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Fire them all. It’s just security theater anyway.


To bomb airports.

I wonder if Obama still considers the Islamist threat the JV team?

While legal Americans get strip-searched.

What a joke.

How about they stop groping children, handicapped, and old ladies? The entire TSA model is based entirely on security theater, and not on actual security, and could be eliminated. The result would be no lines.

TSA employees who think the District of Columbia is a foreign country.

TSA Doubles Their Fees

Well, they’ve more than doubled the hassle they’re providing, so it makes sense.

Fire them all, abolish the agency.

Electronic devices that have run out of battery. So no playing games while waiting for your flight, or you’ll have to give up your phone.

It’s way, way past time for us to get rid of the useless security theater apparatus that is the TSA.

TSA Idiocy:

A “Woody” Toy’s gun.

Former TSA Screener Comes Clean

Yeah, it’s all security theater. And the culture really is every bit as bureaucratic union thuggishness as it looks.

It’s remarkably easy to construct lethal weapons out of the items found in Airport terminal gift shops.

It’s time to ditch the entirety of our approach to airport security, including the TSA.

Detention pods. Solving another problem that doesn’t exist.

Hmm, somehow that doesn’t fit in my model of “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

Abolish the agency.

And it’ll continue to rise. Government misconduct never goes down. It’s time to get rid of the agency.

The TSA just ratified their collective bargaining agreement. Now watch as the TSA cares even less about everybody.

Drive through airports. Interesting.

A Helpful TSA Infographic

On just how useless and expensive they are. Abolish them TSA!

Remarkably easy.

A British Veteran retired-firefighter well-known-childrens-author points out the lunacy of simultaneously allowing a Muslim woman to walk through security without removing her hijab. The result? He’s detained and humiliated.

Interesting. It’s only for Cape Air so far, but that’s my region, and it looks like it has potential.

Cause who wouldn’t want a look at a body like that?