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A former Gitmo detainee.

But hey, at least Obama’s keeping his promise and shutting down Guantanamo.

First of all, yes it was a terrorist attack, with two dead. Terrorism doesn’t have to use bombs or airplanes or anything exotic. They can use very ordinary items, such as cars. Second, it was Islamic radicalism. The guy posted a jihadist flag, likely Al Qaeda affiliated, and he is known in the community as “Sheikh Haron”/”Ayatollah Manteghi”, and he’s got a history of sending out hate speech messages and of sexual assault.

The Sydney Morning Herald said that this is all because of a lack of empathy with the perpetrator, and other Australian multiculturalists have started an #IllRideWithYou meme of support against Islamophobia.

Perhaps if people weren’t afraid of multiculturalist backlash, the hate speech wouldn’t have been tolerated and the terrorist would have been dealt with sooner?

The most wanted Al Qaeda terrorist was in New Mexico this year to meet with drug smugglers.

Terrorists In The U.S.

40 U.S. Citizen ISIS fighters have returned to the country.

Al Qaeda WMD Laboratory Found

In Afghanistan.

Basically, yes. Because they’re not likely to provide a ready source of Democrat votes like that illegal immigrant population.

Because he was handed Iraq – an entire middle east – in good condition, and repeatedly told that if he did what he’s done, exactly what’s currently happening would happen. Slaughter and all.¬†And he repeatedly claimed that it wouldn’tand even crowed about his choices as he made them. He has also been given, and ignored, offers by the Kurds to deal with ISIS. And what¬†policies he does have are of course absolutely inconsistent with himself.

And in addition to his troop policies, he’s been supplying ISIS the very weapons they’re now using, and their leader is a man we had and released in 2009.

So now we’re potentially sending troops back into the line of danger even though the Congressional authorization of force has expired and there’s no status of forces agreement to prevent our soldiers from being charged in Iraqi courts.

Very interesting.

Not only did we arm the terrorists who killed our people, we now have confirmation – the emails themselves – that show how the administration was directing Susan Rice and others to misdirect from the situation and blame a youtube video specifically to help Obama’s election chances.And keep in mind, that specific email was sent by the brother of the president of CBS.

One year after the Boston Marathon bombing it’s both apparent and appalling that Democrats did everything they could to hide the Islamic connections, and that they’re continuing to do so in every similar case that they can – while Al Qaeda is holding rallies showing they’re stronger than ever.

People The IRS Will Hire:

Convicted Al Qaeda informants.

Gee, yet another tie between Democrats and terrorism. But let’s not question their patriotism.

Yet another tie between Obama and terrorism.

As they base their constitution explicitly on Shari’ah.

So Obama sent us in to Libya without congressional approval and few allies – fewer than Bush had in Iraq – to protect European oil interests, let his State Department under Hillary neglect security, and now we’ve got a dead ambassador and are less secure as the Islamofascists take over. Smart diplomacy!

On the public dole, of course.

Democrats always claimed Bush destroyed Americans’ Reputation abroad and that a more nuanced, “smart diplomacy” approach was going to “restore our prestige”. So let’s see where that’s landed us:



The Current Situation:

So let me get this straight: We’ve closed 21 embassies for a security threat we knew of months ago – but not from the NSA’s spying – we’re evacuating Yemen and have had one of our helicopters shot down, but we’re pulling our special forces farther away, and Obama has claimed that Al Qaeda is greatly diminished while he spends time on the Today show, golfing, and vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard?

Did I miss anything?

No jailtime is even necessary!

They were going to use the trains for something, but details haven’t been too forthcoming.

If the Democrats around me in Massachusetts have taught me anything, it’s that we have to avoid rushing to a conclusion as to the motive.