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Nice! Maybe we’ll finally get supersonic air travel.



In not-smooth seas, no less.


Close, but no cigar.

The launch was a success though.

In case you haven’t heard yet, SpaceShipTwo crashed last week, killing one of the pilots. Current thoughts are that the feathering system was responsible, in part because of the complexity of using it properly.

It is unfortunate that this sort of thing happens, but there’s no progress without risk.

Making it reusable, and dropping the cost to space by an order of magnitude. Nice.

Very nifty.

They resupplied the ISS again, but the exciting part of the launch is that they were able to restart their first stage, and do a controlled descent. That means they’re not far off to a reusable first stage.


Images of the first attempt ever to do a supersonic retro propulsion.

The latest grasshopper test went to 744 meters. I think they’re getting pretty close to something that’s more than just a demonstration.



Cool. It looks like the engine technology is close, it’d be neat to see a spaceplane built with it.

Awesome! I wonder what sort of time they would have to hover at a given height to be equivalent to a full first stage launch…

Is being tested this summer.

80 meters. Very cool.


SpaceX Tests Grasshopper Again

That’s a 10 story rocket blasting off to 12 stories, hovering, and making a controlled landing.