left as a countermeasure, further proving that they don’t need the federal dollars.


That’s not pro-choice, that’s pro-abortion.

The head of Planned Parenthood just said that the reason to vote for Hillary is so that your daughters can have the opportunity to abort their babies.

Definitely not the safe, legal, and rare position…but I guess that wouldn’t be the goal when you’re profiting from selling baby parts.

So now that the virus is in the U.S. they’re demanding an emergency session.

I have battled breast cancer. I have buried a child. I have read the Bible. I know the value of life.

They call exposing them a “complex criminal enterprise”.

Trying to keep planned parenthood videos off the record in hearings about them.

She keeps on referencing videos they would like to pretend don’t exist.

Certain Democrats are continuing to claim that planned parenthood does women’s health. Here’s a hint: Planned Parenthood has exactly 0 licensed mammogram facilities.

Of course, they’re also making the constant conflation that ending taxpayer funding of something is the same as shutting it down.

The organization was founded by Margaret Sanger for explicitly racist population control reasons, and the organization specifically targets the black community as a customer base.

If you’ve been paying attention to conservative news sites recently, you’ll have heard that they’ve been caught on video discussing how they sell the body parts of their aborted babies. Twice – and the organization thinks that the undercover investigators likely scored video of them harvesting the baby parts, as well. This has been going on for decades – and they’ve been likely encouraging illegal partial birth abortions to get a better price on their illegal organ trafficking. Planned Parenthood’s response? To apologize for “the tone” that the videos convey about the organization. They’re not sorry about organ harvesting, just looking bad on camera.

As always, the media is doing their best to bury or excuse the story (organ harvesting is a compassionate act!), and the entire situation is predictably being framed as a Republican attack on the organization and abortion rights, and the left is trying to rally support for Planned Parenthood. But the left is angry about the situation: Democrats are demanding an investigation into the organization that filmed and “heavily edited” (even though they released the full, unedited videos) videos of Planned Parenthood. And they’re angry that people are describing them as “baby parts” rather than “products of conception”.

As horrific as Planned Parenthood is, I think that in the political arena this whole situation is likely to motivate the Democrat base. Hopefully, all the Republican candidates can stay focused on redirecting the questions to Democrat’s extreme stance, rather than giving the media the soundbites they’re looking for to make them look like the extremists.

The left constantly criticizes the U.S. for not falling in line with international norms when it comes to universal healthcare, maternity leave, and the death penalty, yet are silent when the U.S. doesn’t follow the international norm on late-term abortions.

Not just like in states such as Indiana that have passed abortion clinic safety standards – but of course it’s the safety standards that the pro-abortion crowd blames. They don’t want safety if it means abortions become rare – they’d rather see serial killers like Kenneth Gosnell, and then claim there’s a conservative war on women whenever outrage about the killing happens. So much for the false statements of wanting abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare”.

More good news from the Supreme Court within the past several days. Free speech means free speech.

They’re even for race-based abortions.

Holding a 15 year old girl against her will and refusing to let her see the ultrasounds does not fall in the pro-choice side of things.

It’s not a pro-choice industry, it’s pro-abortion.

And yes, there’s a difference. It’s exactly in whether they actually support Hillary Clinton’s “legal, but rare” stated opinion.

Also note: it’s a cash cow, and yet they insist that taxpayer money support them even further.

Life begins at conception.

Also: fracking is safe, the Keystone Pipeline would lower greenhouse gas emissions, genetically modified foods are safe to consume, and more legal guns means less crime.

Because they didn’t want the hassle.

If this sort of thing isn’t part of the culture and implicit agenda of Planned Parenthood, then why does it happen so often? And why are PP’s defenders so opposed to the mandatory reporting rules?


Margaret Sanger’s dreams of all the brown babies being aborted is in full swing – and with full complicity from the race-baiters.