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This is big news, supersonic passenger travel might be back, and hopefully this time for good.


Glenn Reynolds has a series of suggestions. I like the idea of banning taxpayer funding for air travel to conferences. I mean, if climate change is important we should treat it as such, right?

One of Greenpeace’s executives commutes 250 miles by plane, and is paid to do so by the organization.

Almost like the whole concern isn’t actually about environment, but merely a premise to get people on board with various political agendas.

So why is he sending the workers on furlough?

There’s only one answer.

Homeland Security discontinues allowing airports to hire non-TSA security – as a kickback to the TSA unions who, as always, can’t stand the competition.

In other union related news, watch these leeches protest because their previously negotiated mandatory wage and pension increases are in danger of disappearing. Mandatory wage and pension increases? The economy is collapsing around them and they’re complaining because they won’t be guaranteed a raise?

Even though some scientists had expected it would be active for quite a while, Volcano Cat-Jumped-On-The-Keyboard has cooled down.

Of course, now it’s big brother is expected to erupt…As for me, I’m buying traveler’s insurance on any trips to Europe.

That’s what the geologists think. As Instapundit points out, the two solutions seem to be dirigibles (slower) or suborbital (faster).

It would be nice to see subortbital travel become commonplace and cheap, and we’re just about there technologically.

Why Your Flight’s Delayed

Two reasons: Washington, and Unions.